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As the tattooing profession continues to develop, different tattoo artists use and implement numerous ideas. These concepts extend beyond just techniques; to elevate tattooing to a new level, the artists have also taken advantage of technological advancements. One of the most noticeable innovations is UV ink tattoos, a brand-new ink that glows under UV illumination.


The main attraction of these glow-in-the-dark tattoos is that they are virtually or entirely invisible in the light, making them a top choice for people who like to keep their body art private. 


Using the chemical element phosphorus in ink is perhaps the only drawback for these UV tattoos. Before applying a UV reactive pigment to your skin, a test for an allergic reaction is done because phosphorus is also a component of pyrotechnics, toothpaste, explosives, and pesticides– making the services of a professional artist crucial.


Our tattooists at Pearl Lemon Tattoos are professionals and are trained to prepare a hygienic process that is entirely safe for you. They are excellent at selecting designs that enhance your personality and make you feel confident.


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Matching Crown Tattoo

Matching tattoos is one of the most well-liked concepts these days. With a spouse, friend, or member of their family, people frequently decide to get matching tattoo designs. For instance, a set of matching king and queen tattoos is ideal for couples. Alternatively, you can select two completely distinct crowns or duplicate matching tattoos. The tattoos will appear elegant, fashionable, and significant in either case.

Embroidery Tattoo

Embroidery looks fantastic when printed with ultraviolet ink, giving it a mystical, magical feel. If you wish, you can even combine embroidery and floral motifs to make the ideal combination. The pattern doesn’t have to be created by you, either. You might ask a friend or relative who is talented in design to doodle one for you. You might also just hand the job off to the experts, like our tattoo artists

Switch Tattoo

The goal of this tattoo is to add a little extra flair to an already fantastic tattoo. Some folks prefer to keep things simple. They don’t require much more than a primary power button on the hand or neck. Others go all out, like a giant snake with red UV-inked eyes or a Phoenix with glowing yellow wings illuminated by a black light.

Your tattoo idea can be a car that activates its headlights and indicators or a cat whose eyes appear to reflect as actual cat eyes. UV ink tattoo allows you to create various effects that can be seen in black light once you start getting creative. These designs will assist in communicating a more profound message.

Animal Tattoo

One can explore a variety of possibilities when getting an animal tattoo. You can also experiment with mythical creatures. For example, the tattoos will look much more stunning with the addition of dragons, phoenixes, and some centaurs, along with the UV effect. 

Cosmic Tattoo

You probably already know that UV colours and the colours used in space photography share a lot in common. Both have intense UV lighting that they both produce and have shades of blue, violet, and pink. If done carefully, a UV reactive ink of space looks fantastic. The UV colours exquisitely highlight the majesty of the universe. Your back or stomach are the finest places for a tattoo like this to appear. Given the size required for a scene from space, the artist gains leverage and carefully depicts every last detail.

Snowflake Tattoo

Snowflakes are renowned for their exquisite, singular, and precisely geometrical designs. A straightforward snowflake tattoo would be relatively uninteresting if you think about it. Because of this, fans have combined the design with UV, giving it a far more appealing appearance. 


If one snowflake isn’t enough for you, plenty more are available. But remember that a skilled and knowledgeable tattoo artist like ours is required to create such a complicated design.

Pro tattoo artist creating a full sleeve and small child-themed tattoo for a woman
Female Tattoo Artist Prepares Tattoo Machine for Making a Tattoo on a Men’s Arm

Clown Tattoo

While many people might classify clowns as belonging to the horror subgenre, clown tattoos are unquestionably in a different league. Clowns no longer enjoy the same level of happiness and delight that they formerly did.

Clowns are nonetheless aesthetically appealing, despite their declining popularity. The trend of getting frightening clown tattoos is growing. UV has been used to make these clowns appear even crazier. These clown tattoos are perfect if you want to frighten people with body art.

X-Ray Tattoo

People who dislike tattoos with basic needlework or flowery patterns can choose this idea. This “X-Ray Style” makes the most of UV ink to the fullest extent. The artist begins by creating a skeletal pattern with joints and bones. Additionally, you can request that they include some muscle forms. The tattoo artist positions them directly above any potential genuine bones and joints.

It would make it appear like an X-Ray was being performed on your body when exposed to blacklight. People frequently alter this idea to give off a more cyberpunk vibe by swapping out the joints of the bones for electrical circuits and circuit board forms. If you like this thing, you can also go with it.

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This year’s newest trend is tattoos that glow under UV light or in the dark. They seem distinctive and are purchased frequently by people to impress their acquaintances. To enhance its impact, you may want to consider a few criteria, such as the design, placement, and style. 


Pearl Lemon Tattoo is a team of highly-trained professional artists with a wide range of design specialities. With years of experience, you can be sure to leave with a tattoo you adore!


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