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Throughout the years, different artists have incorporated and adopted new ideas as the tattoo keeps evolving. Aside from the traditional techniques, artists also use new technologies to help take tattoos to a whole new level. It is not just about inking but about leveraging new technologies to make tattoos more appealing. 

The most notable innovation has been the invention of UV ink, a new type of ink that glows when exposed to ultraviolet light. With this ink, tattoo artists can create different unique, colourful designs and mix old and new techniques and technologies to create a piece of art that appeases the eye. 

Once you see this glowing tattoo, you will not hesitate to get one for yourself.

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Tattoo Cover-up
Tattoo Cover-up, Tattoo And Piercing Studio Ashburton

How Do UV Tattoos Work?

The tattoos glow when exposed to UV light due to the special UV tattoo ink used in their creation. It is because of this active ingredient that the tattoo ink is thinner and harder to work with than regular tattoo ink. This is why picking a tattoo artist with experience using UV ink is crucial. 


If someone has never used UV ink before, you wouldn’t want to be a lab rat, lest you end up with a wonky glow-in-the-dark profanity that haunts you forever.


As UV tattoos are more complicated and require a blacklight for the tattoo artist to be able to see the ink, they may be more pricey than a standard tattoo. Other than that, the process is similar to that of getting a regular tattoo.

Glow in the Dark Tattoo Design Ideas

UV Flowers

It is easy to express yourself with floral patterns since they are easy and quick to draw. Although everyone can wear these tattoos, they are usually associated with women. This is because people see them as an embodiment of femininity, such as beauty, elegance, and splendour. 

However, no rule stipulates that only women should have flower tattoos. Even as a man, you can still get it if you desire.

You can get the whole tattoo covered in UV ink or just a flower that will glow only when exposed to ultraviolet light. The best part is that you can get a UV tattoo even if your family, society, or workplace disapproves of it since it can only be seen in specific light conditions, so you don’t have to worry about displeasing others.

UV tattoo on Face
Girl with Arm Tattoos

UV Embroidery

Tattoo embroidery is an excellent alternative to tattooing images, especially if you are not thinking about having them permanently. 

In addition, ultraviolet ink works excellently with embroidery, adding a sense of mystery and even magic to your work. For example, you can complement a floral pattern with embroidery. They work well, just as coffee would cake. 

You can also draw the pattern yourself, ask a friend or relative with good design skills to sketch one for you or leave the task to a professional, e.g., your tattoo artist. Remember to share your ideas with the artist if you wish to add your own touch to your tattoo.

Alternating Messages

Some people do not consider UV tattoos attractive and are content with regular tattoos. If you are a UV tattooer, getting ordinary body art becomes dull and unexciting once you step into UV tattooing. UV tattoos allow you to be creative with your messages. You could, for instance, change the message from “All is well, and all is bliss” under a black light to “Nothing is well, and all is in despair.” Both sentences would be different depending on the lighting.

How to Care for UV Tattoos on the Face

Here are some of the best tattoo ideas you can consider if you want a back tattoo.

How to Care for UV Tattoos on the Face

After getting a UV tattoo, people will have to follow some aftercare instructions the tattoo artist gives them. The aftercare instructions for a UV tattoo might be similar to those for regular tattoos, and these include:

  • You should keep a bandage over the tattoo for at least twelve hours after the procedure is completed.
  • As soon as you have removed the bandage, it would be best to let the area dry for around an hour before washing it gently with soap and water and applying a thin layer of antibiotic cream.
  • Following the procedure, we recommend washing and applying the cream twice a day for 4 to 5 days of the procedure.
  • After 4 to 5 days, switching to a water-based cream is recommended.
  • To ensure that the tattoo is healing properly, it should not be bathed in water, submerged in water, or submerged in swimming pools.
  • The tattoo wound should never be scratched or picked at, and you shouldn’t rub dirt into the wound.
  • You must follow the aftercare instructions until the wound has completely healed.
UV snake tattoo on face
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When getting a tattoo art, whether, with regular or UV-reactive ink, you must only consider getting it done with tattoo experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Human eyes cannot see black light because it emits UV light, which is invisible to the human eye. An ultraviolet tattoo comprises a fluorescent substance that absorbs UV light during exposure and then emits it at a wavelength visible to humans through the tattoo.

Therefore, UV tattoos are invisible under regular light but appear to glow under UV light as they emit a unique wavelength of light.

UV tattoos aren't scientifically proven to be safe for humans. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn't regulate tattoo inks at the moment, including UV tattoos. UV tattoo ink is only approved for use in agriculture and fishing, and there have been more reports of adverse skin reactions than regular tattoo ink.

Tattoos with UV ink may contain phosphorous, which can cause side effects like:

  • severe blistering
  • pain
  • burning sensation
  • skin rashes

Furthermore, there is some concern that ultraviolet tattoo inks may contain carcinogenic compounds, which means that there may be a potential risk of cancer associated with UV tattoo inks.

With increased awareness of the dangers of phosphorous, there is a possibility that fewer tattoo artists will use inks that contain this substance. Still, there is no regulation to ensure this.

Several UV inks contain nontoxic compounds that may react with UV light. However, even without phosphorus, you can still experience adverse side effects that will affect the skin.

As part of a 2016 study designed to examine UV tattoos for breast radiotherapy, a commercially available UV tattoo ink was used as a dye, this dye contained a nontoxic, fluorescent compound referred to as 7-diethylamino-4-methyl coumarin. 

In a 2-year follow-up study, researchers determined that the tattoos had not caused skin toxicity or made the tattoos visible under regular lighting. 

Now, what does this mean for you? 

It just says that they're not exactly dangerous. However, they can be. And without government regulation, you shouldn't rule out its risks.

There is no set price for glow-in-the-dark tattoos because it always depends on the artist and their prices, but if your artist or studio offers glow-in-the-dark tattoos, the pricing should be comparable to regular tattoos. 

It is typical for tattoo artists to bill by the hour, regardless of the design. However, black light tattoos are more expensive than regular inks, so they may pass on that cost to the customer if the material required for the tattoo costs more than what is commonly used.

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