Remember Your Lost Angel With Our Small Tattoo for Miscarriage

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It’s said that scars serve as reminders of the injuries we’ve sustained. And while these wounds, whether literal or metaphorical, may fade, the memory of the suffering will never go away.


The Miscarriage Association states that around a quarter of a million pregnancies each year result in a miscarriage. And while that number seems relatively high, stillbirth can never be normalised. 


But losing a child that no one else will ever see makes you want to commemorate their brief existence with something sentimental. Something you lost that others can see and understand how important and personally significant it was to you.

This is the reason why a lot of mothers who got the painful experience of miscarriage get tattoos.

They can pay respect, share a tale, remember their angel babies, and find solace & closure by getting tattoos that represent their experiences.

Getting inked is something we can help you with if that’s your coping mechanism to heal. 

Pearl Lemon Tattoos is here to help. Talk to us.

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Small Tattoo For Miscarriage Ideas

It can get overwhelming to be inked with a miscarriage tattoo, but we know you want to remember that little angel.

That’s why we’ve compiled the most meaningful tattoo designs to commemorate your pregnancy loss– a tattoo that really speaks of your unborn child and a symbol that will always be a reminder of their existence to you. 

Not in a painful way but in an endearing way.


Angel Wings Tattoos

Angel wings, as a tattoo, stand for direction, safety, hope, faith, and a sense of loss. Angel wings also have a symbolic significance of rebirth and reincarnation, which makes them a perfect choice for a tattoo honouring a miscarriage.


This stunning tattoo also represents purity, tenacity, fortitude, love, and metamorphosis. And, of course, a very beautiful and pure way of honouring your baby angel.

The Baby Loss Awareness Ribbon

The pink and blue infant loss ribbon serves as a symbol for raising awareness of all types of infant loss, including those that occur during and after pregnancy, stillbirth, miscarriage, neonatal death, and SIDS.


A small group of parents organised the first Baby Loss Awareness Day in the UK on October 15, 2002. They were motivated by the Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day in the United States.

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They have earned several thousand pounds for UK organisations helping bereaved parents by selling handcrafted blue and pink ribbon pins


In addition to the original ribbon, you can now buy enamel pins bearing the pink-and-blue BLAW insignia to express your support for the organisation and contribute to the effort to collect money for miscarriage and baby loss research.


If you want a permanent ribbon, getting a tattoo for it would be a good option.

Symbolic Birds

A popular miscarriage tattoo that holds so much meaning features birds flying away from a branch because they show the baby flying off. It’s a figurative symbol of how your baby bird may have flown off the nest.


A flying flock of birds is a powerful and appropriate, and beautiful tribute that depicts life and unrelenting motion as well as the freedom of the mind and soul. This is a perfect tattoo for parents who want to remind themselves that their baby is now free from the world’s cruelty.

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Feather Tattoo 1

Feather Tattoos

Have you ever heard the notion that a white feather indicates the presence of an angel or a deceased loved one? Because of this, many people choose a feather motif as their pregnancy loss tattoo.


Feathers are thought to contain messages from the spirit realm by several cultures and civilisations. They also represent how pure, innocent, and delicate something is. Some even relate this symbol to guidance and protection.


Getting a tattoo of this design would remind you that your baby angel will always be there to guide and protect you all the way.

Infinity Symbol Tattoos

The idea of unending love is represented by figure eight on its side, known as the infinity symbol. The meaning of the infinite sign is deeply rooted in spirituality, love, beauty, and power. The infinity sign stands for simplicity and balance in a world full of distractions and difficulties.


It serves as a reminder to be aware of our surroundings and the countless opportunities that lie ahead of us. It’s also a reminder that after what you’ve experienced, life goes on and that you’ll infinitely love your baby no matter where they are.

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Mother and Child Tattoos

The death of a child forever changes a mother. It has physical, emotional, and mental effects.


Some mothers who experience miscarriages decide to memorialise that physical effect with a permanent tattoo to symbolise that their baby will always be a part of them, though no longer with them.


This simple tattoo is composed of a minimal small mother figure and child in her cradle. It symbolises how a mother has never-ending care for their children.

Poppy Flower Tattoos

These flowers are a representation of calm and peacefulness in dying. There is much more to this tattoo than just ink. Poppy flowers can represent your precious unborn kid and act as a reminder of the child.

Rose Tattoos

Since each flower represents a distinct meaning, rose tattoos are a lovely and touching way to remember your lost child. Popular floral arrangements often use roses, a traditional symbol of love, and forget-me-nots, beautiful little flower that symbolises true love and conveys the message that you will never forget the recipient.

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Baby Footprint Tattoos

Footprints are a mark and an imprint that represent what we leave behind. They serve as a reminder that someone once walked with you here but is no longer present. Rather than referencing tangible presence, they make references to the past, absence, and spirit. That small footprint can also mean your baby’s footprint is marked on your body and soul.

The & Sign

The symbol “&” stands for unity, togetherness, marriage, friendship, or a connection to a person, location, or concept. As such, it is the ideal symbol to permanently attach yourself to your baby so that you will always be together.

You Can Get Parent Matching Tattoos

When you lose an angel, it doesn’t mean that only the mother is affected. The partner feels it too. So if you want to mourn and remember your angel together, you can always get matching parent tattoos.


In a trying circumstance, they can also act as a unifying symbol to draw you closer. 


You can try identical roman numeral dates to mark the alleged due date, matching angel wings, identical baby footprints, and anything else that has particular importance for the two of you.


This way, you will remember this experience, your angel, and the promise you made to one another about being there for the better and worse.

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Pearl Lemon Tattoos is With You

We may never understand the depth of losing a child, but we understand that this is difficult to go through and that you need all the support you can get. 

Would-be parents (especially those moms who go through such a significant body transformation) often get a memorial and symbolic miscarriage tattoo to help them grieve the loss of an unborn child.

These tattoo ink memorials and symbols take different forms, ranging from baby’s feet and hearts to baby angels and memorial scripts.

Whatever it is, we want you to know that Pearl Lemon Tattoos is here to support you and your decision. 

Whatever tattoo design you want to get, our tattoo artist will make sure to nail it so you can always commemorate your lost angel. 

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