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In addition to becoming a fad, tattoos are a form of expression. For several reasons, people get tattoos on themselves. Explicitly stating who they are, what they are like, and what they have been through is one of those reasons. 

You can choose from a plethora of tattoo motifs and styles, including tribal tattoos, which are widely used as a tattoo design. 

Tribal tattoos were used to identify warriors and their social status in ancient cultures. They stood for successes, toughness, bravery, leadership, and more.

Maori tattoos and Polynesian cultures are where the modern era’s most well-liked styles originate.

When Maori and Polynesian tribal tattoos are combined, it becomes the Hawaiian tattoo, one of the most well-known tribal tattoos. 

However, every culture has a unique tattoo design and story to share through these tattoos.

At Pearl Lemon Tattoos, our skilled tattoo artist can suggest the perfect tribal for your shoulder tattoo and also explain the meanings and origins of some of the markings. We can help if you can’t decide which tribal pattern is ideal for you.

Whether it’s Polynesian tattoos or Maori tattoos you need, we can do it. Just tell us which culture you’d link to get in black ink.

So don’t hold yourself back. Contact our tattoo artist and get your legendary tribal tattoo!

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9 Tribal Shoulder Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

African Tribal Design

Since Africa is renowned as the birthplace of storytelling, there is more to their tribal tattoos than first meets the eye. 

These designs symbolise the strength of the person wearing them and have subliminal messages of bravery and fortitude

History reveals that many cultures had these tattoos for aesthetic reasons, although many of these tattoos do tell a tale. 

The shading is typically darker, and the statement pieces are more significant in the African Tribal design than in other styles.

Sun Tattoo

A sun tribal shoulder tattoo provides the wearer’s shoulder with an old-fashioned, rugged appearance. 

Men are increasingly getting sun tattoos on their biceps as the design is eye-catching and pleasing to the eye. 

When tensions are high, it is beneficial to maintain equilibrium behaviour. Consider getting a few simple shoulder tattoos of the sun.

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Filipino Tribal Design

In the Filipino culture, for more than 500 years, tattoos have played a significant role. This type of tattoo is more than simply aesthetically beautiful; it is historically known to shield you from enemies. 

This tattoo is far more distinctive than other tribal tattoos since it features straightforward designs that suit the body and linear strokes that flow around the specified spot.

Indian Tribal Design

Indian tribal tattoos, like in Africa, were utilised for aesthetic reasons and were considered more spectacular than jewellery and accessories. 

Traditional, straightforward patterns that represented strength and power included everything from a group of straight lines to images of Indian gods. 

It gives you more creative freedom, which is fantastic for more significant items!

Aztec Tribal Design

The magnificent old Aztec civilization flourished in Central Mexico between the 14th and 16th centuries

In addition to being ornamental and symbolic, they employed body art for various reasons. Their tattoos may have served as status symbols, tokens of adoration for the gods, or tools for frightening their adversaries. 

Warriors would have had stunningly stunning and symbolically dense body art. You can be motivated to acquire an Aztec tribal tattoo if you have a sense of connection to the Aztecs or can prove your genealogy stems from them. 

It could include important symbols like eagles, serpents, and calendars. You might also select an abstract pattern-based design.

Eagle Tattoo

This tribal shoulder tattoo features a beautiful hawk motif. 

Birds have aesthetic value and stand for courage, independence, and virtue. Displaying one’s personality qualities in front of others is a great choice.

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Dragon Tattoo

Everyone is interested in designs with shapes and depths, like this tribal shoulder sleeve tattoo

Both the wearer and the observers get a different vibe from them. 

This pattern sends a clear statement about the wearer’s vigour and strength. Most tattoo lovers enjoy wearing this tattoo on their shoulders because the dragon makes them feel powerful.

Minimalist Tribal Tattoo

While some tribal tattoos are intricate, others are simple and emphasise the essentials. Tribal marks can take many forms depending on the culture, but common ones include patterns and recognisable objects like flowers or animals. 

The tribal design is also characterised by its thick lines and black ink. 

The lack of colour and shading produces a minimal tattoo that is yet important. Your chosen design’s placement is just as crucial as the inking itself. 

Some cultures have sacred spaces that are only for the most significant people or the most outstanding achievements. To avoid offending somebody, think about this before being tattooed.

Wolf Tattoo

Numerous cultures have viewed wolves as valuable creatures. In addition to being a symbol of tenacity and strength, it is frequently linked to fidelity, family, and protection. 

If you want a wolf tattoo, consider the culture you want to represent.

For instance, the wolf holds significance for numerous Native American tribes. Some believe the animal has healing properties, while others associate it with strength, power, and spirituality.

If you choose a tribal art piece, it will typically have little details and broad black lines. You can use complex patterns and symbols for a more sophisticated choice.

Have your own design planned out? Ask our tattoo artist to ink it for you right HERE.

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Get Your Tribal Tattoo At Pearl Lemon Tattoos

Tats look lovely on the shoulder and can be made to appear as though it is moving with your body thanks to the lines and angles of tribal iconography or more stylized tribal art; these features will enhance your natural contours. 

You will be pleased with the beautiful and meaningful design.

To communicate yourself more subtly than verbally, tattoos are an excellent medium. And going with tribal tattoos is a great choice. 

At Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we can help you select a design that complements your personality, accomplishments, or life experiences.

Book an appointment with our talented tattoo artists and get your favourite shoulder tattoo!