Ink Your Body With Passion Through A Tribal Tattoo for Love

There are many different manifestations of love. We are all capable of loving our companion animals, members of our families, close friends, and partners in intimate relationships.

Whether it’s a new acquaintance, a romantic interest, or a family member, the first time you get to tell someone you love them is a meaningful and emotional experience. Of course, saying “I love you” is the most common way to express love.

While this statement may be simple and direct, there are countless other ways to convey your love more profoundly and uniquely.

A tattoo is a permanent reminder of your love.

Whether or not you are in a romantic relationship, celebrating the idea of love through a tattoo is a powerful gesture. Getting a tattoo is a remarkable way to show your devotion to a particular person in your life.

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Tattoo in the form of a heart on the girl's finger, Tribal Tattoo

Where Should You Put That Love-Inspired Tribal Tattoo Design?

Tattoo enthusiasts who take pride in their matching tattoos can consider getting them at the nape of their neck. 


The forearm, wrist, calf, and shoulder are also common options because these are considered the least painful spots for tattoos. Moreover, as mentioned above, people also consider the aesthetic benefits of having multiple tattoos on the same body part.


Mark a significant milestone in your relationship with a tattoo design that symbolises your love for one another.


May it be permanent or temporary tattoos, get it done by a professional artist who recognises the value of love and devotion through art.

Tattooed hands holding hands, Tribal Tattoo for Love

Different Tribal Tattoos To Get Inspiration From

Tribal tattoos have stemmed from different cultures all around the globe. The different tribal style of each tribe in a specific country paves the way for more meaning in each stroke that a tattoo artist makes.

If you’ve heard of tribal art, then you’ve already heard that tattooing or tribal tattooing is one art form they take on. It shows their pride, tribal culture, and accomplishments as a society of their own.

Most of the famous tribal tattoo styles are Polynesian tattoos, Maori tattoos, and Celtic Tattoos. The tribal design of each is intricate and commonly used in many tribal tattoos of today.

However, there are also other cultures where your tattoo idea may come from. Here is a list of them below:

  • Polynesian Tribal Tattoos
  • Celtic Tribal Tattoos
  • Filipino Tribal Tattoos
  • Native American Tribal Tattoos
  • African Tribal Tattoos
  • Maori Tribal Tattoos
  • Indian Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos as a Creative Expression of Love

Putting thought and effort into preparing a gift for a loved one is a beautiful way to show your appreciation and commitment, especially if the gift is personalised and memorable. Moreover, writing poetry as a tribute to a special someone is an age-old tradition that will never die. 


Aside from these, love can also be expressed in more unique ways through tribal tattoos. 


Tribal tattoos are permanent or temporary marks on the skin, and as such, they can symbolise an enduring commitment to the person you love.

Modern Love-Inspired Tribal Tattoo Design for You

The traditional tribal heart shape tattoo, sometimes accompanied by flowers, is commonly used to express romantic feelings. But other varieties of love symbols are just as intense and deep as heart and flowers. 


Here are some creative and profound tribal tattoos that meaningfully express love. We’ve also listed its tattoo meaning, so you don’t have to figure out what they mean.

Close up of the tattoo machine. Tattooing.
Vertical photo of tattoo artist inking tattoo on forearm

Tribal Pet Tattoos

Getting a tattoo of, or based on, your pet is always a good idea. There’s no rule that says you have to wait until your pet dies before getting a tattoo in their honour.


Animal pictures are a popular choice for tattoos among pet owners, who get them to show how much they care about their pets while they’re still alive or even after they’re gone.

Tribal Band Tattoos

Often used as a romantic tie between two people, band tattoos are a powerful symbol of undying affection.


That’s why more and more people are getting this tattoo to show consistency in love or to celebrate their love permanently on their bodies.


Tattooed wedding bands that match each other are a stylish option for couples who intend to make a long-term commitment to one another. Whether it’s a basic line tattoo, a Celtic knot, or a tribal band, any of these would look great.

Tribal Lock and Key Tattoo

One partner can get the key tattoo, and the other might get the matching lock to show their love for each other.

On the other hand, a  person still on the lookout for love may get a tattoo of a key and a heart to symbolise their desire to find their match.


The lock and key designs can be elaborately decorated to ensure that these tattoos are well emphasised, even while their owners are apart. The lock and key tattoo size can vary widely to suit the couple’s preferences.


The combination of a dating tattoo with the lock and key design is a popular choice for some couples.

Tribal Tree Tattoos

Trees have always been associated with consistency.


Perhaps it is because they can endure through any weather or adversity while continuing to grow and thrive. Because of their extended lifespan (50-5000 years) symbolises resilience and fortitude in many cultures.


Trees are perceived to be an enduring relationship, tested by time and different seasons.

Woman with fern tattoo hugging trees and enjoying nature in the pine forest.
Tattoo Artist Tattooing Man’s Arm in Studio

Tribal Infinity Tattoos

Nothing beats the symbolism of a double infinity design for all the power of a single infinity tattoo.


Double infinity tattoos represent how the infinity lines of our lives are entangled with one another and that you and the person you love will always share an inseparable bond.


In mathematics, infinity is represented by the symbol, which resembles an elongated number 8 lying on its side. Lemniscate is another name for this sign.


You can personalise an infinity symbol with your initials, meaningful words, or a couple’s symbol.

Tribal Flame Tattoos

Throughout history, tribal flame tattoos have represented both life and destruction. Life and death, creativity, light, and remembrance have all been associated with fire for 470 million years.


Nonetheless, if a couple decides to get twin tribal flame tattoos, it can signify their passionate love and burning souls for each other.

Tribal Sun and Moon Tattoos

There’s a good reason why tattoos depicting the sun or moon are often picked as commitment symbols.


Like yin and yang, the complementary forces depicted by the sun and moon counterbalance one another.


Given the moon’s traditional feminine connotations, it’s not surprising that a moon commonly represents the female partner in these tattoos. Conversely, the sun is associated with male strength and vitality; as such, it would be tattooed on the male in a couple.

Tattoo artist tattooing

Bonus Cliche Yet Sincere Love Tattoos for Couples

Aside from the tribal tattoo for love that was just described, you might also want to consider some of the more traditional designs for a love tattoo.

Woman getting minimal tattoo in Roman numbers

Date Tattoos

Dates could be a good choice for couples who want to get matching tattoos to show how much they love and care for one another. 


Typically, these tattoos represent a significant date in the couple’s relationship, such as the first date, the wedding day, or the birth of a baby. Similar tattoos are usually placed on the same part of each person’s body.

Cupid Tattoos

Cupid has become a popular tattoo subject in its original form and with modern tweaks and decorations.


Also, Cupid is one of the most iconic symbols of Valentine’s Day.


He has wings, typically carries a bow and arrow, and can appear as either a cherub or a young man. There are several illustrations of him being blindfolded and/or holding a torch since “love is blind.”


If you need more tattoo ideas or tattoo art designs, feel free to ask our experts in the studio!


You can also tell them a customised tattoo design if you have one. Let them place that black ink on you today!

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