Iconic Foot Tattoo Cover Up Designs You Shouldn’t Miss

Generally speaking, a foot tattoo is something easy to conceal. So people who want to conceal their tattoos typically place them there. But, when shoes are off, it’s time to display the seductive side through your foot tattoo.  

While other ladies continue their search for the perfect pair of shoes, some have opted to get a tattoo on their feet as the ultimate shoe accessory. Due to this trend, foot tattoos have been called “simply sexy” by many.

On the other hand, there are disadvantages to getting tattoos on your feet. 

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A tattoo on foot may cause more discomfort than a tattoo on another part of the body. Moreover, it’s also more likely that the design will gradually blur due to ink migration. That being the case, cover-up work would need to be done.

There are also other reasons why you need to cover up– it can be because the tattoo was poorly made, you realise the tattoo is offensive, you want a new tattoo design and many more.

You can have the same tattoo artist do the cover-up if you like, but if you want something new, you can visit and inquire about a new tattoo design at our reputable tattoo parlour.

At Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we let you pick whatever design you like and get it inked by a professional. We work with you to create unique designs that are perfect for you.

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What is a Foot Tattoo Cover Up?

Out of all the possible locations for a tattoo, the foot is a popular choice. Those who choose to ink their feet tend to radiate an air of mystery, which is often reflected in the design of the tattoo.

Due to the limited space, these tattoos are typically minimalistic, but their meanings can be profound. Getting a tattoo is a great way to permanently remember the people and moments that mean the most to you.

But sometimes, unexpected things happen, and you want to change the tattoo, re-ink it, or just generally remove the traces of the old tattoo. In that case, tattoo artists recommend a tattoo cover up.

The ink from a previous tattoo is deposited again in the same dermis where the ink from the cover up is already present. Tattoo ink does not overwrite or cancel out previous tattoo ink. By combining these two colours, a new shade is created.

So in a sense, you’re reusing the layout of the former tattoo to create a new one.

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Pros of Foot Tattoo Cover Up

A foot tattoo cover-up is the most practical choice for people seeking to conceal an undesirable foot tattoo. The following considerations may lead one to consider a foot tattoo cover-up:

Client and tattoo artist choosing drawing for tattoo, foot tattoo cover up


There are many different designs of foot tattoo cover-ups, ranging from simple to complex, and they are popular among people of all ages.


Body art, including tattoos, is prohibited in the workplace and other public areas. They are banned in several government facilities. 

You can permanently conceal your black ink tattoo under your boots to get over this ban and keep your employees in government services. You can even opt for a larger design than your original foot tattoo.


The quick fading of the ink adds a lovely visual dimension to the artwork. Many people like getting tattoos on their feet because of this. 

Cons of Foot Tattoo Cover Up

A tattoo cover-up is an option for those desperate to hide a foot tattoo. Few apparent factors, however, prevent tattoo artists from doing foot tattoos.


Tattoos on foot can be pretty painful compared to tattoos on other parts of the body. Only the most skilled artists can keep up with the risks involved.


After getting a foot tattoo cover-up, you should wait until the ink has completely healed before putting on shoes again. If you have a tattoo on your foot, it is important to wear footwear that will not rub against it. 

You may need to wear slippers instead of shoes until the area heals and the tattoo is done.

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Tattoo Artist Tattooing Man’s Arm in Studio

Ink Migration

The foot is the most likely spot to get a tattoo. As time passes, the ink will migrate, causing the design to become less visible. If that’s the case, you’ll need to reink it in after some time has passed.


Since your feet are easily in contact with the ground and all the dust, there is a greater potential that you may get infected. It will recover quicker if you take the necessary tetanus shot and other prescribed treatments.

Close to Bone

As you can see, your feet contain more bones that could potentially give you pain. The instrument could dig into your flesh during the design process and pose serious risks

That’s why you should only get your tattoo done by a professional if you’re considering getting your foot inked with a cover-up design.

Pearl Lemon Tattoos are experienced in doing foot tattoo cover-ups. We are all aware of the risks associated with tattooing such a delicate body portion. Moreover, we can suggest designs that blend well with your existing tattoos, rendering a more natural outcome. 

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Best Foot Tattoo Cover Up Designs

You should give serious thought to any new tattoo before getting it, but if you change your mind later, there’s always a method to cover it up or make it something new. 

The following are some of the most iconic and compelling tattoo cover-ups for your feet based on the recommendations of our iconic tattoo artists.


The mandala is one of the most popular tattoo designs, and it looks great on foot. A circular pattern of forms and symbols produced these stunning works of art. 

A mandala is rich in symbolism and is commonly connected with positive emotions like tranquillity and peace. Even though they take a long time to make, these pieces have the power to help you relax and encourage you to take a deep breath. 

It’s a reminder to find balance in life. You may choose to have half of a mandala tattooed on one foot and the other half on the other. You could also go with something bright and eye-catching.

Close up of the tattoo machine. Tattooing.
jonathan borba SmSiEbksp8A unsplash scaled


In many cultures, butterflies represent transformation.

Tattooing a butterfly on your skin is a fantastic way to show your feminine side. Perfect for a woman in transition or to mark an achievement, the flying insect is a symbol of beauty, independence, and metamorphosis. 

The butterfly is a common tattoo subject, yet it can take several forms and come in many hues. If you want to add some flair to your work, try adding flowers or inspirational quotations to your tattoo cover.


Regarding tattoo cover up, a rose is one of the women’s most popular and appealing options. The flower has several meanings, including life, beauty, purity, and remembrance. 

It symbolises the duality of pleasure and agony, as both the flower and its thorns are fascinating.  There’s also a wide range of hues and techniques you can use to create your masterpiece, each of which carries its message.

Closeup of a upper thigh tattoo of a woman
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A compass symbolises the values of direction, fortitude, and optimism. For a long time, sailors and mariners relied on this navigational aid to get them where they needed to go and back home again safely. 

It can also symbolise the hope that comes after adversity and the confidence that you can find your way out of any circumstance. 

It’s easy to see why people are drawn to this piece. Moreover, there are various ways to design a cover up compass tattoo, from simple to complex.


The lion reigns supreme as the most feared creature in the animal kingdom. The huge cat represents majesty, valour, and monarchy. Since lions are social animals that hunt as a group, this symbol can also stand in for the family. 

A cover up lion tattoo can remind you of the values you hold dear or a symbol of the pride you feel for your own family. A lioness is another option; she represents femininity and fertility. The jungle king works well with many kinds of art, from geometric to realistic.

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Tattoo master preparing sketch for tattoo


Cover up dragon tattoos have significant metaphorical meanings, including bravery, tenacity, and knowledge. 

They also mean something different in the East compared to the West. Even though dragons are usually associated with greed and evil in the West, in the East, they can be signs of good luck and money in the East

Although the foot isn’t the most prominent region to get inked, it’s an excellent site for dragon tattoos because of the variety of designs and colours available. Wrap your dragon around your toes or ankle, or keep it simple with only an outline.


The mythical bird phoenix has deep symbolic meanings related to rebirth, death, and revival.

The firebird’s ability to self-renew and rise from the ashes of its predecessor is seen by many as symbolic of the resilience required to overcome adversity and emerge triumphant. Furthermore, it can stand for tenacity and optimism. A cover up tattoo of this design will surely cover most of your foot and change the previous one you have.

Artist making Phoenix Tattoo on arm
Gorgeous Design Sunflower And Roses Tattoo Drawing 821x1024 1


Cover up tattoos of sunflowers symbolise undying affection, faith, joy, and optimism. 

The flowers’ inclination toward the sun may represent God’s love or commitment to one’s faith, and this design can be used to commemorate one’s religious views.


The elephant symbolises knowledge, strength, majesty, and good fortune. The symbolic meaning of elephants makes them an excellent subject for body art, and the wide range of available tattoo designs makes them an excellent option for anyone interested in getting a cover up tattoo. 

You can choose between a simple outline of this magnificent creature and a highly realistic rendering of it.

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Snake Tattoo


Cover up snake tattoos have the power to be daring, terrifying, and totally hip. The serpent represents death, peril, vengeance, and change. This might also be tricky, especially when you have quite a big and wide tattoo on your foot.

Both good and bad things can be associated with snakes; some see them as symbols of sin, while others see them as symbols of good fortune and wealth. They also pair nicely with other visuals, which can change the message in subtle ways. 

Let our tattoo artists know about your old tattoo, how it looks, how big it is, and many more. This way, they can analyse and give you design recommendations that will suit the previous tattoo and cover it up completely. Book a call today to get started.

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