Ink Yourself With Some Tribal Culture With Our Tribal Tattoo for Women

Tribal tattoos have been around since the beginning of culture. They were used in ceremonies to show important events in a person’s life or their position in the tribe.

It was also used to show how brave someone was, how fertile they were, how attractive they were, and as a promise of love.

Tribal tattoos, on the other hand, are becoming more and more popular. In fact, 38% of the population, both men and women, like to get tribal tattoos.

Tribal tattoos are worn by women today for their style and to show how they feel.

Tribal tattoos on men are usually bold and thick, but they can be made to look more feminine by adding a few design details.

Yes, you read that right. Tribal style is no longer just for men. With Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we’ll make it, so these think black ink tribal tat suit you just as well. 

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Best Tribal Tattoos Design Ideas

Tribal tattoos aren’t just any tattoos. These tattoos represent cultures and lives of important groups that one must not take lightly– which is why we have made a comprehensive list of tattoo ideas with their tattoo meaning. 

Check these out to be guided on what tattoo you should get!

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Tribal Patterns

Tribal patterns from Native American art and clothing accessories can look great as a tattoo on their own or as a background for other parts of a Native American-themed tattoo.

Native American Tribal Tattoos

Tattoos are a part of almost every tribal culture, and Native Americans are no exception, though their designs and meanings are very different from those above.


Native American tribes used tattoos for rituals, looks, and to show who they were. They also thought that some tattoos were protective charms.


Warriors got tattoos to show off their victories in battle, members of certain tribes wore tattoos to show that they were part of the group, and some people thought that tattoos would keep them safe or give them supernatural powers by connecting them to the spiritual world.


The skin was pierced with a sharpened bone or rock, and natural dyes were used to make a stain.


Most Native American tribal tattoos today use symbols that have to do with the culture as a whole instead of the meanings that certain tattoos had to the tribes in the past.

Polynesian Tattoos

Tribal tattoos that come from the Polynesian culture are probably the most popular right now.


Polynesia is a group of more than a thousand islands in the area between Hawaii, New Zealand, and Easter Island. This area is called the Polynesian Triangle.


The Polynesian culture has a long history of tattooing that goes back at least 2,000 years. Like most tribal tattoos, Polynesian tattoos were signs of being an adult and of certain accomplishments, most of which had to do with war, battles, courage, and strength.


Tattooing was seen as a sacred practice that required several rituals. Only after these were done could a person get a tattoo.


Shark teeth, ocean waves, spearheads, and the enata, which is a Polynesian tribal symbol for a person, are all standard parts of Polynesian tribal tattoos. Animals, like turtles, lizards, and stingrays, are also a common theme.


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Not only do these symbols have a specific meaning, but the tattoo’s placement also says something about its meaning. For example, Polynesian tattoos on the shoulders and arms show strength and braverytattoos on the forearms and hands show creativity and skill with your hands, and tattoos on the chest show honour and sincerity.


Since Polynesia is made up of so many islands, it’s not surprising that these tattoos didn’t have the same meaning in every part of the Polynesian Triangle.


Hawaiian and Samoan tattoos are probably the most unique, but we can also tell the difference between tattoos from the Marquesas Islands, Tahiti, Easter Islands, Tonga, and the Cook Islands.

Celtic Tattoos

The Celts were not one big group but rather a group of tribes. Their culture goes back as far as 1200 BC and comes from central Europe. Most people today think of Britain, Ireland, and Scotland as Celtic nations.


Celtic tribes had a long history of tattooing, which was mostly done for battle purposes. Warriors would cover their bodies with tattoos – sometimes all over – to scare off their enemies in battle.

They probably stood out because they wore little armour, had tattoos all over their bodies and had brightly coloured spikes in their hair.


Interestingly, most Celtic tattoos were bright blue instead of black. The Celts used dye made from the Woad plant’s leaves.


Most Celtic tribal tattoos today are based on Celtic knotwork, which is one of the most distinctive and easily recognisable visual signs of this culture.


The knots are made up of lines and shapes that twist and turn around each other. They are usually meant to represent the ideas of infinity and balance.

Flower Tattoo

Tribal tattoos of flowers look beautiful on a woman’s back, and they also show her beauty and purity. Tribal flowers are very popular and interesting to look at.

Sometimes, people include some butterflies along with their flower tattoos. The colours of butterflies make beautiful tattoos on their own, but they look even better when they are inked in a tribal pattern. Butterfly tribal tattoos make the person with them look like a warrior from a certain tribe.

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Celtic Tattoos

The Maori people are thought to have come from a Polynesian tribe that moved around and then settled in what is now New Zealand.


The Maori have a very different culture from the rest of Polynesia because they have been mostly separated from the rest of the area for hundreds of years.


They are among the few tribes whose culture has lived on to the present day. To date, around 775,000 Maori people are living in New Zealand.


The Maori have a very well-developed tradition of tattooing, with patterns and placements that have precise meanings.


In fact, this is a big part of the Maori culture. Some Maori tribal tattoos are only for Maori people, and wearing them by someone who isn’t Maori is considered borderline rude.

Traditional Maori tribal tattoos are usually done on the face and head. The lines and patterns tell the whole story of the person’s life, including their rank and status, achievements, maternal and paternal lineage, and sometimes even their signature.


Most of the tattoos are made up of lines, and how they are put together shows what they mean. At first, Maori tribal tattoos were done with a tool like a chisel, which left grooves in the skin even after the tattoo was healed.


Tribal tattoos today that are based on Maori art make the best arm tattoos, legs, or chest and use symbols and fill patterns to show what they mean.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

Nature has a significant impact on Hawaiian tattoos.


They are made up of tribal symbols that overlap and work well together to make a beautiful piece of art.


Hawaiian tattoos often show the hibiscus flower. In fact, it is the flower of the state. Today, colours can bring it to life, but it looks great in black and white.

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Hibiscus is important to women in Hawaii, but it does not always mean that someone is a woman.

If you like this unique symbol, even if you’re a man, it might complement your tattoo.

Other symbols look like shapes, but you shouldn’t take them at face value. When you see triangles, for instance, they might be meant to look like shark’s teeth.

Look at how similar the shapes of the two are.

Not feeling any of the designs mentioned above? Ask more tattoo ideas from our experts today!

Get Inked With Pearl Lemon Tattoos

There is a lot of cool and meaningful tribal art you can get inked on your skin. From the many tribal design we have provided above, we hope that you have finally chosen a tattoo art that will best describe you and the culture you represent.

What’s impressive is that tattoo art is boundless these days, even by gender. This means that tattoos for men can also be used as a tattoo design for women.

And not just the tattoo idea, you can also get it anywhere as in ANYWHERE you want.

For tribal tattooing, the most common styles include arm tattoos on the upper arm, arm sleeve, inner arm, lower arm, facial tattoos, or even bicep tattoos.

It’s time for you to get that tribal tattoo design inked with our tribal tattoo for women. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a lot of women end up getting them, even before. 


By the way, anyone with a tribal tattoo makes a real choice since some people might be offended.

Discover the culture that inspired the tribal tattoo before getting one. If you are not born into society, perhaps you should not cross certain lines. 


Recognizing your body type is another crucial aspect. Symbols are often overlapping in tribal tattoos. A tight or loose skin will have a significant effect on the final result. The best person to consult about this is your tattoo artist, as they have a greater understanding of it.


It is possible to add a tribal twist to nearly anything with modern tribal tattoos, which are variants of traditional tribal tattoos. There are a range of patterns to choose from, including bands, words, animals, lines, armour, shields, random shapes, etc.

They might be, especially if they focus only on their looks and not what they mean.


So, learn about the culture before getting a tattoo inspired by it.


Be careful about what you add to the tattoo because every symbol means something.

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