Get That New Charm & Appeal When You Re-Ink With Chest Tattoo Cover Ups

Tattoos on the chest are incredibly popular in today’s culture. When choosing your piece, it is a good idea to consider whether or not the design contains any meaning because you know that this piece will always be close to your heart.

Aside from that, a stunning chest tattoo can complement your look by drawing attention to your chest, abdomen, and shoulders.

Getting a chest tattoo requires careful consideration since the design and execution could take years or just one session for those with high pain tolerance. Think long and hard about whether you’re ready to live with that tattoo design on your chest forever.

Medusa Tattoo
Process of makining new tattoo at tattooing salon

However, if there comes a time when you no longer find your chest tattoo beautiful, you can get a chest tattoo cover-up through a professional tattoo parlour

Pearl Lemon Tattoos chest cover-ups are all the rage, and they come in every imaginable style, from simple to elaborate

Client-specific requests are taken into account when creating innovative designs– meaning we can customise too!

If you’re sick of that boring chest tattoo design, get a cover-up at Pearl Lemon Tattoos now.

Chest Tattoo Cover Up In A Nutshell

Because they are so easily concealed, chest tattoos are exempt from most companies’ policies prohibiting visible tattoos. It is a more versatile body art because it can be displayed or covered up proudly whenever.

However, if you no longer find your chest tattoo appealing, you can opt for tattoo removal options. But, not everyone is a good fit for tattoo removal procedures like laser tattoo removal. 

Do not panic if you are not yet prepared to undergo such procedures. The chest tattoo you regret can be covered up with another tattoo you like much better. 

A chest tattoo cover up could be the perfect answer if you want a new striking appearance for your current black ink.

Chest Tattoo Cover up
Chest Tattoo Cover Up

Get Chest Tattoo Cover Up Instead of Tattoo Removal

The quality of the ink and the choice of colours play a role in how easily a tattoo can be removed using the various techniques available. 

Ink can be removed in several ways, but dermabrasion and laser tattoo removal are two of the most popular. For dermabrasion, either the skin is scraped, or a rotary abrasive instrument is used to scrape away the outermost layers of skin. 

Laser tattoo removal is more common and potentially more convenient than other methods. This procedure involves tattoo ink being dispersed by a laser during removal. 

During the process, the wavelength is adjusted to match the ink colour. The laser can focus on removing the tattoo without damaging the surrounding skin. 

In most cases, laser tattoo removal calls for a series of sessions spread out with healing intervals. In comparison to having a tattoo itself, laser tattoo removal is a painless, effective, and safe option.

However, there are risks involved with using a laser to remove tattoos. So, if you’re someone conservative, this might not work for you.

In contrast, a chest tattoo cover up is the best solution if you still like getting tattoos and are not restricted from showing them. By using darker colours, you can ensure that the old tattoo is adequately covered, and you can salvage an old tattoo.

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The Best Chest Tattoo Cover Up Designs For You

Tattoos on the chest, especially around the heart, are common for people to declare their eternal devotion to another person.  

However, if things ever turn sour, the remnants of the relationship will serve just as a bitter reminder of the past. Fortunately, these days you can have a cover-up tattoo to hide your loos or unfortunate experience. 

But we’re not saying that only people who want to forget something can get a cover up tattoo. People who also just wish to change their tattoo art can have them too!

Here are some of the most effective tattoo cover-up designs for the chest.

skull and rose leg tattoo


Skull tattoos have a negative connotation because of their association with death, yet they can be rendered in various artistic styles and degrees of individual expression. Skulls come in a wide range of styles, representing a wide range of species.


Add a modern look to your chest with a geometric chest tattoo. Whether a simple shape or a complex animal, this tattoo design option will never go out of style. You can cover your entire body with a geometric tattoo, or you can choose to highlight just one area. No matter what you pick, it will be something you cherish forever.


Tattoos of owls are commonly associated with knowledge and intelligence, making them an excellent choice for students or fresh graduates. 

These birds are nocturnal since that’s when they can best use their fascinating night vision. Therefore, they stand for the resilience to triumph against despair. It’s possible that spotting an owl may serve as a reassuring omen that helps you make it through a challenging time.


rose tattoo can represent a variety of meanings, including beauty and love. Along with other symbols, it offers a potent portrayal of sentiment and significance. You may add some life to the magnificent art by giving it a final coat of a vibrant colour like red or pink.

Owl tattoo design
Artist making Phoenix Tattoo on arm


Wolf tattoos represent the wolf’s genuine spiritual nature, power, loyalty, and strength. They can also represent luck, love, family, and dedication. These meanings may be conveyed with only one tattoo—a simple yet complex and powerful tribal wolf.


Many see the eagle as a sign of independence because of its ability to soar across the skies. A person’s need to feel protected and at ease on their journeys through life might be symbolised with a tattoo of an eagle. The eagle is a symbol of victory and freedom for many nations.


Wings, in whatever form they take, are often interpreted as a metaphor for the power to break free from constraint. Having wings as a tattoo is a great way to show the world that you are free and independent, which is one of the wings’ most common tattoo meanings.


One of the main draws of 3D chest tattoos for guys is the illusion of depth they create, making the design seem like it’s being inked onto the skin. 

It’s also one of the trickiest techniques to master. Therefore the money and effort required to get your body art done the right way are costly.

With a master tattoo artist, you can achieve an iconic 3D chest tattoo cover-up. Pearl Lemon Tattoos has artists who specialise in 3D tattooing. They are deemed to be the best 3D tattooists in London.

For a design consultation and a new cover up tattoo today, visit Pearl Lemon Tattoos.

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Why Pearl Lemon Tattoos?

Cover up tattoos are always a good choice if you want to get a new tattoo over an existing one. It’s just like having a new tattoo inked on you. Although the next design must consider the older tattoo, if you have an excellent tattoo artist, even the most complicated design match will be as easy as one, two, and three.

Pearl Lemon Tattoos is a friendly tattoo shop that is always progressing, and it is known for cultivating an inspirational atmosphere for tattoo artists and customers. 

We start with the greatest safety requirements and work hard to make our location exciting and welcoming. Aside from that, our studio only hires qualified professionals who have acquired proper licensing to work as tattoo artists. 

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