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Piercing can be done on any body part, but it’s essential to consider your anatomy before getting one. Everybody has a different physique; thus, piercings heavily depend on the particular shape of your body part, like your ears, etc.

You can also select the jewellery with the best probability of healing your piercing and the placement that best suits your physique. Before deciding to proceed with a piercing, we advise that you speak with a qualified body piercer about any questions you may have regarding the placement of the piercing.

Regarding tattoos, they are fascinating and have taken on a life of their own. According to estimates, one in three young adults and one in five people in the UK have tattoos. Both piercings and tattoos demand dedication that only professionals have. 

We at Pearl Lemon Tattoos offer a wide range of custom-made tattoo designs and body piercings for every purpose.

We charge for tattoos and piercings on a personalised basis because every tattoo and piercing is distinct, and every person’s skin is unique.

If you have a specific tattoo request, let us know about it. 

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Types Of Piercings

There are countless varieties of body piercings, ranging from the common to the difficult-to-heal and outright uncommon. Let us get into the different types:

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Ear Piercing

Among the most popular body piercings to select from are numerous ear piercings. Most ear piercings recover fast, and the immune system is not overworked while healing.


It’s crucial to be sure your anatomy can support the ear piercing or jewellery you want. It is particularly true of industrial piercings and ear cartilage piercings. 


Never get a piercing you are unsure about. Always seek the advice of a qualified body piercer like ours if your ear piercing becomes extremely unpleasant, sore, or does not heal within the anticipated period.

Face Piercing

There are numerous varieties of popular facial piercings. Due to the normal blood flow that your face experiences, most facial piercings recover quickly. 


However, they can leave scars if not correctly cared for. Therefore we advise choosing a professional body piercer like ours who can work with you to have the best placement and healthiest healing process. 


We advise purchasing piercing retainers if you need to cover your facial piercings at work or school. You can obtain the piercings you want and conceal them as needed by using piercing retainers to make the majority of facial piercings look practically unnoticeable.

Monroe Piercing

The name “Monroe piercing” comes from Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark on her left cheek. Unlike the Madonna piercing on the right side, the Monroe piercing is located above the upper lip on the left side. It is one of the most well-liked categories of piercings and is typically regarded as charming, lively, and sensual.


The finest jewellery for the Monroe piercing is a pair of labret studs, but other options include captive bead rings, horseshoe barbells, and horseshoe earrings.


This kind of piercing can occasionally be unpleasant because the inner lip area has a lot of nerve endings. Even though it is done rapidly, the puncture only hurts for a few seconds.


It would take six weeks to three months for the Monroe piercing to fully heal, during which time you would need to take proper care of the piercing.

Lip Piercing

Tattoo and Piercing Studio Addiscombe: Where Art Meets Expression

We advise you to look at these simple tattoo concepts before you wind up with a reckless design on your body. Remember that you will have this tattoo for at least a few years. Therefore, it is worthwhile to thoroughly consider the sketch before inking it onto your body.

Tattoo on hand of Flying Bird and A Cage

Flying Birds From A Cage

Do you support independence and freedom? 

Then use this tattoo to symbolise your inner ideas. An escape from physical or mental slavery can be symbolised by a bird flying out of a cage. The open cell represents that you’ve finally found your way out, whether from a poor relationship, work, or even depression!

Floral Design 

The most beautiful tattoo designs are flowers! They have a lovely appearance and almost always make an impression! Our focus is immediately drawn to this delicate flower pattern. 

With a little bud, the blossoming flower stands for youth, love, hope, and beauty. The pair can also stand for the philosophical meaning of life and death. The sketch gains a frail appearance by adding an inking that resembles watercolours.

Thai Tattoo Design

These straightforward tattoo designs stand out from others since they combine traditional elements with far more contemporary ones. These Thai-style tattoos look good, just like Sanskrit shlokas do. They are worn on the wrist, shoulder, and neck because they provide a conventional appearance with a message.


Name With A Sapling

This fragile seedling grows into a strong tree over time! It stands for youth, prosperity, hope, and longevity. It is painted vertically to represent a progression in your life. It is a fantastic metaphor for starting a new path in your job or relationship. Add a name or purpose to make it more personalised!

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All of the artists at Pearl Lemon Tattoos have years of expertise. We work hard at what we do and have spent a lot of time bringing people’s aspirations to life on their skin. We offer some of the most distinctive tattoos in London and have a wide range of jewellery to suit your piercing requirements.


We recognise that the body art choices you make a call for a blend of exceptional craftsmanship, professionalism, and a hygienic atmosphere. In the opinion of our talented tattoo and piercing artists, high-calibre work speaks for itself. You adore your body art, and that others know our reputation for excellent piercing and tattoo expertise.


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