Conceal Soon To Be Forgotten Tats With Our Writing Cover Up Tattoo

Tattoos are intended to be permanent (ideally– but they can be temporary tattoos, too!). 


You have the power to choose a pattern that perfectly captures your personality and wear it proudly every day.


However, realistically, some tattoos fade with time. This can be meant literally and figuratively.


For instance, small tattoos frequently disappear within a decade or even a few years. Aside from that, colours deteriorate over time, particularly on exposed tattooed skin like the hand. Writing tattoos usually are good examples of this.


On the other hand, the figurative fading may be more of how people’s tattoos are no longer accurate depictions of them. If you need to forget someone, it doesn’t make sense to continue wearing their name, right? The same goes for wearing tattoos you no longer find attractive if your aesthetic tastes have changed.


So, what should you do if your old writing tattoo no longer suits you? 


If you mess up getting that tattoo you want or decide to cover up an old writing tattoo, you will be happy to learn that a cover up tattoo can still assist you. 

At Pearl Lemon Tattoos, our artists can help you replace outdated writing tattoos with brand-new body art using various artistic techniques and tattoo ideas.


So worry no more about hiding that old ink. Make your appointment today to get that new tattoo!

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Professional tattoo artist makes a tattoo on a young girl's hand

Heads Up: You’ll Need a Bolder Tattoo Design

When getting a cover up tattoo or a tattoo cover up (whichever you may prefer), you must be prepared to acquire something daring and frequently a little challenging so that the tattoo underneath can be well concealed.

For instance, getting a simple or smaller tattoo than your old ink won’t work because it is ineffective. If you’re itching to cover up that old name or writing on your skin, it will typically be better hidden by a tattoo bigger than it is. You must also use a lot of shade, deep, dark hues, and details to achieve this.

Dark hues like deep green, purple, and blue are good choices if you’d want to purchase colours other than black. 


However, if you’re old ink is relatively almost invisible, we can try more subtle hues to cover it up.


Show our tattoo artists an image of your tattoo so they can tell you which cover ups can be the perfect fit for you.


Talk to them right HERE.

Dream Catcher Tattoo

Colours That Covers Up A Writing Tattoo Perfectly

Redoing a previous tattoo can be a real hassle, but those with a bad tattoo experience would instead give it a shot. Educating yourself on using colours in rework makes sense since it will also assist in decision-making.

  • Every tattoo artist consistently employs black for the cover ups.
  • Each tattoo artist chooses black as a common hue for the cover-ups.
  • Regarding camouflage, other colours to consider include oranges, greens, blues, magentas, and browns.
  • You can quickly cover up your tattoo with a darker shade of the same colour.
  • A brand-new hue is produced when fresh inks are mixed with old tattoo ink.

Our expert artists at Pearl Lemon Tattoos experiment with colour combinations and cleverly position the design to cover up an undesirable tattoo. 


We also use light hues to disguise the crooked lines of your previous tattoo. 


You will be delightfully surprised to learn that our tattoo artists can quickly switch out the light blue for emerald green, lime green for royal blue, or purple for lime green.


The more colours, the more fun it gets!


Our Process Of Covering Up A Tattoo

The following steps are involved in our cover up design process:

Tattoo master preparing sketch for tattoo

1. The Stencil

To outline the critical components of your old tattoo, our tattoo artists start the process by tracing a paper over the existing artwork. This phase is essential since it will enable our artists to identify a reference for the tattoo areas that will receive the most coverage. 


A slender piece of tracing paper will be placed on top of the outline by the artist while it is illuminated. The procedure of concealing your old tattoo will begin by focusing on its faint shape, the tattoo font, and the tattoo style.

2. The Cover Up Design

Once your old writing tattoo is laid out for the artists to consider, they now think outside of the box for designs that will best cover up the tattoo. In this stage, you may tell your tattoo artist if you have any requests they need to keep in mind before making a draft tattoo design for you.

However, if you’re not making a customised design, you can always choose from our portfolio of designs at the tattoo studio. Pick one out, and our tattoo artists will make it happen for you.

Tattoo Artist cleaning the Needle
Client and tattoo artist choosing drawing for tattoo, foot tattoo cover up

3. The Briefing

Before proceeding to the cover up tattoo procedure, you will be oriented to what will happen, the possible results, and what to do after getting it. Our professionals will inform you of all you need to know before getting that new ink. We do this because transparency between our client and us is crucial and beneficial for both parties.


And just so you know, there is little possibility that the artist will completely demolish the design because our trained cover up tattoo artists know how to merge the old design into the new one.

4. The Inking

After everything is settled, you will be assisted by our tattoo artists to our work area so we can start inking the new cover up tattoo over that previous writing tattoo.


In this stage, you just need to relax and trust our tattoo artist to revamp your old ink.


In cover-ups, we create eye-catching patterns around the unwanted parts of your old tattoo to call attention to the artwork. This ruse should keep everyone’s attention focused on the novel layout.

Professional tattoo artist stuffs a tattoo on the man's hand. Rose Sleeve Tattoo For Women
Tattoo design, creative artist working process. Close-up hand of tattoo master with tattoo machine

Get An Experienced Tattoo Artist For Your Writing Cover-Up Tattoo

Even though it is sad, regretting a tattoo can occur for various reasons, whether years later or just a few days after getting one. 


There is no denying that there will be times that we change far from who we’re used to be.


Perhaps the design we decided to get many years ago doesn’t fit who we are today, and the symbolism has evolved into something more ominous than anything else. 


Fortunately, our talented tattoo artists at Pearl Lemon Tattoos can assist with a fantastic cover-up to change the writing tattoo designs we no longer love into something you adore, with no trace of the original tattoo left anywhere on our bodies, like magic!


So, book your slot to cover your unwanted tattoo and get a striking new design.