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Tattoo artist makes a tattoo on a man's hand.

Men nowadays are getting more decisive and well-oriented with what they want, which is, by the way, such a good improvement from the caging idea of masculinity from traditional times.


This change is highly associated with men who want custom tattoo designs.


More and more men are requesting a more personalised feel on the black ink they are getting. And that’s okay! That’s amazing, and we support that.


But how can we say that men are getting more custom tattoo designs nowadays?

Well, that’s because our talented tattoo artists have received multiple requests by now. Most of them are men who want a custom tattoo design that an animal inspires.

And that’s no surprise, knowing that one of the most well-liked custom tattoo design topics is animals. 

Every animal symbolises a specific emotion, feeling, or capability, making them a favourite among men who get tattoos. Animal tattoos are not only popular today, but they have also historically been a famous design on the body of tribal people.

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How to Prepare for a Tattoo

Before, the primary goal of including animal designs in tattoos was for tattoo artists to develop their personalities or express their inner selves. But now, men get them to express their beliefs and desires. 


For example, people believe that getting a small tattoo of a lion will make them appear to be a lion- strong, independent, a king of the jungle. Some would like to have a wolf tattoo on them to appear like the leader of the pack or an eagle that soars high above the clouds.


Well, no matter which one our clients desire, we are willing to make a custom tattoo design for them.

Here at Pearl Lemon Tattoos, you will find a selection of stunning and inspiring animal tattoo designs you will love. 


From these designs, you can get inspiration for yours or perhaps tell us what you want, and we will lay it out for you. Sounds good, right?


So if you want the same awesome tattoo experience our clients had- book an appointment today.

Tattoo artist makes a tattoo

As mentioned, men frequently request a more personalised feel on their tattoos. And most of them request for the incorporation of animals in their tat.

Let's look at some of the best designs out there:

Wolf Tattoo Design on neck

Wolf Tattoo Design

Because of its intimidating appearance, guys frequently get wolf tattoos. Wolf tattoo ideas frequently represent family, loyalty, and protection because wolves are pack animals that rely on one another for survival. People occasionally tattoo wolves to represent freedom and nature because of their aggressive character as wild animals.

Horse Tattoo Design

A horse is the epitome of both majesty and beauty. A tattoo idea featuring this animated animal is always a great idea, whether a galloping royal stallion or a straightforward carnival horse. 


You can achieve a more elegant appearance by omitting the entire figure and concentrating only on the head.

Horse Tattoo on arm
Dragon Tattoo on hand

Dragon Tattoo Design

Dragon tattoo art is just as common among men as any other animal, even though they are mythical. Dragons have played a significant symbolic role in various nations and customs for decades and millennia. 


The dragon is frequently regarded positively in Eastern cultures as a representation of strength, wisdom, and secret knowledge. 


Generally, most cultures relate the dragon to knowledge, honour, power, and chaos.

Lion Tattoo Design

The lion, renowned as the ruler of the jungle, is regarded as a dangerous apex predator. 


In addition to being a strong animal, it also serves as a potent metaphor for ideas like majesty, power, bravery, righteousness, and might. 


Hinduism, Buddhism, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greece all place a strong emphasis on the lion. It represents qualities like intuition, self-assurance, ferocity, territoriality, leadership, ambition, compassion, and commitment.

najib kalil sDXjyJqT Yo unsplash scaled
Koi Tattoo Design on arm

Koi Tattoo Design

A type of carp called koi, which resembles goldfish, is common in China, Japan, and Korea. The koi tattoos include vividly coloured fish in various shades of gold, red, blue, black, and white encircled by a Japanese-style wave or other body of water.


Koi fish are frequently used as forearm tattoo symbols because they are traditionally thought to bring good fortune. Because their name sounds similar to the Japanese “adoration” term, they are regarded as signs of affection and companionship


If a koi is caught, it is believed to lie on the chopping board without moving, much like a samurai warrior facing a sword.

Cat Tattoo Design

The cat tattoo most frequently stands for grace, calm intelligence, quiet luck, and life after physical death. 


Of course, there are numerous variations on cat tattoos, and each alters the artwork’s more profound significance. A cat tattoo may just be a way for some people to express their affection for a lost pet. 


Many people with cat tattoos have a passion for all things exotic and daring and may reject authority or feel the need for a spiritual connection.

Stretching Cat Tattoo Design on arm
Artist making Phoenix Tattoo on arm

Phoenix Tattoo Design

Another mythical creature that has significant cultural significance is the phoenix. 


The phoenix is a mythical bird that, tradition has it, burns at the end of its life but can be revived from its ashes. 


The phoenix tattoo design represents strength, hope, rebirth, renewal, eternity, and second chances. 


Many men love this tattoo, especially if they have had a challenging life, have made mistakes, and are utilising a second shot at a better life.

Japanese Tiger Tattoo Design

According to Japanese art, the tiger represents the pinnacle of power, bravery, quality, unmatched, and greatness. 


The wild world champion consistently fights off sinister forces. This creature commands high esteem and plays a particularly significant role in Asian societies. They are equivalent to and represent the earth in Chinese culture. 


Guys are drawn to tiger tattoos for their power, manliness, and quality. Some people even get it all over their back. The most popular body art for these cool tattoos is the arms, legs, scruffs, midsection, and tummies.

Artist making Tiger tattoo on arm
Black Panther Tattoo

Panther Tattoo Design

Among the deadliest animals, the puma, or panther, stands out. This beast has a unique fighting system linked to its combative method. You can find a beautiful tattoo that is tastefully designed. 


This tattoo style is meant to look amazing on the skin, convey a specific message to the broader public, and have some traditional importance.

Bat Tattoo Design

A tattoo emphasising a bat may differ slightly from people’s standard tattoo designs. These designs are becoming incredibly popular among men to a certain extent due to their incredibly unique cachet. 


The general public chooses the bat tattoo because they value the attributes of the bat, like other tattoos inspired by animals of nature.

Bat Tattoo on arm
Raven perched-on-branch-tattoo-on-forearms-for-guys

Raven Tattoo Design

One of the most popular and unique tattoo designs right now is the raven. Tattoos of this enormous black passerine bird are popular among men who enjoy secrets and wish to leave others in suspense about their personalities.

Owl Tattoo Design

For males who thirst for knowledge or for guys who are “night owls” and feel most alert when the rest of us are sleeping, owl tattoos are the ideal choice. They are the intelligent and nocturnal guardians of the forest.

Owl tattoo design
Professional tattoo artist

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Men have long used tattoos as a form of self-expression, and this trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Its popularity, demand, and acceptability are all rising. 


We, Pearl Lemon Tattoos, help you with tattoo ideas for what you may use to express yourself. Whether you are a full-body tattooed expert seeking inspiration for your thirty-first tattoo or a beginner to the game anxious about getting a new tattoo, we can assist you.


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