The Easiest Way to Conceal That Old Tattoo Is Through a Black Tattoo Cover Up

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If you have an obviously offensive tattoo on your hand, you may be thinking about how to hide it or whether laser removal treatment is the best option.

But there’s a more efficient method to remove that undesirable tattoo. 

In contrast to laser tattoo removal, tattoo cover ups do not result in an unsightly scar. Plus, the cost of a cover-up tattoo is typically much cheaper than the cost of laser removal.

When covering a new layer of tattoo ink over an existing one, remember that you are not covering the old ink but rather adding colour to it.

While it may appear that the new ink has completely covered the old one at first, the old tattoo will start to show through within a few weeks as the new ink begins to set.


This is why many people opt for bold, dark designs to conceal their tattoos. It is possible to cover over most tattoos with the correct inks, and black is the most flexible colour for doing so.


Black tattoo cover-ups are a speciality at Pearl Lemon Tattoos. With us, there is a wide selection of striking and unique patterns to choose from.


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Tattoo Cover up

Going for Black Ink to Cover Your Tattoos

Medusa Tattoo

It may take several months and multiple sessions to cover up a tattoo completely. The rule of thumb in tattoo cover-ups is that no new, lighter tattoo design could ever hide an old one.


Your tattoo artist may even use white ink to neutralise the colour of an existing tattoo before adding new ink. If you want to hide a tattoo completely, you’ll need to use a deeper shade of ink. 


You can’t go wrong with some black ink if you want a cover up and be proud to show it off.

Applying a layer of black ink over a coloured picture tattoo greatly reduces the chance of the original tattoo showing through. This is a major factor when choosing a cover-up ink colour. 


Use black ink if you don’t want to waste your time and money trying to hide a tattoo you already want to forget and having it show through anyway.


It may be beneficial to use a fresh design with a lot of linework to visually separate the new tattoo from the old one. It’s best not to put your heart into a certain cover-up style when shopping for one.

Artist making a Tattoo
Close up of the tattoo machine. Tattooing.

In general, colour ink fades more quickly than black ink. Since tattoos last a lifetime, it’s probably best to go with a classic like black ink. 


Also, black ink requires much less shading than coloured ink. Therefore, it will be less unpleasant to have a black tattoo with black linework and shading than a coloured one.


Most of the time, you and your artist must experiment to find a tattoo design that will conceal your current ink. Always remember that concealing tattoos properly takes more time than acquiring a new one.

Modern Black Tattoo Cover Up Designs For You

The most common and easiest way of covering up an existing tattoo is to get a new one that is big, bold, and black. Find some tattoo cover-up ideas among these black designs.

Blackout Tattoos

A blackout tattoo is for the true tattoo enthusiast. Black tattoos take a lot of work and money.


Getting a blackout tattoo design on your body is one of today’s newest and most trendy tattoo styles. A spot of completely black ink is often used to hide imperfections like scars, blemishes, or a previous tattoo that the wearer no longer likes. 


You can get a blackout tattoo as a full arm sleeve, an upper arm, or a forearm tattoo.


Moreover, it can be used as an alternative to laser tattoo removal on large areas. Blackwork is a technique that gives previously inked areas a bold new meaning. The blacking out of a tattoo symbolises the wearer’s commitment to change.

Black Tattoo cover up on arm
Black Panther Tattoo

Black Animal Patterns

A classic animal tattoo design is always a safe bet. There isn’t a single animal that doesn’t serve as a symbol of our intrinsic relationship to the natural environment.


As a result, it’s no surprise that tattoos of animals continue to be a popular choice for people from all walks of life. There are quite a few to select from, such as tigers, lions, butterflies, and birds. Each of the following has its significance.

Silhouette Tattoo

Silhouette tattoos are the way to go if you’re a modern ink enthusiast with an eye for refined elegance. These shadowy drawings are both modern and classic in their appeal. 


Choose a subject that can be recognised just by its silhouette if you want to make the most of silhouette ink. As such, animals will never go out of style. A flower tattoo silhouette, like rose tattoos, is a good idea too. The naked human figure is another great choice since it promotes body positivity and allows viewers to appreciate the human form.

Silhouette tattoo cover up
shoulder blackgrey wings tattoo, Small Tattoo, bird sleeve tattoo for men

Black Wings

A pair of wings, in whatever form they take, is often interpreted as a symbol of the wearer’s capacity to break free from whatever is holding them back in life. This is a common reason for getting a tattoo, and a wing design represents the sentiment behind it.

Tribal Tattoos

Tattoo ideas inspired by tribes are popular black tattoo cover-up designs. They are a symbol of the shared artistic history of many cultures.


In the past, this practice was used to mark tribal members with symbols for healing or protection or to highlight their social, political, or religious position. Sometimes, it was used to express individuality, as in the case of people who got tattoos of spirit animals.


Tribal tattoo art has evolved dramatically over the years. Now, most individuals acquire them as a form of artistic self-expression, making them a top choice for those seeking a black tattoo cover-up.

Black tribal tattoo cover up on chest, neck and arm

Our designs don’t stop at these. You can always ask your assigned tattoo artist for more tattoo ideas that can inspire your new cover up tattoo. All you have to do is ask for them at the tattoo studio or right HERE.

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Choosing the Right Black Tattoo Cover Up Artist

There is no better way to pick the best artist than to see some of the tattoo artist’s previous cover-up work before hiring them. An accomplished tattoo cover-up artist will have their own tried-and-true method.


If there are any problematic parts of your existing tattoo, your tattoo artist will likely recommend a tattoo removal specialist before beginning work on your new design. It is customary for a tattoo artist to recommend a 30-50% larger design than the existing one. 

Do not be surprised if it takes a few visits to the tattoo parlour before you have the design you want. Don’t give up until you get a result you’re pleased with, a brand-new design you’re eager to show off.


We have seasoned artists skilled in black tattoo cover-ups at Pearl Lemon Tattoos. We have previous samples for your reference and an easy booking process in place.


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