We’re Here To Give You The Best Tribal Tattoo for The Chest

Tribal tattoos are one of the world’s most famous tattoo styles. A tribal tattoo design for men represents both power and good nature. These are the best choice for males who desire to embody a tribal warrior spirit.

There are so many different tribal tattoos and placement styles to consider that it might be challenging to choose just one.

Some opt for an upper arm, inner arm, or sleeve tattoo when getting a tribal tat. The chest, however, is by far the best canvas for a tribal tattoo, in our opinion.

Getting a large tribal tattoo on the chest is highly popular among those who put effort into developing a well-toned, muscular body.

This is no surprise since a complete chest tattoo symbolises masculinity, strength, and power for men, as well as a unique expression of individuality in terms of size and style.

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What's So Special About a Tribal Tat?

Those who value deep symbolism and masculinity in their body art often choose tribal tattoos as their preferred style.

Tribal tattoos have a deep history and are a remarkable display of artistic design and technique. They are popular for their power to make their bearer look like a tribal warrior.

The tribal tattoo style has a vast history that dates back thousands of years. It began as a unique style for a specific culture or tribe to distinguish them from other local communities.

As the art style evolved, the meanings of these tribal tattoos changed.

Today, many of these patterns are inspired by the cultures of the Aztecs, Polynesians, Indians, Egyptians, and Mayans.

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An Insider On Tribal Tattoo Design

Tribal tattoos prominently featured short lines, circles, chevrons, and large segments of black bands. One or more of these design elements may be used depending on the tribe. 


Some symbols and lines stand on their own, while others will have meaning only when combined with others.


Sometimes the lines are just for aesthetics, and you need to fill them in with some other patterns to make the whole thing make sense.


Bold black lines are the distinguishing feature of modern copies of these tattoos. You might not believe this has any bearing on the meaning of the tribal tattoo, but you’d be wrong. 


The message of a tribal tattoo can be highlighted by emphasising a specific part by making it thicker.


In modern-day society, we commonly see Samoan tribal tattoos and Polynesian tattoos as an example of these.


Without a doubt, you should consider this before having a tribal tattoo because tweaking the design slightly can make specific messages stand out more.

What Makes Modern Tribal Tattoos Unique?

While many modern tribal tattoos look nothing like their traditional counterparts, their meanings remain the same. 

Most people today do not belong to the tribes whose members traditionally had these tattoos, but they can still draw significance from the designs’ original meanings. 

If you want to indicate that you are a modern warrior in the same spirit as those who had the same tattoo in the past, you may, for instance, get a tribal tattoo featuring certain symbols and lines.

It’s also possible to have a tattoo that looks tribal and then add contemporary details to give it the exact meaning you want.

Different Designs of Chest Tribal Tattoos

You can’t go wrong with the chest as a canvas for a meaningful tattoo. Here are the best designs for a chest tribal tattoo, whether you’re looking for something ancient and timeless or fresh and innovative.

Polynesian Tribal Chest Tattoo

In many cultures, lions symbolise resilience, protection, guidance, strength, and ferociousness. A chest covered in Polynesian tattoos conveys a message of openness, sincerity, respect, and the desire to achieve peace.


Many people believe it is offensive to have a Polynesian tattoo if you are not a member of the tribe.

In contrast, showing respect for the essence of a Polynesian tattoo by making one that conveys your narrative and being able to describe what it signifies is not considered insulting. It demonstrates how much you value and respect Polynesian culture and tradition.

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Black tribal tattoo cover up on chest, neck and arm

Black Tribal Skull Tattoo

Geometric designs on a skull are commonly used as memorials for the dead. It could also symbolise the afterlife or the presence of loved ones who have passed on. A black tribal skull tattoo on your chest can mean you’re mourning or just someone looking forward to the afterlife.


Its basic, striking aesthetic, which has come to be interpreted by many as a representation of death and mortality, has ensured its enduring popularity across the ages. However, skulls can also represent hopeful ideas, such as overcoming challenges or securing valuables.

Bull Tribal Chest Tattoo

Like the bull, a man who admires the bull is loyal, strong, and motivated by the pleasures of life. A tribal bull tattoo can range from a simple black outline to an elaborate multicoloured tribute covering a large area of skin like the chest.

Tribal Cross Chest Tattoo

Ancient tribespeople created tribal crosses, which are typically done in solid black, to display success and ward off evil spirits. Nowadays, it’s a famous tattoo you can put in the middle of your chest.


The patterns and colours utilised tend to vary from one tribe to the other. Bold lines, clean angles, and balanced composition are trademarks of this type of tattoo.

Hawaiian Tribal Chest Tattoo

Traditional Hawaiian tattooing is known as Kakau. This is an ancient tattoo style that has religious connotations. Having one symbolises respect for your family’s history and the values they’ve passed down to you. If you’ve seen Moana, the character Maui best represents this type of tattoo design.


The Kakau tattoos are distinct because of the unique ways in which they combine various tribal patterns to create a whole piece.


But even if you’re not Maui, you can get this yourself on your chest.

Tribal Owl Chest Tattoo

There is a widely held belief that owls can perform mystical acts such as magic, clairvoyance, and even astral projection– maybe because they have big eyes?


Kidding aside, those who choose to immortalise their beliefs with owl tattoos often do so because the bird is viewed as the embodiment of wisdom and optimism in times of despair. 

Among Native American societies, owls have long been seen as guardians of the afterlife and symbols of wisdom.

Eagle Tattoo on Chest
Chest Tattoo Cover Up

For chest tattoos, using black ink with tribal designs inside the owl’s wings is a daring choice, and hyper-realism with vivid colours is a great complement.

African Tribal Chest Tattoos

The tribal tattoos of Africa, the continent widely recognised as the roots of oral storytelling, showcases more than meets the eye. 

These pieces, which have hidden symbolism of bravery and courage, represent the power of the person who wears them. History shows that many tribes had these tattoos for purely aesthetic reasons, although many do convey a valuable message. 

Compared to other styles, the shading in African tribal art tends to be bolder and more pronounced. So, it’s understandable if you want to place this tattoo on your chest. After all, it is divine and beautiful.

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