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Body piercings and art have been a prevalent and expressive part of our history. From tribal and cultural representations to symbolism and self-expression. Body modification has become increasingly popular and not just among the younger folk.

So if you would like to get on the bandwagon but don’t want a permanent ink, then a body piercing is the way to go.

They are an innovative and fantastic way to make a style statement. And for those already into the culture, getting some more tattoos and piercings never hurt, right?

Nearly 50% of American adults have tattoos, and 20% have thought about getting one.

Whether you want to style your skin with symbols and images because you enjoy how they appear or because you are drawn to their symbolism, tattoos are an excellent way to express your individuality. 

There are many possibilities when it comes to professional tattoo designs. While some are drawn to cliche pictures and tattoo flashes because they like the look or the message behind them, others want something unique and customised to express their emotions and style.

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By creating your design or adding personal elements like names and dates, you can make your tattoo stand out. With these original and significant tattoo designs, you can express your unique creativity.

At Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we offer professional tattoo and body piercing services in a secure and welcoming setting. We understand how challenging it can be for first-timers, so we ensure to make your experience as painless, memorable and worthwhile as possible.

Our team of skilled tattoo artists with apprentice training provide customers with a selection of classic and modern tattoo techniques.

If you are in Norbury, Thornton Heath, Waddon, or anywhere near North Croydon and want to get a tattoo or a piercing, we are the best option

We provide a full spectrum of body piercing, tattooing, stretching, and implants in a state-of-the-art hygienic setting thanks to our industry-leading piercing and sterilising technology.

Please contact us today to get a top-notch tattoo and piercing experience. 

Meanwhile, if you aren’t yet sure what to get, here are some trendy tattoo and piercing ideas that are our previous clients’ favourites.

Couple Tattoos

Couple tattoos are an excellent way to commemorate your love and demonstrate your dedication to one another. Instead of generic design and symbolism, make them one-of-a-kind and personalised to make your piece more memorable and unique. 

Consider your relationship and the things that are most significant to you as you choose a creative design. Additionally, you can add names and dates.

Forearm Tattoo Styles

The forearm is an excellent place to start your body art since it can accommodate a detailed design while still looking beautiful with smaller pieces. You can effortlessly conceal your distinctive tattoo with clothing while yet enjoying daily exposure to it. 

Another benefit is that forearm tattoos are only mildly painful due to the forearm’s thick skin, muscle, and fat cushioning.

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Minimal And Small Tattoos

The versatility of small tattoos allows for placement virtually anywhere on the body. They are more covert and simpler to conceal.  Other benefits include a cost-effective design that takes less time and is less painful than most other tattoo ideas. It can also be easily distinctive and one-of-a-kind.

Life Tree Tattoos

The tree of life is a full image with a deep symbolic meaning. It stands for development, grit, and a sense of community. You can change the original design when choosing the best one to make it unique and even more pertinent to you. 

You can get another nature-filled body art by selecting a different tree, such as a cherry blossom

Sternum Tattoos

Sternum tattoos are a popular choice for both men and women. They can sit majestically in the middle of your chest or extend outwards —depending on you.

However, considering how uncomfortable it can be to get this tattoo, the location is personal to you. It ought only to be used for only distinctive and significant designs that can express your style.

Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercings are two-hole piercings worn along the ear’s upper edge. They are pretty badass and fashionable and can be done by both men and women.

A bar-shaped piece of jewellery that links the two holes is the distinguishing feature of this type of piercing, also frequently referred to as a “scaffold” piercing.

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Young woman tattooist doing tattoo on male arm

Conch Piercing 

One of the most alluring ear-piercing designs is the conch

These piercings, named after shells or “conches,” are done in the middle of your ears. Conchs are among the most versatile forms of piercings that encourage experimentation and uniqueness.

There are two varieties of conch earrings: inner and outer. The “inner” conch piercing requires the creation of a hole in the centre of the ear, typically ornamented with a small stud.

For an “outside” piercing, a hole is made in the conch so that a hoop or ring can pass through it and wrap around the outer ear cartilage. Conch piercings can be uncomfortable and take longer to heal because they occur on a thicker portion of the ear.

Daith Piercing

A “Daith” piercing is one of the edgier and more painful forms of ear piercings to acquire, and it has one of the most unusual-sounding piercing names. 

A Daith piercing is made in the middle of the inner cartilage of your ear. This kind of piercing is exceptionally appealing and has a distinctive appearance that is likely to attract attention.

This type of piercing has a reputation for reducing migraines and their symptoms, even though no concrete scientific proof exists to support it. 

Lobe Piercing

This ear piercing is unquestionably the most popular and well-known of all kinds. With parental approval, most people get this kind of piercing during their formative years. 

Most ear accessories are designed for this type of piercing, making them widely accessible in offline and online retail outlets. Due to its location on one of the fleshiest areas of the ear, this piercing frequently heals itself fast if ignored. A lobe piercing is one of the virtually painless forms due to this placement.

Eyebrow Piercing

This form of surface piercing is not something you should do on the spur of the moment. It’s crucial to comprehend the anatomy and structure of your face to choose the right style, location, and jewellery for your eyebrow piercing, which is infamous for going wrong

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