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Different cultures have used body piercing and tattoos as forms of body art throughout history. And now the popularity of tattoos has again grown significantly in recent years. According to various surveys, 30% to 44% of American adults have tattoos.


Body piercing and tattooing are common forms of self-expression, as well as for cultural, religious, or adornment purposes. The pigment must be injected into the skin’s deeper layers, typically using needles or air pressure to tattoo someone.


A spring-loaded ear-piercing pistol or piercing needles with a diameter ranging from 6 to 18 gauge are both quick and painless piercing methods. After cleansing the skin, the needle and jewellery are quickly implanted through the tissue. 


If you reside or plan to visit Norbury, Thornton Heath, Waddon or anywhere near Croydon, we recommend stopping by Pearl Lemon Tattoos, a top-notch tattoo studio in London. 


Our piercing studio offers a clean, safe, and welcoming environment and is fully licenced. We are at the forefront of contemporary sterilisation and sanitation practices. Our staff have received training in various procedures and intricate piercings. 

Contact us today to get professional guidance on all aspects of body piercing, body jewellery, and aftercare.

Close-up of a professional tattooer inking a Japanese sleeve tattoo on a woman,Small Back Tattoos for Men
Female tattooist inking black back tattoo on a man, showing artistry and focus

About Tattoos And Piercing

Flipping through old documents reveals that practically everyone, from the Greeks to the Romans, decorated their bodies with tattoos and body piercings. While some people used it to signify rank, others used it to wade off evil spirits.


We are long past the superstitious era when most tattoos and body piercings were motivated by fear. Today, most piercings are motivated by fashion, whether from watching a celebrity or just that street guy with fantastic tattoos.


Tattoos last a lifetime. A permanent tattoo work is something you can never lose, unlike a diamond. Although there are ways to remove them, most people choose to get tattoos because of their durability.


These days, everyone gets tattoo-from celebrities to regular people. Since they’ve become more accepted, tattoo artists have developed their distinct fusion of client preferences and personal flair to produce excellent results.

Significance Of Hygiene While Getting Inked Or Piercing

Of course, cleanliness is an essential component of any tattoo parlour. Every tattooist is aware of this and, for the most part, behaves accordingly. However, the truth is that not all tattoo studios are safe, so the public’s opinion of tattoo artists may suffer. 


In addition to lowering the risk of infection, good hygiene also helps to stop the spread of diseases via needles. By raising hygienic standards, one can also influence how the public feels about tattoos and perhaps even persuade some people who aren’t sure about getting tattooed.

Customers Perception

Tattoos used to be associated with tribal societies or outlaws, but attitudes toward them are already shifting. Today, getting a tattoo is seen as more acceptable. Nevertheless, despite how widespread they may become, not everyone seems to believe that tattoos are safe. It may be due to concerns about the ink itself, such as the usage of UV ink tattoos or the notion that tattoos are unhygienic.


So, maintaining good hygiene can be quite beneficial to business. Both artists and clients profit from the decreased risk of infection, but it also educates the public about the safety of tattoos and piercings. In tattoo studios, reasonable hygienic procedures are crucial and can help your business immensely, so you should always follow them.


To demonstrate that the needles are brand new, sterilised, clean, and not past their expiration dates, your tattooist or piercer must open all needles and sanitise the equipment in front of you.

Butterfly Tattoo
Young woman tattooist doing tattoo on male arm

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Even though having a tattoo is a safe form of skin penetration, it may be slightly unpleasant. However, hand hygiene is one of the most crucial aspects of ensuring that you obtain a tattoo without any issues. Ensure the tattoo shop adheres to safety regulations while choosing a hygienic tattoo studio. 

Pearl Lemon Tattoos upholds strict sanitary standards and ensures safe business operations for all clients. Your tattoo artist will clean and shave the region once you’ve chosen the location of your tattoo design before using sanitising spray to disinfect the prepared area. 

Our tattoo artists use disposable razors, which are later discarded. When tattooing and getting ready for a tattoo, all tattoo artists should wear gloves. There may be blood during tattooing, and touching any tattooing equipment will allow bacteria from bare hands to spread. Gloves should be a reasonable safety precaution for both the customer and the tattoo artist.

At our studio, all of the grips and needles are single-use. Additionally, your tattoo artist plastic wraps all equipment, the clip cord, and the power supply. Following completion of the procedure, all ink caps and ink are thrown away. 

Finding out the specific hygiene standards that a tattoo shop employs is always a brilliant idea. You should ensure that the tattoo parlour where you choose to acquire your design adheres to the strictest standards of sanitation.

Things To Know Before Your Appointment

We can sense your excitement as you prepare to have a matching tattoo and piercing, and it cannot be completed simultaneously, though. You must get the tattoo done first because the piercing is interwoven into the body ink. 


The tattoo must be completely healed before you add the piercing; otherwise, you risk skin irritation and infection. The most typical tattoo for this idea is smaller, which heals faster. 


However, even while the top layer of skin will usually heal in 2 to 3 weeks, it may take up to 6 months for the deeper layers of skin to recover enough to allow for the subsequent piercing.


We advise you to be patient since the wait will be worthwhile, given how great the outcome will be.

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What Makes Us A Unique Tattoo And Piercing Studio In Croydon?

We at Pearl Lemon Tattoos are delighted to work with you to create the new tattoo you’ve always envisioned. As a custom studio, our team of artists is happy to use your ideas and experience to create a piece specifically for you. 


If you need help with cover-ups, we are also happy to assist. 

Get in touch with us as we are pleased to guide you in achieving any goal, no matter how big or small, so that you will be content with it for the rest of your life.