Build Your Ink History With Our Small Tattoo For Men’s Forearm

You’re planning to get a tattoo but are overthinking whether to get one. Well, don’t worry about starting your history for your ink.

35% of the whole tattooed population only have a single tattoo. Most of this number just recently started to get tattoos. It’s pretty normal if you ask us.

However, if you’re asking where to start your tattoo, our best answer for that is on your forearm!

forearm tattoo is not painful and heals quickly. The fewer bones affected by the needle, the less discomfort throughout the tattooing procedure. 

The tattoo needle runs through fleshy skin. Thus, it is far less painful than a hand or spine tattoo.

If you’re still anxious about your own pain tolerance, you can start with small tattoos first. 

Here at Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we have the means to give you that, plus it’s super worth it!

Get your schedule today, and let’s build your ink history!

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The Best & Coolest Forearm Tattoos For Men

Do you still not know what tattoo you will put on your forearm? We’ve prepared our recommendations on the designs that you can get. Choose below!

Simple Circle Tattoos

Circles are another form with several implications and possibly symbolic meanings. The works in this section demonstrate a common tattoo craze in which the piece is separated from other pieces on the person’s body for the goal of a singular story. They differ drastically from the American Traditional tattoo style, based mainly on continual classical themes and repeating images.

Many of these circular sculptures are one-of-a-kind and communicate different stories using various styles and methods. One uses dot work to create a simplistic view of our globe, while another portrays a maze with a figure standing at its entrance, highlighting the many portions with rich shading and black ink work.

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Owl Forearm Tattoo

Bird tattoos are a popular choice for tattoos all around the world. An owl tattoo might be the perfect solution if you want a unique spin on the trend. Owls are connected with wisdom and understanding. 

Therefore, they would fit someone who enjoys studying or is a recent graduate. These birds are also recognised for their ability to sight in the dark and are most active at night. As a result, they reflect the ability to overcome adversity or sadness. Owls may also be a protective emblem that guides you through a difficult time.

Compass Forearm Tattoo

The compass tattoo, a famous inking for sailors in the past, is a device that aids in navigation. The tattoo now has a less literal meaning. It represents navigating your way through life. It’s also a good omen. Some individuals use a compass to depict feeling inspired since it always points north – ‘north’ characterises their thinking.

 Others opt to add a specific person’s name at the north tip of the compass. The result is a one-of-a-kind homage to someone who helped you while you were lost.

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Clock Forearm Tattoo

Clock tattoos frequently reflect life itself since they indicate the passage of time. Clocks also symbolise equality, as we all share the same days and must face our death. 

On the other hand, a clock tattoo urges the bearer to live in the now rather than being a pessimistic or gloomy tattoo design. It’s also a reminder not to take our time here on Earth for granted. 

The significance of a clock tattoo may be altered by combining it with another tattoo. Clocks, for example, signify eternal love when mixed with flowers.

Geometric Forearm Tattoo

Geometric tattoos have been popular for quite some time. They lend a modern and futuristic twist to existing tattoo styles, but they also look great on their own. These designs appear basic at first glance, but the closer you look at them, the more depth and intricacy you notice. Geometric tattoos are, therefore, an excellent alternative for people seeking body art that will never tyre them. Geometric tattoos may also conceal spiritual and mathematical meanings, making them ideal for those interested in these areas.

Anchor Forearm Tattoo

As part of the sailor tattoo tradition, the anchor is one of the oldest and most well-known body art patterns. While some people got this tattoo to represent the finish of an ocean adventure, such as crossing the Atlantic, it also has other connotations. 

For many, it means returning to a place of safety, optimism, and stability. It indicates calm and serene love when coupled with flowers. There are several creative styles for your anchor tattoo, but they all look excellent. Furthermore, the forearm is a common location for this inking.

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Tree Forearm Tattoo

Because trees may survive for hundreds or even thousands of years, they are a spiritual and powerful tattoo option. Because they vary so dramatically over the year, from looking dead in winter to clothed with greenery in spring and summer, many people regard them as a sign of rebirth. 

People and animals can also find refuge and nourishment in trees. For these reasons, folks who have an affinity for nature might consider getting a tree tattoo. 

Other alternatives are available, such as focusing just on branches or leaves, different species of trees, or even an entire forest.

Personalised Forearm Tattoo

You may still obtain a piece of minimalist tattoo art with more intricacy and a dash of a more unique tone. This section’s parts typically fit just inside the wrist, while somewhat bigger portions nestle comfortably on the inside or outer forearm. 

Many exhibit a highly personal tone with a more difficult-to-understand message. Because of the negative space surrounding the sculpture, a geometric style and black shade stay important and intensified.

A modest and basic book outline may signify a love of literature, triangularly stencilled mountains could represent a love of nature, and a shark with part steampunk mechanics and half geometric designs could convey various meanings to the wearer.

This part is on you and your creativity!

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Make A Difference And Colour Your Forearm With A Simple Small Tattoo!

Pearl Lemon Tattoos is proud of you for taking the step up to express yourself in inks!

With our passion for this craft, we can assure you that we will give you the best small tattoo you can see on your forearm.

Start your tattoo journey now by scheduling an appointment with us today!