Feel That Culture Deep In Your Skin With Our Tribal Arm Tattoos for Men And Women

If you’ve seen a lot of tattoos, you’ve probably noticed that many of them feature black inked lines in the form of intricate designs. These tattoos, however, are not just any elaborate artwork; they are traditional tribal designs.


Tattoo enthusiasts frequently choose tribal designs, allowing them to express themselves creatively and demonstrate pride in their cultural background. About a third of the tattooed population has this view.

So if you’re someone that would like to get a tribal tattoo as well, then Pearl Lemon Tattoos has your back.


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Tribal Tattoo Design Ideas

As the stigma associated with tattoos continues to fade, there is no longer any restriction on what area of the body can be inked. Be it a big or small tattoo, if you want tattoos that symbolise something to you and look great on your body, a tribal tattoo is your best bet. 


Below are some design suggestions we can create or customise for you.

Aztec Tribal Tattoos

Aztec tattoos represent power, energy, and the mysteriousness. 


The Aztec tattoo will look great if you add different animals, like a butterfly, which stands for change, a dancing monkey, or a happy frog. It will show how you’ve changed into a healthier person. The best thing about these tattoos is that you can creatively blend various sentimental elements.

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Celtic Tribal Tattoos

The Celtic tribe is known for both its fierce warriors and its beautiful tattoos of buildings which may have contributed to why their tribe tattoos are still trendy to date and can be seen in many different tattoos with a modern twist.


These tattoos are made up of black symbols like knots, animals, circles, and symbols for warriors. Depending on how the tattoo is made, some tattoos use various colours.


Their tribe people see animals as some of the most powerful creatures on earth, so getting an animal tattoo means you are safe and brave. Nature, time, and organic energy are all shown in circles and trinities.

So, if you care about the environment and want to show how much you care, you should get a Celtic circle tattoo.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

Hawaii is well-known for more than just its scenic locations; the islands are also home to some of the world’s most intricate tribal tattoos. Most of these tattoos feature black inked geometric motifs featuring various aquatic species. These tattoos provide a vivid account of the history of the various tribal people, including the Tiki and Kakau.


Since most of these tribal tattoos feature turtles and other sea animals, many people acquire them to express their affection for the ocean. These tattoos symbolise the defence of one’s individuality and, for a male, his position, especially if he is a warrior. Therefore, a Hawaiian tribal tattoo is a way to go if you want to exhibit your inner warrior.

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Native American Tribe Tattoos

Tribal tattoos originated in the Native American tribe and are still widely practised today, particularly among descendants of original tribe members. The dreamcatcher tattoo is a famous symbol and piece of art among Native Americans. Although most tattoos include multicoloured ink, a traditional dreamcatcher design is also available in thick black ink.

Indian Tribal Tattoos

As a country, India is made up of numerous ethnic groups, or “tribes, and most of these groups saw tattooing as an essential way to proclaim their identities. 


Some people even went as far as to show their tribal affiliation through traditional emblems, ancient sculptures, various geometrical motifs, floral patterns, tigers, dragons, and a wide variety of other creatures tattooed, especially on their forearms. 


Images of many deities and sacred artefacts are tattoed on the bodies of modern Indians all across the body in just black ink. The gorgeous Indian tribal tattoos are hard to overlook because of the depth of meaning and historical symbolism they signify.

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Filipino Tribal Tattoos

Filipino tribal tattoos are pretty common, but only people who descend from the Filipino heritage get these tattoos inked on their bodies. 


These tattoos include different symbols with some aesthetic linear lines like sceneries that remind you of your original roots and to never forget from where you’ve come. Tribal tattoos with symbols like diamonds and eagles represent how sacred they are in the Filipino tribe.

Polynesian Tribal Tattoos

Polynesian cultures are widely credited as the original creators of tattooing. Since these people did not have access to written language, they turned to tattoos as a means of self-expression. Tikis, shark teeth, turtles, Enata (cloudy skies), spearheads, the water, and countless other important symbols can all be found in Polynesian tribal tattoos. The symbols are written in black ink and feature a variety of designs separated by blank areas.


When it comes to Polynesian tattoos, every detail matters. Shark teeth, for example, stand for power and direction. The waters symbolise transformation, while the spearheads symbolise the venom of various animals. Many of us can find meaning in these symbols from our past and present.

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Irish Tribal Tattoos

Although the motifs are similar and may be tiny, Irish tribal tattoos are darker and include more shading than Celtic tribal tattoos. Dragons, canines, circular rings, birds, and other patterns are commonplace in these tattoos. These extensive black-ink tattoos cover a large portion of your body.

The Irish believe that a tatted circle around their body represents the sum of their magical abilities. Traditional Irish tattoos allude to supernatural forces and the inevitable cycle of birth, life, and death.

African Tribal Tattoos

Some of Africa’s many renowned indigenous communities still practise their ancient traditions today. Most traditional African tattoos have significant meanings and backstories. African tribes worship many distinct Gods, and some of these tattoos depict them.

Full-body tattoos of African tribal sceneries represent the splendour and abundance of the continent and the people who wear them. The other African symbols all represent strength and power. The vibrant floral motif is also a well-known African tribal tattoo that represents a black African man’s health and beauty.

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Samoan Tribal Tattoos

Oceanic motifs, such as fish, shells, and waves, predominate among Samoan tattoos, which are very large and often cover a large portion of the body.


Traditional black ink is used for these tattoos; however, a high skill level is required because of the detail. If you want a tattoo honouring their culture, you should find a tattoo artist that has experience with tribal tattoos.


Peace, protection, and strength are common themes among Samoan tattoos. Getting this tattoo is an excellent method to be reminded of the essential things in life constantly.

Cherokee Tribal Tattoos

These Cherokee tattoos are ideal if you want a tribal tattoo that strongly represents an American Indian culture. A Native American skull adorned with feathers is a common design element in these tattoos. Unlike traditional tattoos, these tribal designs are full of vivid colour and sharp detail.


Tattoo enthusiasts use Cherokee designs to pay tribute to extinct communities. Furthermore, these tattoos represent a bond with the supernatural. So if you want to add some piety to your life, this is the perfect tattoo.

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Vikings Tribal Tattoos

Experience the culture of the Vikings, a people who have dominated the historical narrative. Although not widely seen, these tattoos are still worn by Norse descendants. Tattoos portraying a brave Viking in battle are standard in black and white and are considered an example of these tattoos. For example, the “Helm of Awe,” a powerful emblem from the Viking Age, appears in several tattoos. Most of these tattoos are in black ink because it adds a sense of drama.


Most of these tribal tattoos represent leadership, strength, and protection qualities. So if you’re worried about being harmed, this tattoo might give you peace of mind. Getting a tattoo with a Viking emblem like the “Helm of Awe” also represents safety and strength.

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Tribal tattoos are quite mesmerising, especially if it’s a tribal design with which you may have a current connection or affinity with. 

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