Flaunt Yourself With Your Best Small Tattoo For The Back Of Your Neck

You might be worried about getting a neck tattoo, especially one at the back.

We understand where you’re coming from! After all, it’s scary to black ink in an area that can potentially kill you.

However, the back of your neck is a commonplace area for neck tattoos, and our tattoo artists are well-versed in that area, so don’t worry too much.

The back of the neck is a popular location for tattoos because the nape is located directly beneath the hairline, making it easily concealable by longer hair or a high-collared shirt. 

All the more, it can be easily concealed if we’re talking about small tattoos you want to get inked.

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This gives the place a more intimate feel because you can choose when to show off your neck tattoo design and when to hide it. The nape of the neck has a lot of movement, which some designs may emphasise while others may contract with.


Be part of the 9% of the tatted population who got their necks tatted!


Here at Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we want to give you the best tattoos to help you flaunt yourself whenever possible!


Get your small tattoo idea for your neck, and let our tattoo artists do it for you.


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Get The Best Neck Tattoo Design For Your Nape Here

Still undecided about all the neck tattoo ideas you see online? Or perhaps you’re torn between getting a small tribal neck tattoo idea or a black cross tattoo design?

Well, we have prepared some recommendations for you that will help you decide.

Look at the top small neck tattoos our artists have covered from our previous clients.

Butterfly Neck Tattoo

A butterfly neck tattoo is well-known to be among the most popular tattoo designs.


The design represents transformation and can be interpreted as a life symbol. It is frequently associated with optimism, change, and hope. In Christianity, the butterfly can also represent resurrection.


Keep the design detailing to a minimum for a truly minimal back-of-neck tattoo to avoid overwhelming the small design. The lines in this tattoo add interest while remaining delicate.

Flower Neck Tattoo

Florals look lovely on the back of the neck because their natural shape mimics the head directly above.


One of the most distinctive aspects of flower tattoos is that they can have such specific and distinct meanings depending on the type of flower tattooed. And with nearly 400,000 flowering plant species known to science, there are plenty of options.


Make that shape even more prominent by tattooing the flowers in a half-circle design that mimics where the hair meets the nape of the neck.

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Dragon Neck Tattoo

While all dragons appear powerful, majestic, and mystical, they can be seen as both good and evil, masculine and feminine, and associated with fire and water.


dragon tattoo can represent fearlessness, rage, passion, or wisdom, depending on the art style, size, and colour.


Dragons may not sound like they’d be a good fit for the back of the neck, but their shape adds movement to an otherwise stiff neck.


To avoid overwhelming the small area, keep the design simple and use the space to your advantage, even carrying the tattoo above or below the nape of the neck to complete the design if necessary.

Celtic Knot Neck Tattoo

Celtic knots can represent various things, but the most common is an unbreakable bond, given that they have no beginning or end. While black is commonly used, adding a meaningful colour helps emphasise the tattoo’s significance.

Lotus Neck Tattoo

A small lotus flower on the back of the neck is an excellent way to honour and connect with its meaning. Make the tattoo your own by adding something personal, such as a symbol or letter.

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Rose Neck Tattoo

Whether won or lost, rose tattoo representing love has been prevalent throughout history as a symbol of the highest level of passion. This flower combines beauty and emotion; no other flower can match its beauty and historical significance.

When placed on the back of the neck, a rose design appears almost natural. The round shape of the petals mimics the shape of the head, the straight stem elongates the neck, and the leaves add movement by contrast with the straight lines of the neck and shoulders.

Abstract Neck Tattoo

Fans of abstract tattoos will appreciate this placement idea because it forces you to consider spacing when designing your design.


This abstract tattoo employs a variety of line thicknesses, shapes, and additional detailing, but because it is well spaced, it does not feel overwhelming in the limited space.

Tribal Neck Tattoo

While tribal tattoos have been around for thousands of years, their appeal has not diminished. There are a lot of cultures around the world that have tribal tattoos. As a symbol of success and rank, tattoos are necessary for some cultures.

Tribal tattoos come in so many forms that it can be challenging to choose one. Tattoos should reflect who you are, whether it’s aesthetically pleasing or sharing stories of your heritage.

Cross Neck Tattoo

There is no doubt that this religious symbol is one of the oldest in the history of mankind. It usually refers to the cross of Christianity or Catholics. Mother and father are represented by the vertical and horizontal lines in nature. Symbolically, wearing three crosses represents the Crucifixion Day of Jesus Christ.

This stylish cross tattoo is perfect for people who want to remember that God is always with them.

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Sword Tattoo

Anchor Neck Tattoo

Anchors have been a popular tattoo since sailors first got inked, but they are also a modern and popular design choice. Choose a fully filled-in design and use negative space for some of the detailing to add balance in an often-hidden spot.

Sword Neck Tattoo

A long, thin design like a sword may not seem appropriate for the back of the neck, but it is the ideal shape for emphasising the natural shape of the neck.


Because it’s a long design, having the blade stretch up along the back of the neck elongates the body part and makes the tattoo feel dainty rather than clunky.

What design(s) do you want for your nape tattoo? Ink yours now!

You Decide On Your Neck Tattoo Idea, We Put It In Black Ink For You

Pearl Lemon Tattoos is happy to work with you to create a flawlessly designed tattoo for the back of your neck.

As a tattoo parlour, whatever meaning you have for your tattoos, we want to make it the best ink that you’ll ever receive so you can be proud whenever you flaunt it.

With tattoos on the back of your neck, you can be the best version of yourself!

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