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Body piercings and tattoos are no longer viewed as a sign of rebellion. “Tattoo And Piercing Studio Ashburton” They are now seen as a method to express your uniqueness and sense of style. You can pierce the body anywhere there is adequate skin to cover the piercing.

Since no two persons are exactly alike, each person’s piercing must be placed appropriately. You must also understand that no two people will heal similarly. The same concept goes for body inks.

In the UK, on average, one in five persons and one in three young adults have tattoos. A tattoo is often compared to buying art by many individuals, and many well-known and renowned tattoo artists are also recognised as artists by their peers and authorities. 

Getting a tattoo has a long history and many different justifications. These indelible custom tattoos are always distinctively personal, simple or ornate, and function as amulets, status and healing symbols, statements of love, religious emblems, ornaments, and sometimes, sometimes, means of punishment.

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Female tattooist inking black back tattoo on a man, showing artistry and focus

As a top custom tattoos and body piercing shop, Pearl Lemon Tattoos operate in a sterile and secure setting and utilise fresh needles for every client. We satisfy all requirements for health department certification.


Our tattoo artists have exceptional talent and creativity. We are passionate about what we do and are happy to offer suggestions or design any tattoo requested.


Our studio has built a welcoming and friendly environment to make our clients feel secure and at home. So next time you want to get a piercing or tat to flaunt while strolling in Trotts Garden, visiting Ashburton Museum or Ashburton Domain, don’t miss stopping by our studio.

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Piercing Ideas You Can Choose From

Pierced Helix

A helix piercing is usually done at the top of your earlobe. It can accommodate tiny studs or loops and is an excellent choice to complement conventional earlobe piercings. It is a fantastic way to expand your options for jewellery styles and give yourself more room for creative expression.


The cartilage around the helix is fortunately flexible and thin, making it the least painful spot to have punctured.

Ear Piercing Style
Ear Piercing

Tragus Piercing

The area of the inner ear facing outward and near the ear canal is called the tragus and is commonly pierced. The tragus is located close to the helix area. It will be slightly more painful to obtain this form of ear piercing than other types because the cartilage in this place is significantly thicker than in the helix area.


Although not necessarily painful, you might experience some little discomfort as a result of the hollow needle your artist will need to use to penetrate the skin to penetrate the cartilage. The tragus area is famous for seeking an alternative ear piercing because it offers a highly non-traditional approach to displaying your custom body jewellery.

A Nose Ring

One of the earliest and most well-known types of body art is nose piercing. There are numerous methods for displaying a nose piercing. Typical uses include the traditional bull ring found on Spanish fighting bulls, formed between both nostrils.


One looped ring through one nostril, or perhaps both, is another type of nose piercing known as a septum piercing. Nose rings are trendy among younger people getting their first piercings because of their distinctive features.

Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercings are frequently performed through the centre of the tongue to fit a small stud or bar piece of jewellery. As with other oral piercings, you should make sure the person performing the procedure is qualified, has sterile tools, and has the experience, as the jewellery can result in problems with the gums or teeth.


You should always be aware of the potential issues by having them done professionally and cleanly. Oral jewellery can be something new and fascinating to attempt.

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Tattoo Ideas And Styles To Complement Your Look

Back Of Neck tattoo

Minimal Tattoo

Tattoos in the minimalist style don’t necessarily have to be small; instead, they are characterised by their use of vital negative space and straight, precise lines. “Less is more” is the philosophy underlying minimalism, and minimalist tattoos adhere to this philosophy by utilising graphic designs and various degrees of delicate linework.


You can visualise the finest designs for minimalist tattoos with a few lines that aren’t overly complex because they tend to reduce designs to their most basic elements. Any colour can be used for minimalist tattoos, though black ink is more typical to keep the design as straightforward as possible.

Negative Space Tattoo

Tattoos with negative space are made by incorporating the skin into the design and contouring sections with colour to produce a picture. Negative space tattoos employ the skin as the outline and the pigment as the often “blank” areas of a design rather than using an outline to generate the tattoo’s image.

Although any design can be turned into a negative space tattoo, getting one could take more preparation than simply knowing what you want. Make sure you work with a skilled tattoo artist to plan out negative space designs so that the proportions are proper and the suitable regions are filled in instead of what is left naked.

Tattoo Design
Focus caucasian man tattooing back of woman at the studio,Small Back Tattoos for Men

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Each tattoo we design results from a partnership between the artist-designer and the client, ensuring that every client obtains a one-of-a-kind piece of art. 


With a degree of craftsmanship and professionalism unmatched in the tattoo industry, Pearl Lemon Tattoos take pleasure in our ability to produce works of art that are of the highest calibre and combine the conventional and avant-garde.


We are a clean and friendly shop because of our safety measures, hygiene standards, and excellent client experience. Seeing clients satisfied with our work makes us feel accomplished.


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