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A tattoo on the back is the perfect way to show your masculinity, so if you’ve been looking for a way to show off how ripped you’ve gotten recently, get a full-back tattoo so you can walk around shirtless (seriously).

Apparently, 26% of the tatted population got theirs also for the same reason!

Tattoos are no longer just for the aesthetics.

Even though you rarely see your own back, everyone else does. You could make use of the space by getting some beautiful back tattoos.

There is no limit to how creative you can be. You can fill in the blanks all at once or do it slowly over the years.

No matter what back art you want, we have recommendations for the best designs.

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The Body Art & Tattoo Design That Fits Your Wants

Your back is a vast canvas for a tattoo which easily makes it one of the best places to get inked. However, you have many options to go for.

Upper back tattoos are among the most popular, but there’s still the option of getting full-back, middle back, spine back, or even lower back tattoos.

Here are some choices and what we can say about them

Spine Tattoo

The spine tattoo gives off a strange and edgy vibe. Any design with lines will work. Common examples include the morse code, moon phases, a quote, or a tree. But remember that due to the proximity of the bones and nerves to the skin, getting tattooed on the spine is one of the most painful experiences. If this is your first tattoo, try a half-spine design. You can always add to it at a later date.

Full Back Tattoo

Full-back tattoos require a significant investment of time and money because of their size and complexity. 

It’s a sign of dedication to body art and creativity. You can get any ink design of your choice here. The options are limitless.

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Upper Back Tattoo

Many men prefer to have themselves tattooed here. The upper back is one of the smoothest and flattest parts of the body, making it ideal for intricate designs. People will look at your tattoo when you take your shirt off, so make sure it means something to you and shows who you are.

Back and Neck Tattoo

Collar-style tattoos are becoming more popular, so now is the perfect time to extend your back tattoo to your neck. For a more subtle and relaxed look, you could get a tattoo from the top of your spine to the top of your head. From animal designs to abstract patterns, these tattoos say something and look badass.

Back and Sleeve Tattoo

For a trendy and intriguing tattoo, pick a design that wraps around your shoulder and onto your back. Most men often get tattoos of a “suit of armour” or a pair of wings. You could also take your shoulder tattoo or half-sleeve tattoo to the next level by adding more to it by extending it to your back.

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Cool Back Tattoo Designs for Men

Tribal Tattoo

In tribal tattoo art, curved and sharp lines are used to make unique shapes and designs. It was popular in the 1990s and still is now. It gives any tattoo a badass and masculine look. It’s an excellent choice for a back tattoo because it has no straight lines. This means the ink will move with your muscles instead of looking like it’s stuck in one place.

Cross Tattoo

The cross is the most important symbol in Christianity, so religious men often choose to wear it. Your back is perfect for a larger cross tattoo with more details. Add your favourite Bible verse, the names of your loved ones or patterns like Celtic knots to the tattoo to show other parts of your life and background.

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Wings Tattoo

Getting wings tattooed on your body often has a spiritual meaning, like becoming a better or more “angelic” person or getting rid of problems and setbacks. A wing tattoo is often put on the back because there is much room for a big, detailed design.

Some men get wings tattooed on their backs as a tribute to Viking culture. In Norse society, warriors got wings tattooed on their backs so that they would be taken to Valhalla, the mythical afterlife.

Angel Back Tattoo

Angels can mean a lot of different things to men. The archangel Michael is a popular choice for religious guys because he leads the Army of God and stands in the fight against evil. Gabriel, on the other hand, is God’s messenger and stands for purity, honesty, and truth.

Some men get guardian angel tattoos to remember times when they beat the odds or stayed alive in dangerous situations.

Eagle Back Tattoo

Eagle tattoos are a popular choice for men worldwide who seek animal-inspired ink. Eagles are powerful birds of prey that fly to great heights and hunt with great accuracy. Many guys choose photo-realistic eagle tattoos, but the Old School style makes the bird look even cooler and more alive.

Japanese Back Tattoo

The style of Japanese tattooing, called Irezumi, is unique and stands out. Even though traditional Japanese tattoos are done by hand, you can get a similar look with a needle gun.

Japanese tattoos often have bold shading, bright colours, and symbols that mean something. Choose a mix of animal and nature-inspired designs for your back piece and work with an artist who specialises in that art style.

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Phoenix Back Tattoo

The Phoenix is a sign that a lot of men can relate to. Legends say that the strong, magical bird rises from the ashes and returns stronger than ever.

A phoenix tattoo is an excellent choice if you have been through hard times or have overcome significant problems. A phoenix image also looks great as a big tattoo, so it’s perfect for your back.

Dragon Back Tattoo

Dragon tattoos are popular with men because dragons are strong and magical creatures. You can also get a dragon tattoo, which is a good choice because you can change the design to fit your body.

For the back, you have a lot of options. A Chinese dragon could wrap around your muscles, or a roaring European dragon could breathe fire across your shoulders.

Quote Back Tattoo

A “quote” tattoo is a terrific way to express yourself. They also 

remind you of the things you care about the most. You can choose a line from your favourite movie, book, or song that speaks to you or a quote from a philosopher that sums up how you feel about life.

There are many places on your back where you could put a quote tattoo. You could have your artist tattoo the words down your spine to make an excellent visual effect.

Skull Back Tattoo

Skull tattoos have been popular with men for a long time. They are one of the most famous and important signs. Even when people often think of death when they see a human skull, it can still look fantastic as a “Gothic-style tattoo”. Alternatively, some men wear them with flowers to show life’s beauty and fleeting nature.

Also, animal skulls are often associated with the Old West, and Mexican sugar skulls are some other options.

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Wolf Back Tattoo

There are many different ways to make a wolf tattoo. Your artist can make a unique, complicated design with lots of details because there is more room. One popular choice is based on the “two wolves” story, which shows how good and evil always fight inside each person. It’s a strong, meaningful, and badass-looking ink.

Geometric Back Tattoo

More and more people are getting geometric tattoos based on abstract shapes, lines, and patterns. You can use almost any design idea as a starting point for geometric art. Patterns are also very flexible because they can be made to fit any body part, are easy to make bigger, and can be used to cover up old tattoos you don’t like.

Lion Back Tattoo

Because lions are fierce, proud, strong, and beautiful, they are often tattooed on men. Putting this magnificent creature on its back lets you show off its full beauty.

Tiger Back Tattoo

A tiger back tattoo is usually done on the whole back, with a lot of realistic detail, to make the tiger look fierce and angry.

Depending on the skill of your artist, this idea can come to life as a Japanese-style tiger tattoo. It can also be complemented with other designs.

If you need more designs or prefer to have your custom design placed, talk to our experts about it.

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Let Our Back Tattoo Artist Do The Trick

Whether it’s your first or fifth tattoo, we know you want a backpiece tattoo with cool designs

This is why we have provided you with the most popular tattoos for men this 2023.

Tattoos hold special meanings and symbols even among men. A religious man usually gets religious tattoos. A nature-loving man can go nature designs. Either way, you must ensure that you get tattoos that you surely won’t regret.

Once you are done choosing your back tattoo, you can now reach out to Pearl Lemon Tattoos to start on that black ink. We guarantee that you won’t regret our services.

Ready to get your badass tattoo inked on your back? Let our back tattoo designs make you stand out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Back tattoos are on the less painful end of the pain scale because most of the back is made up of muscle and fat. But it can hurt more across the ribs and down the spine because the bone and nerves are so close.

The length of the session will also affect how much it hurts. Larger tattoos with more detail need to be worked on the same spot for hours, which hurts more.

A tattoo on your back can show that you are mysterious or putting something in your past.

But the placement may not mean anything in particular either.

Tattoos are often put on the back because they are easy to hide and because it's an excellent place for great designs.

It may seem complicated to take care of back pieces because they are hard to reach, come in different sizes, and may heal differently depending on how your body moves. 

If someone can wash and moisturise the tattoo for you twice a day, it might be a good idea to ask for help. But many people who get tattoos have to take care of themselves afterwards. 

The aftercare for any tattoo is the same: wash with scent-free, hypoallergenic soap and then use a scent-free, gentle moisturiser.

Even if the design is hard to reach, don't use loofahs or other rough shower tools that could hurt your new tattoo. Even though they might help you get to the design, they might make it harder to heal.

If you need to, use a mirror to ensure you can reach every part of your tattoo. Also, expect to have to stretch and move around a bit to be able to care for your whole tattoo. 

Taking care of a tattoo may not be easy, but if you know what needs to be done before getting the tattoo, it will be easier in the long run. During your consultation, you can also ask your artist what you should do to take care of your tattoo afterwards.

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