Trending Hand Tattoo Designs For Men That Fits Your Criteria

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Although having cool hand tattoos requires a lot of dedication, men are increasingly growing into getting them. 

Your hands will always be visible, even if you wear a long-sleeved shirt unless you wear gloves. That’s why some find them inappropriate- especially for ones with strict work ethics in their profession. But that has changed drastically since the start of the 21st century.

Hand tattoos are often utilised to express inner thoughts and inspirational messages beyond masculinity and power. For instance, hand tattoos occasionally represent family through matching or similar tattoo ideas.

But many hand tattoos for men also include a motivational or inspirational element, conveying a deeper meaning than physical toughness and masculinity. Sometimes it’s just to show off their fantastic artwork.

Everyone can find something they like, from delicate and subtle to colourful and meaningful. 

At Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we design every possible fascinating tattoo idea to highlight your personality and represent your life story or anything you want to showcase to the world. We provide you with ideas if you seek a daring and unique location to get your next tattoo.

So book an appointment with us today to get your hand inked with the right tattoo design.

Get The Best Tattoo Idea For Your Hand Right Here

As tattoo experts in town, we have our own selection that we commonly suggest for men who want to get hand tattoos. Find the best tattoo idea you can use and get it inked by a tattoo artist from us.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at the best hand tattoo idea you can get from our selection.

Name Tattoo

People who are dearest to you will always be by your side when you proudly wear their names. It could be written on the side of your hand in a bold typeface or a discreet, small font. 

Typically, it is done in cursive writing. Your loved ones, whether members of your family, friends, or even a pet, can travel with you everywhere you go, thanks to this distinctive name tattoo.

Tiger Or Lion Tattoo

You can assert your dominance by sporting a vicious tiger tattoo. This artwork represents strength and vigour, ideal for those with a wild side. 

Starting with the feline’s face on your hand or working your way up your sleeve is the perfect design and will give the best results. 

You can choose to style this in a Japanese, American Traditional, or highly realistic way. Once you obtain this ink, you immediately take command of the space.

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Rose Hand Tattoo Design

The best tattoo for some is a rose hand because it is one of the most intricate flowers. This exquisite tattoo design is the ideal addition to your body, with meanings of fresh starts, promise, and optimism. 

You can draw the entire plant around your wrist and up your arm, or the thorns can encircle your fingers and keep the blossoms in the middle.

Choose from straightforward forms to the traditional red and green combination; users will associate various meanings with the colours they choose to wear. 

Small Hand Tattoo

Sometimes the smallest and most simple tattoos have the most incredible meaning. You can create something with deep emotional significance, whether a simple one-line picture of a family pet.

A small yet mighty design should have clean, straightforward lines; anything too intricate will deteriorate with time.

Skull Tattoo

A skull tattoo design will elevate the hand tattoo to the next level. 

As the rebel’s signature pattern, it stands for death and mortality as well as for conquering adversity and safeguarding goods. 

A design that resonates with you should be chosen.

Because portraiture is a diplomatic skill to master, be sure to choose an artist with expertise in shading and portraiture when making your selection.

Tribal Tattoo

Since tribal tattoos have ties to many different cultures, they are a great option if you wish to honour your past. 

Use fine detail, bold lines, and a frenetic narrative to portray social rank and rites of passage in your ink. Before committing, please research. Learning about these sacred patterns is fun. In particular patterns, specific meanings are reflected.

This black ink tattoo idea is also a common style you’ll see among tattooed individuals.

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Wolf Tattoo

Wolves are common mythical creatures or shapeshifters we see in movies. They represent strength, loyalty, spiritual protection, devotion, luck, and possibly love too. It is an elaborate yet simple design that men can get on their hands. 

The possible symbolism may vary depending on the wolf you want to get inked. If you ever decide you want a wolf hand, go and look for the most suitable wolf for you. It’s also one of the most standard tattoos for men, so that you might like it.

Star Hand Tattoo

You may reach for the moon and land in the heavens with a star hand tattoo design. 

With its references to power and energy, this influential art represents the ability to distinguish yourself from others and the struggle against the gloom. 

A single brilliant orb on your palm is also an option, in addition to several blazing light placements. You may accentuate your tattoo design with shading and jewel tones. 

Dragon Tattoo On Hand

This legendary creature has a lengthy, global history and symbolises power and knowledge.

The inking of a dragon as a tattoo on your body is a gorgeous piece of art. This region of your body is strong, making it perfect for displaying your toughness.

For maximum impact, opt for a minimalistic or traditional Japanese design. It is a well-liked option for those who appreciate traditional tattoos for men and is an excellent concept for anyone who wants to flaunt their enthusiasm. 

Buddha Tattoo

The peaceful Buddha tattoo can help you discover inner tranquillity and peace. 

Since it is an important Buddhist symbol, wearing it on your skin reminds you to feel rooted and loyal to yourself daily.

When choosing an artist for this ink, make sure they respect the religious symbol because it has significance for many people. 

Choose an intricately detailed piece and use it alone or in conjunction with other cultural representations. With such meaningful ink, you must flaunt it!

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Japanese Hand Tattoo

Japanese designs have symbolic meaning and have been used for centuries. 

Some of the hand tattoos’ instantly recognised designs are created from the ink’s vibrant colours, bold lines, and unusual patterns. 

Samurai, snakes, waves, and even Hannyas beautifully capture the culture’s essence through their origins, significance, and importance.

For optimum effect, work the ink into your hand and sleeve. Then observe as everyone is astounded by your magnificent piece of art.

Try Our Minimalist Tattoo for Wrist

Various tattoo choices are available, from a simple wrist tattoo of a loved one’s name to a semicolon expressing courage and unity in facing mental health difficulties. 

With a heart tattoo design, you can remind yourself of what’s essential, or an anchor can help you weather the storm. 

Whatever design you prefer, our expert tattoo artists at Pearl Lemon Tattoos can ink precisely what you want. If you are confused, our team can help you to find the tattoo that suits your personality and the message you want to convey!

Contact us and get your tattoo session booked today. 

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