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Ideally, we all think everyone who gets a tattoo is ready to have that ink for the rest of their lives, but the reality couldn’t be any further. 

Tattoo cover-ups happen very often, and an experienced specialist can transform your old or bad art into something else or disappear. At Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we are passionate about all forms of artwork and the way people choose to express themselves using their bodies.

However, we also understand that things change. As time passes, people mature, and the infatuations we once had fade- sometimes including the ink on our skins. In scenarios like this, we are very much open to discussing options for tattoo cover-ups.

If you contemplate covering up an unwanted tattoo, patience, research and compromise are required. The process varies from person to person. But do not be discouraged by all this. Our certified tattoo specialists will do everything to ensure that you waltz out of our parlour with a smile and new appealing artwork to help hide some past mistakes.

We also offer laser tattoo removal in case you are interested.

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Now, let’s dive deeper into the whole process and what to expect when working with cover-up tattoo specialists.

What Is A Cover-Up Tattoo?

A cover-up tattoo is a new artwork used to conceal or disguise an old tattoo in the same area. It could be that the old tattoo is unwanted or was poorly drawn. Cover-ups are the best alternative to full tattoo removal. Once you decide on what you want to be changed, a tattoo artist will present you with options available.

The size, design and colour will determine what can be done. Contrary to popular belief, cover-up tattoos are not easy to execute. This is because, unlike new tattoos that are being applied onto “clean skin”, cover-ups are done on top of old or faded tats. 

The inks used to create your tattoo were initially placed at least one millimetre beneath the epidermis. Since the new ink is applied in the same spot as the old ink when you get a cover-up tattoo, they will inevitably mix. Coloured tattoos will produce pigments when mixed with new ink. That’s why in tattoo cover-ups, darker ink, especially black, is prefered even if most people don’t like black designs all over.

Experienced tattoo specialists can look at the tattoo you want to be covered up and give the best decisions on what colours or designs will work for you.

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Cover-Up Tattoos Are Done For Various Reasons

Different people have different reasons as to why they get tattoo cover-ups. Some of these reasons might be that:

  • The original tattoo was shoddy.
  • The ink faded or now looks outdated.
  • The owner comprehends how offensive the tattoo is.
  • They want to incorporate the tattoo into a new design.
  • The ink is a remembrance of a trying time in that person’s life.

Still, all in all, how the cover-up tattoo ends up looking depends on the state of the original tattoo and the cover-up design chosen. Old and faded tattoos are much easier to cover than brand new ones. On the other hand, some tattoos qualify for a few laser removal sessions before getting a cover-up.

Before deciding on the method of getting your unwanted tattoos removed, get to know your options and how effective your cover-up tattoo will be.

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Cover-Up Tattoo Is Different From Fixing A Tattoo

It’s important to note that a cover-up tattoo differs from getting a tattoo fixed, reworked or redone. A tattoo fix keeps some of the original artwork. What is done is usually make a few changes or add to the existing tattoo. A tattoo cover-up, on the other hand, replaces the original design entirely without leaving a trace.

Tattoo cover-ups work by tattooing a fresh design over your existing, undesirable tattoo. It uses components from the original design to produce something new. For instance, someone with a stick tattoo on their foot from high school can decide they’re ready for something more formal. They can collaborate with a tattoo artist to create a lovely new flower design that entirely covers the original.

NOTE: Do not forget that you can combine cover-ups and laser tattoo removal. Many times, obtaining a few laser tattoo removal treatments to lighten an original tattoo result in better tattoo camouflage and gives your tattoo artist more canvas space.

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The Tattoo Cover-Up Journey Is A Multiple-Step Process

Choose a design: You most likely already have several tattoo cover-up ideas. Decide on the type of tattoo you want to employ to cover the old design. Think about things like size, colour, design components, and more.

Consult a specialist: Consult a cover-up expert to ascertain whether you’ll require any laser tattoo removal sessions to lighten your primary tattoo.

Select an artist: Meet with your cover-up tattoo artist to go through your design ideas once you’ve recovered from your removal sessions, or not at all if none are necessary.

Get Your New Art! Get a cover-up tattoo! Your cover-up tattoo design ideas coming to reality is a beautiful experience.

Uncertain on how to select a cover-up tattoo? Don’t worry. Reach out to us, and we will help you.

Let Our Tattoo Cover-Up Specialists Give A New Look To Your Old Tattoos

Whether you’re interested in realism, blackwork, colour illustration, neo-traditional, etc., our cover-up tattoo specialist will help you decide on the style and design of your new artwork. We are big on client satisfaction and will ensure that you leave only when you are satisfied with the results.

Cover-up tattoos generally have to be larger than the size of your original tattoo, but even though that’s the case, we will ensure that you get a design you are comfortable with and will love.

An old tattoo doesn’t need to be a pain or bother anymore. A cover-up could be the perfect opportunity to hide it and get the artwork you will adore. The most important thing to remember is that we at Pearl Lemon Tattoos will help you understand your old tattoo and the cover-ups that will work. 

Our experienced cover-up specialists will collaborate with you to determine the right artwork for your needs.

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