Don't Go Out Of Style With Our Ink Designs On Tribal Tattoos For Hand

With the domination of tattoo culture in today’s world, it is no doubt that this form of art will continue to increase in popularity. 

In the United Kingdom alone, 35% of people aged 30-39 made their debut with tattoos. Anytime soon, the younger generations will begin getting their own as well. 

In fact, many of them may even get tribal tattoos. 

The significance of tribal tattoos varies depending on culture and style. Many relate the narrative of the wearer’s ancestors and their accomplishments. They can also be used to represent protection, power, and strength. Tribal Tattoo For Hand adds another dimension to this art, as it specifically adorns the hand, potentially symbolizing a more visible connection to one’s heritage and a display of these qualities.

A tribal tattoo is often done in blackwork, although more colours are employed in the rich traditional motifs among the oldest tattooed.

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The intricate patterns of tribal ink allow the design to work with or against the flow of the collector’s hands and fingers while communicating their story – typically as a coming of age or design tied to their place within their people’s culture.

These patterns can be stunning on their own, but they are frequently a continuation of other pieces from further down the arm.

Inking up both hands as two half of the same piece may also produce a remarkable symmetrical effect.

Here at Pearl Lemon Tattoo, we will not let you go out of style with our tribal tattoos that are best for your hands. 

Call us for an appointment today, and let’s make haste!

Best Tribal Hand Tattoos For You

As one of the best tattoo studios available in town, we also have a list of tribal tattoo designs that you should consider. Scroll down to check out some of our recommended designs.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

Hawaiian tattoos are frequently seen as a gentler approach to the tribal tattoo game.

Given how much the water impacts their culture, it’s only natural that their tattoos reflect that. With recurring motifs of water creatures, this tattoo style is excellent for the type of person who enjoys being near water and the outdoors.

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Filipino Tribal Tattoos

Tattoos have been a part of Filipino culture for over 500 years. This type of tattoo is more than simply visually beautiful; it has historically been thought to protect you from attackers.

This design is far more approachable and distinctive than other tribal tattoos, with uncomplicated motifs complementing the body and linear strokes flowing around the allotted region.

Celtic Tribal Tattoos

When most people think about Celtic tribal tattoos, they see the flash sheet at tattoo parlours. These are some of the most popular tattoo designs available, and as a result, they have mastered the craft.

This is an excellent entry-level tribal tattoo, with simple air-like swirls that may be applied to any portion of your body.

Vikings Tribal Tattoos

Given that some of us have Viking ancestors, having a symbol that depicts that is a no-brainer.

Viking tattoos are a less common style.

Therefore, you’re unlikely to run into someone with the same tattoo. Because their alphabet letters are seldom seen in modern tattoos, your design will be one-of-a-kind.

Irish Tribal Tattoos

Irish and Celtic tribal tattoos are relatively similar in design, yet it varies greatly depending on the locality.

The patterns are more heavily shaded.

Irish tattoos are quirky and always appear extremely traditional; they are the type of tattoo that will never go out of style.

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Simple Tribal Tattoos

Some tribal tattoos are quite complex, while others are simple and focus on the essentials. Tribal markings vary by culture, but examples include patterns and recognised imagery like flowers or animals.

The tribal style is defined by its bold lines and black ink—lacking colour and shading results in a basic but meaningful tattoo. The positioning of your selected design is just as crucial as the inking itself.

Tribal Wolf Tattoos

Many civilisations see the wolf as a sacred animal. It is frequently connected with loyalty, family, and protection but may also represent strength and perseverance.

Consider the culture you are honouring while choosing a wolf tattoo.

For example, the wolf is significant to many Native American tribes. Some believe the animal has healing qualities, while others associate it with power, strength, and spirituality. If you choose a tribal art type item, it will likely have low detail and strong black lines.

Tribal Dragon Tattoos

The dragon is revered in many cultures and is generally linked with knowledge, strength, and braveryDragon tattoos may be very appealing and can wrap around the body, including your hand.

Tribal art is done with black ink and no shading, giving it a unique appearance that frequently emphasises the basic shape of the chosen picture.

Ink your dragon and wear it with pride as it represents essential attributes to you.

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Tribal Sun Tattoos

The sun represents global light, guidance, direction, and life. 

A sun tattoo is frequently connected with new life and expansion. Furthermore, ancient peoples revered and dreaded it. 

For example, the Aztecs thought that blood sacrifices were required for the sun to continue rising.

Choosing a sun design is really significant, and there are many designs to choose from, such as basic and minimalist or more intricate. Your placement might also have an impact on your selection.

Tribal Turtle Tattoos

Polynesian is a well-known tribal design that includes a turtle. The turtle symbolises endurance, resourcefulness, and longevity. It’s also frequently connected with family. 

In addition to honouring your culture and feeling closer to your ancestors, the significance associated with your item may encourage you; it can serve as a reminder to live each day to the fullest. 

Body art placement is important for Polynesian tattoos, and you should consider it before deciding on a spot. Consequently, the inking is striking and beautiful, with a lot of significance.

Tribal Cross Tattoos

The cross is an internationally recognised symbol of religion that has long been used to express devotion. It has also been a popular image in the tribal art style, ideal for someone looking for a distinctive design that sticks out. 

The cross tattoo has a very masculine feel due to the use of strong black lines, and it is ideal for the man who wants to show the world what his values mean to him. 

When selecting a location, choose something you can see every day (well, we really recommend you to get it on your hand). You may remind yourself of the significance of your inking and the message behind it.

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Get The Tribal Ink On Your Hand!

Tribal tattoos on the hand are pretty normal nowadays. Simply observe on the subway, in a restaurant, or while grocery shopping, and you’ll see lots of people have it.

You don’t have to worry about being out of place because people no longer cast tattooed people out of place– aside from places with boomers.

Kidding aside, with Pearl Lemon Tattoos knowledge of the best tribal tattoo designs, we can guarantee that you will get the tattoo you’ve always wanted. 

Get the tribal ink that you deserve.

Start your tattoo process now by making an appointment with us today!