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People have intentionally and permanently applied various forms of colour and ink to their skin for thousands of years. In many civilisations, tattooing is done for several reasons. Tattoos can signify social standing, a rite of passage, protection from evil, or an indication of group affiliation.


Every piece of art has an underlying idea, and tattoo art is no exception. To anyone with an eye for ink and body jewellery, skin artefacts signify core beliefs. 


Nearly all ages and genders engage in tattooing. 


People find the tattooing process to be almost fascinating. The prevalence of tattoos shows that 20% of Americans have considered having one, and nearly 50% of individuals have tattoos. 


The appeal is clear: Adding tattoos to one’s body makes a dramatic message that cannot be changed or removed. 


Even while body piercings are less long-lasting than tattoos, you should still be careful where and how you get pierced. 


Additionally, the average levels of pain, dangers, and recovery timeframes vary between various types of piercings. Knowing these factors will help you make the most excellent choice and be prepared when choosing a new piercing.

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Female tattooist inking black back tattoo on a man, showing artistry and focus

Another critical concern for your piercing is hygiene. Hence, you must go to a clean, professional studio like ours and follow all the aftercare guidelines to keep your new piercing clean. 


So, even though getting a tiny piercing might appear straightforward, there are many things to consider. You want to enjoy your new body art for many years while maintaining your health and safety.


Our goal at Pearl Lemon Tattoos is to provide you with a friendly, helpful, unique, one-of-a-kind tattoo experience that expresses the essence of your idea. We make it our business to be the best tattoo place for a customer in south London. Whether it’s your first or tenth tattoo, we can help you get started or continue to perfect your design.


We provide a vast array of opportunities. In a comfortable and contemporary studio, explore ideas and realise your vision. Our expert staff are masters at interpreting creativity and possess extraordinary collective artistry in various styles. 


Please visit our studio in London if you reside in or plan to visit Norbury, Waddon, Sanderstead or anywhere near South Croydon. 


Book your appointment today to access some of our safe and fantastic custom ideas here in the United Kingdom!


Below are among our top 10 favourite ideas that you can get inspired from.

Snake Bite Piercing

This is a bottom lip piercing with two prongs resting on the corners of your lips. This piercing is common in men and women and looks fantastic with studs and open-ended hoops.

Medusa Piercing

For the Medusa piercing, the upper lip’s philtrum is pierced. The jewellery worn for the “Medusa” philtrum piercing, which is more common in women than men, is a stud. The piercing studs may be topped with anything you like, ranging from straightforward balls to glitzier diamonds.

Septum Piercing

Even though septum piercings are less frequent than nostril piercings, you must have encountered many people with them. The septum is that slender strip of cartilage that runs between your two nostrils; it is not punctured; instead, the soft tissue beneath it is. Both men and women can get septum piercings, which often look best with horseshoe-shaped piercing jewellery, though hoops are also standard.

Female cosmetologist holding earrings and ear piercing gun
Concentrated young girl using laptop computer.

Nostril Piercing

The nostril piercing also referred to as a nose piercing, is widespread. Almost any jewellery looks lovely in a nose ring, from tiny studs to big hoops.


Additionally, there are many other ways to pierce one’s nose to suit personal preference. Like most piercings, nostril piercings are attractive to both men and women.

Earlobe Piercing

The fact that this is the most popular piercing spot on our list does not require that it be pierced conventionally. With one of the most significant surfaces for piercing, the earlobe offers various piercing possibilities, and you can wear any style of piercing jewellery on the ear. Ear lobe piercing is the ideal option for both men and women due to this and the comparatively quick healing time; and it only takes less than minute to get.

Helix Piercing

Here, the top/back of your ear’s cartilage starts to coil at the helix piercing. It is widely preferred by everyone and is the perfect first body piercing after the conventional ear lobe. Both hoops and studs look lovely in the helix piercing, which can be positioned in various places along the helix.

Industrial Piercing

An industrial piercing is a double helix piercing that uses one piece of jewellery to pass through both holes. This is done using a long barbell, and it suits both sexes. Since industrial piercings have become more common, more and better jewellery options are now available.

Watercolour Art Tattoo

There are numerous tattoo design options, but the watercolour technique is attractive because it is solid and vivid. The striking piece demands attention due to the brilliant colour combination and absence of solid outlines. Using this artistic style, you can get any design you desire. However, pictures of animals and nature usually work best.

Hand Tattoos

Due to their exposure, hand tattoos are many people’s favourite since they are bold and not as easy to cover up. It is a spot that is especially readily open to display a unique and significant tattoo that can reveal a lot about you as a person. Due to the sensitive nature of the area, thin skin, and closeness to the bone, hand tattoos hurt. They will also fade more quickly than in other locations.

Young woman tattooist doing tattoo on male arm
Tattooing. Female Tattoo Artist Applying Tattoo Stencil onto Male Arm before Tattooing

Phoenix Tattoo

Because of the rich symbolism of the firebird, phoenix tattoos are a common choice for body art. It stands for rebirth, development, and power, as well as the cycles of life. It is ideal for someone who has conquered a difficult period in life or for those who are starting anew. The phoenix tattoo will be distinctive due to your design and perception of what it means.

Back Tattoo

Your creative freedom due to the prominent placement makes back tattoos appealing. While little tattoos can also be inked on the back, this is the ideal location for a distinctive and intricate design. The area’s thick skin, muscle, and fat will also act as padding and lessen overall discomfort. The more pain you feel, the closer you get to the spine and hip bones.

Sisters Tattoo

Sister relationships frequently have an unshakable link. She is the person who has been your confidant and playmate since you were a child, and you will always love her. If you and your sister are close, you can memorialise this with a unique sister tattoo honouring your bond. In addition to her name or date of birth, the design could have other pertinent images, such as your favourite cartoon character or animals. Additionally, you can also get such tattoos with a close friend.

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At Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we pride ourselves in bringing your vision and expectation to life whilst in a clean, sanitary environment where you can feel at ease and hold yourself to very high standards as a tattoo service shop; and all at extremely affordable prices.


At every point of your tattoo experience, we strive to provide you with the well above the bar care and attention you require for you to feel at ease.


If you are unsure where to begin and Google hasn’t given you the answer, we can highly recommend some incredible and quality flash designs and piercing ideas from our artists to help you get your tattoo done.


Get in touch with us as we welcome you to get your beautiful piercing done.

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