Conceal That Outdated Body Art With A Safe Back Tattoo Cover Up

Back tattoos will never go out of style. You’ll probably agree since you can see lots of people with back tattoos here and there. Shoulder and back tattoos look lovely, even though these locations are more likely to be painful than any other parts of the body. 


Based on our opinion, people with tattoos on their backs tend to be more mysterious, confident, and less self-conscious. Since most people’s backs are always covered by clothing, those who get inked typically go for larger and more flashy tattoo ideas. The back is also a more subtle place to put your tattoo as you rarely see them. 


However, many people have ended up feeling regrets after some time.


If you’re one of those people who have regrets about having a back tattoo, you’ll be relieved to know that there are professionals who offer tattoo coverups to conceal unsightly tattoos on the back.


We also offer laser tattoo removal to get rid of any old ink and unwanted tattoo you might have. When you need such services, Pearl Lemon Tattoos is the place to go.


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What is a Back Tattoo Cover Up?

Back tattoo coverups involve getting a new tattoo design to hide an old one. It takes inspiration from the original artwork but reworks it into something fresh.

If you already have a tattoo on the back but are tired of looking at it, a coverup could be the solution you’re looking for. Visit our tattoo studio to have your existing tattoo modelled into a new design.

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Best Back Tattoo Coverup Designs for Men

Now that you know a coverup tattoo is a way to go, you may be wondering what kind of design will work best for you. Here is a list featuring many options for back tattoo coverup designs.

Eagle Back Tattoo

Men frequently choose eagles as tattoo subjects. Eagles are viewed as symbols of authority and garner much more respect. Depending on its size, an eagle tattoo design can look beautiful either on the upper or lower back.

Cross Back Tattoo

Because of its significance in Christian symbolism, the cross is often worn by people who consider themselves religious. If you want a bigger, more elaborate cross tattoo design, your back is the best place to put it. 

You can add meaningful details, such as a Bible quote, the names of loved ones, or cultural motifs, such as Celtic knots, to the tattoo to reflect your identity and culture.

Wolf Back Tattoo

There is a wide range of wolf tattoo designs available, making them a popular choice among guys. Tattoos of wolves can be done in a wide range of sizes and styles, from tribal to photorealistic. 

Tribal Back Tattoo

Tribal tattoo designs are characterized by arching curves and piercing points to create distinctive figures and patterns. This ’90s trend is still strong, giving any design an air of badassery and masculinity. If you want a tattoo on your back that flows with your muscles instead of looking static, a tribal tattoo might be good for you.

Wings Back Tattoo

Spiritually speaking, a wing tattoo can imply freedom from one’s worries and the freedom to become a better, more “angelic” version of oneself. Many people choose to have their wing tattoos done on their backs because it provides a wide surface area upon which to print this intricate design.

Back Dragon Tattoo

dragon tattoo on the back is terrifying or intimidating, but the design is striking and potent. While some men choose traditional black and grey ink, others go for more realistic coloured tattoo cover up featuring dragons. There are many large dragon tattoo designs because they cover so much of the upper or lower back.

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Angel Back Tattoo

For diverse cultures, angels might stand for various things. Archangel Michael is a common pick among religious men since he is the commander of God’s heavenly army and stands for good’s fight against evil. 

Meanwhile, Gabriel is God’s messenger and the embodiment of truth, goodness, and purity. Some men get tattoos of guardian angels to commemorate the times they overcame adversity or narrowly escaped death.

Owl Back Tattoo

Back tattoos with owls are an excellent choice for animal lovers. If you want to project: wisdom, tranquillity, majesty, and enchantment, this owl tattoo design is a good choice.

Japanese Back Tattoo

Japanese tattoos, or Irezumi, are noted for their unique and eye-catching design. The needle gun approach can achieve the same results as the traditional Japanese way of applying tattoos by hand. Traditional Japanese tattoos typically feature vivid hues, strong shading, and significant symbolism. 

Best Back Tattoo Coverup Designs for Women

If you’re looking for a design with a feminine touch, we also have a wide selection of designs for you. Check them out below.

Dove Tattoo

One of the most beautiful and meaningful tattoo designs for women’s backs is a dove. It’s a lovely way to show who you are and what you believe in.  


The dove represents love, peace, and harmony. You can also add a mandala to depict the universe and life cycle. These two signs go together beautifully. 


You can have this design done in a dark ink or go for a bright colour to add an edge to the design.

Angel Wings Tattoo

The trend of tattooing angel wings on one’s back will likely never die. This tattoo concept has been around for a while, and it’s still a big deal in the world of back tattoos even today. 

Back neck tattoo of a woman brunnete beautiful girl, tribal tattoo for women, Tribal Tattoo
Back neck tattoo of a woman

Lotus Moon Back Tattoo

It’s common to find moon and lotus flower tattoos combined because the meanings of these symbols go well together. As a result, they are among the top choices for girls looking to have a tattoo cover up on their backs.

Cherry Blossoms

It’s one of the top picks for girls’ back tattoos. The appearance of this lovely pink flower serves as a sign that spring has finally arrived. Many well-known artists have also depicted them in their works; Vincent Van Gogh’s painting is just one example.

Snake Tattoo

Snakes represent power, enlightenment, and rebirth. When combined with roses, though, they represent an alluringly seductive kind of love

Japanese Geisha Tattoo

The Japanese geisha tattoo is a popular choice among many women. This tattoo is a symbol of charm. It can be a good cover up for any old design you have.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos symbolize strength and independence. They also show the fascinating course of evolution and are a sign to show an eagerness for growth. Different art styles are used to create them. These butterfly designs can be done in a darker shade to emphasize boldness or in lighter colours to show grace and a carefree personality.

Phoenix Back Tattoos

The phoenix is a mythical bird that can rebuild itself from the ground up. It’s supposed to represent the cycle of life is constantly renewed. Getting a tattoo coverup design like this is a great reminder that you can handle anything life throws at you.

Heart Tattoos

Undoubtedly, the heart design is valuable and timeless. These tattoos, done in a traditional tribal style, portray a woman’s more sensitive side. Get in touch with an artist specializing in art style and select a design for your back that best represents you.

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