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You can think of a tattoo as a permanent picture of an idea, emotion, or memory you cherish. A remembrance of those good times.

After all, tattoos are manifestations that something occurred or that a particular person existed in your life. 

However, sometimes, it will come to the point when you’d rather not remember these things.

For many reasons, including regret, heartache, or simply a desire to forget an unpleasant chapter of their lives, many people want to have certain tattoos removed.

The ink is deposited just below the skin’s surface when getting a tattoo. This makes tattoo removal far more complex and costly than getting the tattoo in the first place. There are instances when people really want to remove the tattoo and get their old skin back to start anew. 

But for some, it’s also OK to have just another tattoo over it– and we’re guessing you’re one of these people.

Pearl Lemon Tattoos, a fun and welcoming tattoo shop in London, makes removing tattoos far simpler than ever before and makes it possible to just ink over an old tattoo you have.

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Reasons Why People Get Tattoo Cover-Ups and Tattoo Removal

There are many reasons you might want to look into getting tattoo cover-ups. The following are some of the most frequent explanations given by individuals who have had their tattoos covered up or removed.

To Move On From Past Relationships

You had the delusional belief that the other person would always hold a special place in your heart. Many lovers choose to permanently mark their commitment to one another by inking the other’s name or initials onto their skin. Instead of physically wearing a ring on their finger, many people opted to have a tattoo resembling a wedding band.

When the relationship finally collapsed, you were left with a vivid reminder of your previous lover. The time will come when you’d decide that the tattoo must be erased so you can completely move on.

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Poor Tattoo Quality

Each of us has seen at least one tattoo that was obviously not done by a tattoo artist. Perhaps the artists you gave your lovely picture to could not replicate it; instead, you’ve got a blob on your skin.

A bad tattoo design can be misspelt words and erroneous Roman numerals, which are two of the most frequently made tattoo blunders. Sometimes the artist simply misunderstood your ideas for the tattoo, resulting in a design that falls short of your expectations.

Some people go with a bad tattoo artist, while others go for the stick-and-poke method, which anyone can perform, from a friend to a family member. In most cases, both of these reflect poor tattooing attempts.

Change in Career

As society shifts its perception of tattoos, they are becoming less stigmatised for being associated with gangs and immorality, easing restrictions. While some employers overlook easily-hidden tattoos, others may hesitate to hire someone with any visible ink.

Many professions, including those in business, the beauty industry, and customer service, frown upon tattooed employees and may even consider it unprofessional. Employers and clients may form snap judgments about you based only on your tattoos.

When comparing industries, some are more strict than others. Tattoos may need to be covered or removed for someone to enter the medical, law enforcement, or teaching professions.

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Starting a Family

You might not want your future children to see your tattoos or know about your questionable choices after you start a family. 

Moreover, your spouse might not share your enthusiasm for your tattoo when you get married. Many brides also opt not to have their tattoos visible in their wedding photos for the same reason.

It No Longer Represents You

You may have assumed your childhood fascination with rainbows, or lightning bolts would last forever, but you may find those interests ridiculous now that you’re an adult. 

Often, what was hip when you were eighteen won’t be so hip when you’re fifty. It’s entirely possible that you no longer connect with the style of music represented by a tattoo of a band you loved when you were a teenager.

Tattoo Design

Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo Cover Up

Tattoo cover-ups are an efficient way to conceal or salvage your existing tattoo. However, before getting, you must consider the following factors so you’ll feel no regret after getting inked.


Age of the Tattoo

With time, most tattoos end up looking faded. Over time, your body naturally breaks down and eliminates the ink from the tattoo. In general, lighter colours like red and yellow wear out sooner than darker ones like black and dark blue. 

The tattoo will fade more quickly if it is not covered by the sun. Sunscreen is essential for preserving the appearance of your tattoo in the long run. 

Darker Tattoos Can Show Through the Cover-Up

Two things that contribute to a tattoo’s darkness are the ink’s colour and density. Experienced artists know what is necessary and can produce the desired results with less ink, but amateurs sometimes overdo it. 

For this reason, lighter colours like yellow or white will be far less visible through the tattoo than darker ones like black or dark blue. Even a light colour could significantly impact a cover-up if the original tattooist utilised a lot of it.

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The Importance of Design

Tattooing is an art form that calls for skills and expertise. Talents are innate, whereas skills can be honed through practice and study. The ability to design a stunning cover-up is a skill unto itself. 

For the new tattoo to look cohesive with the old one, the artist must find a way to soften the sharp edges of the old tattoo.

Other Tattoo Removal Methods

People have been trying various painful and unsatisfactory tattoo removal methods for ages. Some of these treatments are still in use, so if you’re considering removing your tattoo instead of covering it up, you should be aware of the effective ones.

Laser Treatment

Unwanted tattoos can be removed with lasers, which are the safest and most efficient method. Laser treatment is still the most common way to eliminate unwanted tattoos. This method involves targeting the tattoo ink in a specific region with a beam of laser light.

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Salabrasion and Dermabrasion

Salabrasion is the oldest technique for removing tattoos that are still being used today. It involves exfoliating the epidermis and dermis with a salt solution

Skin Excision

To remove a tattoo with this technique, the skin over the tattoo must be surgically excised. In most cases, if the tattoo is small enough, this can be done in one sitting. This method is suitable for smaller tattoos. 

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Subcutaneous Injections of Solutions

Injecting a specific glycolic acid preparation just under the skin at the tattoo site can also help lighten the ink over time. Scarring is possible with this method. Additionally, the method’s success varies from case to case.

Fortunately, if you’re deciding between a tattoo cover up or one of the methods above, we have them here.

As a full-service tattoo parlour or tattoo studio (whichever you may prefer), Pearl Lemon Tattoos can help you with everything from a simple tattoo to a complete cover-up or removal.

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Our Tattoo Cover Up Service in London

The scars or burdens of the past should no longer hunt you down. It should not stop you from being the best version of yourself. That’s why we recommend removing or covering it up.

When getting rid of unwanted tattoos, London’s Pearl Lemon Tattoos is the place to go.

Our talented and artistic tattoo artists will just look at your tattoo and come up with the most fantastic cover-up designs that one can think of. It takes a creative mind to do that, and luckily we have them here.

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