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72% of adults with tattoos have ones usually covered up by clothes. And what better place to have it on than the back? One of the most popular tattoo locations, the back is perfect for elaborate designs that need breathing room. Since the back is a huge, flat surface, tattoo artists often employ it for striking, eye-catching designs that make a statement. 


In addition, your backpiece tattoo art can be anything from a little and simple sketch to a massive and complicated design to a magnificent image or collage that covers your entire back.


Pearl Lemon Tattoo knows how difficult it can be to choose the perfect design for you, so we’ve decided to list some of the most popular ideas for full back tattoos among men.

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Full Back Tattoos For Men Ideas

These tattoo designs for lower backs, upper backs, and the entire back will inspire you to create a design all your own! Here are some popular tattoo designs.

Professional tattoo artist stuffs a tattoo on the man's hand. Rose Sleeve Tattoo For Women

Tribal Back Tattoo

If you’re of the right background, a tribal tattoo on your back is a terrific way to express your cultural identity. An animal or nature motif is often incorporated into ” inspired designs,” along with other creative aspects such as strong, big, pointed, and dark forms and lines. Tribal tattoo style is relatively hard to create, so make sure to get an experienced tattoo artist.

Japanese Back Tattoo

Men who appreciate Japanese culture frequently want Japanese tattoos because of their originality and rarity. One example is Irezumi, a style of Japanese tattooing. This artwork is very stylized, with distinguishing design features such as commonplace subjects, colours, and shapes.

Dragon Back Tattoo

Ink depicting dragons is very common among men. Whether or not you’ve seen the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” everyone can agree that these legendary animals are fantastic and that they look even cooler when rendered as tattoos. 

Dragon tattoos are intricate and can be a testament to your perseverance and the skill of your tattoo artist for numerous long sessions. The dragon is a ferocious and adaptable creature with connotations of being a formidable foe because of its scaly and fiery appearance.

Skull Back Tattoo

As far as tattoos go, a full-back skull tattoo is one of the more attractive options. This artwork is badass. It might refer to a fascination with the macabre, an acceptance of one’s own mortality, or a love of all things squirmy. Skull tattoos can also take the form of animal skulls or bones, western-style designs, or sugar skulls from Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

Lower Back Tattoo

While lower back tattoos are more commonly associated with women, the right design can make a man look rugged and stylish. Getting a tattoo on your lower back is a permanent decision that should not be made lightly.

Wolf Back Tattoo

A wolf tattoo is another strong piece of art that looks well on the back. With more room to work, your tattoo artist can be as precise and elaborate as you’d like, bringing to life the animal’s fierceness, devotion, and bravery. Whether you choose to depict a single wolf or an entire group, this strong and macho tattoo is perfect.

Spine Back Tattoos

A spine back tattoo is one of the most excruciating tattoos you can have, but it’s also one of the most impressive. Tattoos of geometric patterns, letters, numbers, and names are commonplace on men’s backs. The end effect is usually a stunning and remarkable layout that is impossible to ignore. Spine tattoos for guys are among the most popular choices for those who want to project an image of strength and confidence.

Pro tattoo artist creating a full sleeve and small child-themed tattoo for a woman
Female Tattoo Artist Prepares Tattoo Machine for Making a Tattoo on a Men’s Arm

Phoenix Back Tattoo

When it comes to tattoos, the phoenix on the back is one of the most symbolic and potent symbols you can choose. Since the phoenix represents a bird that can rise from its own ashes, having been destroyed by fire, it symbolizes rebirth and a chance at a new beginning. Many males can identify with this narrative’s themes of loss, change, and rebirth. 


Most men have been through tough times and made some poor choices, but they have learned from their mistakes and moved on. Phoenix tattoos can indeed serve as inspiration. Fire, force, and strength are depicted alongside bright red and yellow to make a striking work of art.

Geometric Back Tattoo

Large-scale geometric tattoos on the back are increasingly popular among men due to their aesthetic appeal and logical structure. Complexity is emphasized by using patterns, lines, and shapes in this form of body art. As an additional perk, almost any classic pattern can be reinterpreted geometrically. They look great in the rear and come in any size you want.v

Nature Back Tattoo

You can feel closer to nature after using these patterns. The best artwork often takes inspiration from the natural world and its many forms, so don’t be afraid to focus on plants, animals, and anything else you find there. As an alternative to the traditional rose tattoo, nature lovers can also show their gratitude by having tattoos of birds, flowers, or other botanical illustrations. Make these items stand out by using bold colours or black ink. Anything you select to be highlighted will instantly become a physical feature of our planet. Flower tattoos are trendy, even for men.

Lion Back Tattoo

The lion is a powerful force in the animal kingdom; lions are renowned for their strength, courage, pride, and majesty, making the back an ideal location for a tattoo that depicts these characteristics. Such a dominant creature calls for an extensive background to do it justice. This style of statement ink is equally striking and fierce, making it a good choice for men who appreciate these enormous animals and wish to incorporate their empowering spirit into their lives.

Religious Symbol Tattoo

The holy cross is a popular choice for tattoo designs among Christians. It stands for the heart of the religion, which is the death of Jesus Christ for the sake of humanity. A cross tattoo can have new meanings when paired with various symbols and artistic styles. It is also spiritual and powerful. Jesus’ face, cross-shaped wings, cross-shaped flowers, etc., are all acceptable. It’s entirely up to you if you want to be creative.

Back Tattoos for Guys

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