14 Fascinating Wrist Tattoo Cover-Up Ideas You Will Definitely Love

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It is not surprising that wrist tattoo cover-ups are rare; the majority of our clients opt to have their wrist tattoo design totally removed because an undesired wrist tattoo can be difficult to conceal.

Tattoo cover-ups are quite common, and a skilled artist can make your outdated or undesirable ink disappear or change into something else. At Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we are enthusiastic about all kinds of art and the ways that individuals choose to express themselves aesthetically.

There are so many reasons why people would choose to cover up their wrist tattoos. It could be that it’s inappropriate at their workplaces, the tattoos could’ve faded, or it might be that the wearer has outgrown the tattoo. 

Maybe they want something new that fits their current image. Fortunately, an old wrist tattoo cover-up is possible. 

At Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we are very much open to discussing options for wrist tattoo cover-ups. If you are fed up with applying concealer day in and out or adorning heavy jewellery, we are here to help.

We also offer laser tattoo removal in case you are interested.

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Ideas for Creative Wrist Tattoo Cover-Ups

Looking for trendy ways to cover up an outdated tattoo on your wrist? We’ll inspire you by sharing some of our top wrist tattoo cover-up ideas!

1. Change, Alter-Completely!

For various reasons, smiley tattoos are prevalent among wrist tattoo lovers. Some individuals make the most of their moles and even include them in their designs! 

A straightforward doodle is ideal for individuals who want to permanently get the symbol of happiness in black ink on their wrist.

2. Go Huge

Roses, snakes, skulls and more are some of the most common art styles on every tattoo artist’s portfolio. This might seem too much for a wrist cover-up, but it’s trendy when done professionally. Just be open-minded about wrist tattoo cover-up, and you won’t be disappointed by the results.

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3. Embrace "Dark."

Sometimes when we decide about a wrist tattoo design, we have ideas of what it should be and look like. It’s not always entirely bad. You can talk to your tattoo artist and find out whether it’s possible to achieve what you want. However, don’t be tied to only what you want. Think outside the box; you might just walk away with something equally gratifying. 

4. Be Smart

There’s no rule book when it comes to wrist cover-ups and tattoo ideas. There are some basics, but your choices don’t have to be boring. Re-invent the wheel and add sparkle to your body art. Alter and enhance what needs to. You might end up becoming a trendsetter. 

5. Have Fun, Get Creative

When it comes to cover-up tattoos, you either get ink similar to the original tattoo ideas to hide the old ink, or you can really go out there and choose a new style.

6. You Can Never Go Wrong With Flowers

The best thing about flowers is that they look good on both men and women. There are different tattoo ideas, styles and types out there. So you can be sure to find something that will look good as a wrist tattoo cover-up. They have a sophisticated, natural appearance while still having the organic shapes required to provide you with the best coverage. 

Wrist Tattoo Cover Up
Minimalist Tattoo For Anxiety

7. Do The Upgrade

When you want to do a cover-up but still maintain the original design, you can instead choose to upgrade the tattoo. You can add a few details to make it look more sophisticated.

8. Go For Heart Shapes

If you are into smaller designs, heart shapes are another alternative and the popular solution you can go for. Heart tattoos can be filled and extended to create full coverage.

9. Go For The Feathers

Feathers are also widely popular tattoo designs and can be good cover-up tattoos for men and women. They are perfect when covering smaller lines or name wrist tattoos.

10. Use Vibrant Colours

Vibrant colours can be a beautiful and pleasing distraction from the unwanted tattoo underneath. You can resort to using shades of red, purple, blue or green to create beautiful effects that will be good wrist cover-ups.

11. You Can Never Go Wrong With Black-On-Black

Black is undoubtedly the best colour to do a wrist tattoo cover-up. As mentioned before, you can never go wrong with using black ink.

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More Tips To Conceal Your Wrist Tattoo

As we all know, getting tattooed and tattoo removal is a pretty painful process. However, since tattoo removal is far more painful, many people typically reserve it until last. But, if you are not ready to go through the whole painful process, there are alternatives you can use to cover up a wrist tattoo.

Let’s dive deeper:

  • Wearing a long-sleeved shirt or dress is the greatest way to conceal a tattoo. For men, be careful not to unbutton your cuffs at an improper time. For professional settings and to cover wrist tattoos, women should think about donning long sleeve shirts with or without suits. Along with evening dresses, women can put on long sleeves or gloves.
  • Another technique to conceal your wrist tattoo is to wear jewellery. You can wear a large or antique bracelet to hide the wrist tattoo. If not, another smart choice is to wear a watch with a wide band.
  • Using cosmetics or makeup is another option. Concealer, foundation, and powder blended together can be an excellent “tool” for concealing tattoos. Apply a layer of heavy concealer, follow with foundation, and finish with some translucent powder to totally cover or disguise your wrist tattoo.

These do-it-yourself techniques can be performed at home, but a cover-up tattoo requires the assistance of a qualified tattoo artist.

Speak to our specialists for more assistance!

Pearl Lemon Tattoos- The Perfect Solution For You

When you schedule a call, ask one of our experienced tattoo removal professionals about your tattoo cover-up.

One of the most common places to get a tattoo is on the wrist. It should, therefore, not be surprising that there is a considerable demand for wrist tattoo cover-ups. People choose to hide their previous tattoos for a variety of reasons. Whatever the cause, our tattoo artists will collaborate with you to find a solution that enhances your existing tattoo.

We are only a phone call away if you’re thinking about concealing your wrist tattoo.

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