Time To Change The Black Ink On Your Hands With Our Hand Tattoo Cover Up Designs

Hands and fingers are two of the most popular tattoo placements

Nevertheless, ink on the hands never goes unnoticed. The tattoo art on the hand, whether large or small, simple or complex, can be both an interesting and unwanted tattoo (for those who find tattoos offensive).

There are various motivations for getting one. Some people choose to memorialise special events or people in their lives by getting tattoos on their hands. For some, it would remain a cherished memory; for others, it would be a root of regret in the years to come. It’s likely that their relationship with that one special person has soured or that the memory isn’t as intense as it once was.

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Whatever the case, if you no longer like your hand tattoo, you are free to get another one done to cover the existing one. Besides, it’s not healthy to dwell on painful memories. There’s some emotional baggage you’ll need to leave behind as you cover up that tattoo on your hand.

If you have a tattoo that you don’t like, Pearl Lemon Tattoos will help you figure out a cover-up tattoo design that will conceal your existing tattoo and replace it with something even more fascinating.

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About Hand Tattoo Cover Ups

Ink sticks badly on hand skin. Because the skin on your fingers is constantly active and used, maintaining a finger tattoo cover up is significantly more complex than taking care of tattoos on other body parts. 

There is a greater likelihood of fading and blurring since the area is so thin and the skin is constantly moving and stretching. As a result, the aesthetic of the tattoo cover up design will degrade over time. Although some may choose to salvage the original design, a cover-up tattoo on the finger could be the most effective approach to enhance the existing one.

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Hand Tattoos in Different Cultures

Hand tattoos hold different meanings in different contexts. Among the many communities that honour the hand tattoo and other unconventional body art are the following:

Arabic Culture

Henna tattoos are an age-old form of Arabic female self-adornment that many Islamic and Arabic communities have used for ages.

Prison Culture

Prison tattoos are a common way for inmates to show their allegiance to a particular gang or clique while jailed, and inked hands and wrists are common locations for these tattoos.

Angel Tattoo

Natives of New Zealand, Australia, and Polynesia

Facial and hand tattoos are used by the indigenous people of New Zealand, Australia, and Polynesia to indicate social status and familial or tribal affiliation.

Irish and Japanese Culture

When getting an arm sleeve tattoo, the Irish and the Japanese tend to let the design flow naturally to the hands, which are the extremities of the body and thus perfect places to showcase the tattoo’s most potent or significant symbols.

Get Inspired By These Hand Tattoo Cover Up Designs

For your hand tattoo cover-up, here’s a wide variety of designs available, from simple and exquisite to bold and meaningful. Our striking selection includes several options that might work well as a cover-up for a tattoo on your hand.

Traditional Japanese Tattoo

If you’re interested in Japanese culture, why not get a tattoo design that reflects that? Japanese tattoo designs have been around for quite some time and hold significant meaning. 

The ink on some people’s hands features bold colours, sharp lines, and distinct patterns that stand out in a crowd. The history, meaning, and lasting relevance of such cultural icons as the Samurai, the serpent, the wave, and the Hannya are all excellent embodiments of the culture they represent.


Dragon Tattoo

This legendary beast is revered across cultures for its enduring symbolism of power and knowledge.  A dragon tattoo is a beautiful piece of body art, and your hand is perfect for displaying your tenacity.

Butterfly Tattoo

Because of the meanings it represents – freedom, beauty, and transformation – a butterfly tattoo would be a stunning art for your hand. It’s a chance to create something spectacular on your skin, whether with vibrant colours, basic hand tattoos, or both. Put your artistic skills to use and collaborate with a professional to produce a piece you’ll be proud to show off.

Heart Tattoo

A heart tattoo art is a symbol of everlasting love and courage. The heart is a universal sign of affection and friendship, making it a great choice for new tattoo ideas. The wearer has complete creative freedom in its design, and meaning can be interpreted in various ways.

Geometric and Dotwork Tattoo

Geometric designs and dotwork are two of the most popular choices for modern tattoos. They both make and inspire stunning tattoos on their own, but when combined, they may create works of art. Regardless of the location, a geometric dotwork tattoo idea stands out. However, if you want to make a bold statement, hand tattoo art is the way to go.

Minimalist Tattoo For Anxiety
Closeup of a upper thigh tattoo of a woman

Wolf Tattoo

An authentic-looking wolf tattoo can be created using simple black and white ink. The lines are fantastic, and it captures the wolf within of you. The tattoo can be black and white, but the eyes might be coloured to make the design stand out.

Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoos are popular because they look good and have deep symbolic significance. The flower’s flexibility and the positive associations with love, beauty, and new beginnings have made it a top pick. 

With rose tattoos, there are a wide variety of styles and methods to explore, and the meaning of your ink could vary depending on the style you settle on.  You can opt to let the blossoms of this flower tattoo remain in the centre as the thorns encircle your fingers or let the plant as a whole encircle your hand and ascend your forearm.

Lion Tattoo

Lions are a favourite among those wanting tattoos. Tattoos of lions are commonly associated with strength and power, although the meaning they convey can vary greatly depending on the artist’s choice of design and placement on the body. A tattoo of a roaring lion is a sure way to convey your strength and confidence.

Skull Tattoo

Tattoos of skulls can be as realistic or fantastical as the wearer chooses. Depending on the particular skull design, tattoos of skulls can signify a wide variety of meanings, not limited to those associated with death and destruction.


Compass Tattoo

Like fishermen, sailors, and marine officers, those who work on or near the water have traditionally appreciated the compass tattoo. Some individuals think that having a nautical compass tattoo can help them find their way back. Still, everyone can agree that tattoos are a badass way to express one’s individuality.

If you’re tired of the old ink on your hand, it’s time to get cover up tattoos that will give your skin a better look. Talk to our experts about more designs that match your skin tone and persona.

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Getting a Hand Tattoo Cover Up

Getting a tattoo on your hand is a big deal, and getting a cover-up tattoo on your hand is even more of a commitment because it may be even bigger than the original. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you give careful consideration when it comes to getting your hands inked.


Although tattoos have become increasingly common, some companies take a traditional perspective of body art, particularly when it comes to hand tattoos. Think about the message you want to send with your hand tattoo; if you work in the more conservative professional sector, a small tattoo that can be readily covered up is probably a safer bet.

Covering Tattoo
What Tattoo Should I Get

Meanings of Tattoos

It’s essential to bring this up since people often associate those with gang affiliations or criminal records with those who sport hand tattoos.  Carefully consider the message you want to convey with your design and whether or not it might offend or alienate other people by giving the impression that you support a particular political, religious, or other group.

Tattoo Artist

Many tattoo artists just won’t put ink on their hands or feet since there are instances in which the ink doesn’t last, and the artists don’t want their names to be connected with a lousy tattoo. 

Pearl Lemon Tattoos is always ready to cater appointments. Various tattoo cover-up designs for the hand are possible, and our artists can handle them all. 

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Hand Tattoo Cover Up Aftercare

Once the tattoo’s first dressing has been removed, you should protect the ink by wearing latex or polyurethane gloves for the next week. Always use unscented soap to wash your hands, and change your gloves often.

When your tattoo has fully healed, switch to fragrance-free, mild face soap instead of regular hand soap at home. Furthermore, tattoos that have been moisturised using hand sanitiser tend to retain their lovely appearance for longer.

For more aftercare tips, contact Pearl Lemon Tattoos.

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