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Cat tattoos are magical and mysterious in the modern world, and this can’t be ignored. Why? Because there are far too many cat owners in the UK alone!

10.8 million of the UK adult population own at least one kitty. And since the tattoo industry has also gone uphill these days, many people get their favourite feline pets inked on their bodies.

Want to get your own cat tattoo too? We recommend you learn more about cat tattoo design with our help before choosing your own.

Check out these cat tattoo ideas and get yourself the perfect ink for your furry friend.

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Best Cat Tattoos For Women

Here are some cute cat tattoo design ideas that you definitely must try!

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Black Cat Tattoo

A black cat print and tattoo design will work for you if you are somehow low-key and secretive. This print is the perfect mix of cute and cool art, showing the best of both worlds. It is also a common and well-liked animal tattoo for any cat lover. 

Small Cat Tattoo

Do you lean more toward ink that is seamless and small? Then small cute cat tattoos are perfect for you. This cat tattoo design is perfect if you are a real minimalist who enjoys the aesthetic. Since it’s only simple body art, it just takes an hour at most to complete!

Minimalist Cat Tattoo

This design will be liked by both women and men who like beautiful, minimalist tattoos or designs that are impressive in some way. If you want to try something new that fits you perfectly and is made just for you, this is it!

Geometric Cat Tattoo

Geometric tattoos and patterns are so cool and strange at the same time. Those who like cute and cool tattoos and have a good eye for details will find this interesting. This one is tricky to pull off, so make sure you choose a tattoo artist skilled at geometric and cat print designs. 

Yin and Yang Cat Tattoo

This is a stunning example of mixing two completely unrelated concepts, yin, yang, and cats. It can symbolise something far more profound, like how life is always a mixture of everything. You could have both a black and white cat and even commemorate them. 

Ankle Tattoo

The area around the ankle and lower calf is a common choice for placing cat tattoos on girls. Your kitty cat tattoo will not be displayed for all the world to see because it is hidden away here. When cover-up is required, this ankle tattoo is easy to conceal. However, they are kept in a location where they can be flashed to someone whenever the desire arises.

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Cartoon Cat Tattoo

If you like your furry friend and want to show that you also like animations, this is a must-have design. If you’re the type of woman who likes cute and funny tattoos, you can go for a pop of pink or purple tattoo cat design. 

You can try this design if you like bright pastel tattoos and big patterns. The design shows that you are a carefree person who is in it to win and have fun along the way, no matter what comes your way.

Sleeping Cat Tattoo

In some cultures, the image of a sleeping cat as a symbol of peace and tranquilly is still commonly found in temples. However, in other cases, like in vampirism, the animal is also credited with possessing magical powers.

Paw Tattoo

The cat paw tattoo is a simplified take on the traditional cat tattoo, including only the paw. This design is a good choice if you want to stand out from the other tatted cat lovers. People will be drawn to you when they see this design etched on your body because it is so unique. Such a design will represent the mental or emotional journey you’ve been on, which has really tested your mental and emotional strength.

Cat Eyes Tattoo

A cat’s eyes have always been one of its most significant assets. Cat eyes are iconic to be very mesmerising and piercing. You may even get your own cat’s eyes tatted on you to add a personal touch. For this, we suggest going to a reputable tattoo artist, as this needs attention to detail and skills to pull off. 

Cat Outline Tattoo

Think about just drawing a thin and detailed outline of your cat. This tattoo, which is simple but beautiful, is suitable for people who like quick and easy tattoos. Both men and women will look good with it.

Memorial Cat Tattoo

A memorial tattoo featuring a black cat and flowers is a beautiful way to keep your feline friend close to your heart forever. You can make it more personal by including a photo of your own cat or some other detail with sentimental value. Forever remember your dear companion with a memorial tattoo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are probably a lot of different reasons why someone would get a cat tattoo, but there seems to be a few that have to do with myths and beliefs about cats.


Here are a few examples:


Cats are a sign of spirituality.


Cats can mean something more than just love and friendship. For some people, it's all about the mind, body, and spirit. This is why many cat lovers who get tattoos of their feline friends do it because they feel like having a cat gives them a spiritual connection.


Cats Represent Resilience


People think cats have nine lives for a reason. Cats are strong, and many people get cat tattoos, especially of their paws, because they believe it will bring them luck and help them live after they die.


Cats are strange and daring.

People who like to have fun and try new things often get cat tattoos, especially the Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland." So if you believe you have a daring and naughty personality, get yourself a Cheshire cat tattoo!

Regarding cat tattoos, the places they are put on vary depending on the individual. Men usually choose big pieces for their thighs or backs, while women like something a lot lighter, more playful, and calming and they often get tattoos of cats on their wrists or ankles. It's also common for people to get inked on their upper arm sleeves with small tattoos since arm tattoos can be easily seen or hidden, depending on your clothing.


Recently, we've also seen a rise in tattoo art placed on the upper back for a chic finish. Whatever you decide and whatever the outcome is, it's all up to you. 

People have always seen the third eye as a sign of spiritual awakening and becoming our higher selves. When someone gets a three-eyed cat tattoo, it means they have made a spiritual connection and have chosen to learn about spiritual things. Cats are also very mysterious creatures that are often linked to things hidden from the eyes of the average person.

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