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Body modification has existed since thousands of years ago. The forefront reality about this age-old practice is that it has had many meanings and functions throughout history and is not just reserved for rebellious teenagers, bikers, or societal outcasts!

A person can choose to get a piercing done in almost any area of their body, including their ears, lips, eyebrows, tongues, genitalia, nipples, and even their nails.

Body piercing can also be associated with the period and culture of the individuals concerned. Contrarily, body art can take any form, and most of the designs have sentimental significance to the wearer. 

Tattoos are definitely fantastic because they are an excellent way to artistically express sentiments and thoughts. 

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Nearly 50% of American adults have tattoos, and 20% have considered getting one, demonstrating the prevalence of tattoos.

A huge majority of inked individuals get body modifications to honour a loved one. Or if they need a gentle reminder to guard their hearts when dealing with life.

Anyone can find a design to satisfy their sentimental needs. 

At Pearl Lemon Tattoos, our professional and helpful staff creates awesome tattoos designed to suit your unique style and commemorate those that matter most to you. So kindly visit our tattoo shop in London if you are in Norbury, Waddon, Shirley or anywhere near East Croydon planning to get a piercing or a tattoo. 

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Helix Piercing

Helix piercings are among the wackier varieties of ear piercings. They are cartilage piercings located at the curve on the outside of the upper edge of the ear. This sort of piercing, which is frequently performed with a little needle and is located on a more fleshy portion of the ear’s margin, is less painful. It is among the most prevalent types of ear and lobe piercings.

Naval Or Belly Button Piercing

When it comes to the different body piercings, having a navel piercing is almost a journey for rebellious adolescent adventures who like to give a certain impression with their Instagram october dump photos. This type of piercing requires extensive aftercare and upkeep of proper hygiene because it is placed in a location that is frequently exposed to microorganisms and bodily fluids.

The jewellery sits where the piercing is made, on the fat and cartilage right above the belly button. Although receiving this kind of piercing is one of the more painful procedures, it is not particularly painful. 

However, the shape of your navel affects whether or not your body will reject the piercing. 

Butterfly Tattoo
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Erl Or Bridge Piercing

An ear/bridge piercing (or a “facial nose piercing”) gives your face a touch of edgy splendour. It is one of the rarest varieties that calls for skill and extensive aftercare. This particular piercing takes up to eight weeks to heal.

Since few people have a lot of flesh on their nose bridges, the danger of rejection and migration is higher with this style. Our team ensures that the placement is high enough on the bridge of your nose to accommodate your eye wear if you wear spectacles and are interested in getting this type of piercing.

Nostril Piercing

Regarding fashion and accentuating facial characteristics, a nose piercing tops the list as one of the most popular types of body jewellery, second only to lobe styles of ear piercings. 

A nostril piercing is significantly less painful because it is made via the soft cartilage of the nasal tube. It is critical to understand your nose’s shape for a flattering placement. This piercing can look drastically different with even a small migration.

Philtrum Piercing

A medusa piercing, one of the most eye-catching body jewellery styles, is positioned at the cupid’s bow, the indentation just above the centre of your lips. This facial piercing is striking, edgy, and extremely delicate-looking, but it also hurts a little and needs a lot of healing and after care.

Cross Tattoo

The Cross symbolises faith, dedication, and love. Many get them tattooed to demonstrate their loyalty to their religion and its significant role in their lives. Additionally, tattoos of crosses are made as tributes to the deceased. 

The appeal of a cross tattoo is that it may be either essential or intricate, and you can give it a distinctive look by picking the specific features you want.

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Butterfly Tattoo

We highly recommend Butterfly tattoos for someone going through a life transition. It conveys a strong message associated with strength, endurance, growth, and transformation. It is also one of the most exquisite and delicate tattoo designs that are simple to customise, including the butterfly’s colour and markings.

BFF Tattoo

Best friend tattoos are an excellent way to express your special relationship with your BFF. 

Choosing the ideal design can be a fantastic way to strengthen your relationship. There are numerous ideas for unique BFF designs that express how you feel about each other. The goal is to choose a design that is unique and holds sentimental value.

Half-Sleeve Tattoo

Because they cover a significant portion of the arm, half-sleeve tattoos provide you with the freedom to express your creativity with your body art. The elbow and wrist or the top of the arm and elbow are good starting points. It gives you additional options and is simpler to conceal with clothing than a full-sleeve style.

Thigh Tattoo

Due to their low ranking on the tattoo pain scale, thighs are among the most popular places to get inked. It is due to the area’s thick skin, fat, and muscle, which act as cushions. 

Additionally, the thigh can be quickly and discreetly covered up as per your preferences. There is also enough room for you to use your imagination and develop a unique and creative design idea.

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Black Panther Tattoo

Lion Tattoo

Because of the animal’s beauty and symbolic meaning, lion tattoos are a popular choice. The giant beast represents power, willpower, boldness, and courage. However, an image of a lioness represents beauty, independence, and motherhood. 

You can combine various photo elements by adding originality and playing with your selected style. Think of a mandala tattoo or a geometric lion as excellent examples of tattoo designs.

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We are glad and ready to answer any question you may have and work with you to make sure that you receive what you want, whether you arrive with a complete design in mind or only the broadest concepts.

We exclusively use pre-packaged needles and other tools that have undergone sterilisation and sanitation beforehand and are all brand new for every customer. Whether you want a soft grey tint or the brightest colour, we exclusively use high-quality, contemporary inks that produce the most outstanding results. Our studio upholds the highest levels of a safe and friendly environment.

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