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Yes, you have finally decided to get a tattoo. And you want to have one on your neck. That’s all good. The neck is one of the most visible parts of the human body. Even when you wear clothes, the neck will remain wholly exposed. Most people decorate them with jewellery, scarves and more to make themselves look elegant.

Others would rather have a tattoo to make a statement. And you guessed it–they want a tribal tattoo for their neck.

Tribal tattoos are some of the most liked and classic ideas for both men and women. They are so well-liked that most people go for tribal designs first when they want to get inked. 

Tribal tattoos get their origins from various ancient cultures and traditions worldwide. Because of their versatility and style, they make for really terrific body art.

If you are looking for badass neck tribal tattoos, Pearl Lemon Tattoos is here to deliver cool and unique designs. Whether you want simple or grand styles, modern and unique, our tattoo specialists are very creative and will create neck body art that will represent your personality.

We can all agree that tribal tattoos are the most requested. They are one of the best ways of expression and are highly versatile because they come in any size, colour, style, and shape.

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Back neck tattoo of a woman

What You Need To Know About Tribal Tattoo For Neck

So what are you supposed to do, know or even consider when getting a tribal neck tattoo?

Glad you’re asking this question. Getting a tribal tattoo on the neck is a bold move. With that said, a professionally done neck tattoo looks great and is more common than you think. 

There are plenty of ideas, patterns and designs you can come up with for these kinds of tattoos, but there are also a few things you need to know.

Let’s get into it! 

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Are you certain of your career choice?

While we would love to say that you can go ahead and do whatever you want with your body, the professional world doesn’t hold the same sentiments. Just because big celebrities in Hollywood, Footballers and entertainers have elaborate tribal neck tattoos, it doesn’t mean you should get up too and have one. All these people have nothing to worry about their neck art because they do not work in an “office”. Such tattoos are in line with their career paths.

Before you make your final decision, you need to gauge if you will be “comfortable” where you are working or if the people there will hold the same thought. You need to make sure that your choice will not be frowned upon. To be honest, getting a tribal neck tattoo will limit your job options. If getting a tribal neck tattoo will be a career risk” for you, it’s better that you don’t get it done at all.

Design and Concept Matters

A tribal neck tattoo will draw less attention and criticism if its design is appealing- not just aesthetically but culturally, even in the future. For example, if you are going through a hard that will soon pass, it’s better if you don’t get a design that you will need to cover up after a while. Hold off getting any tattoos that express negative feelings or vibes. Instead, choose truthful, meaningful and heartfelt concepts that are generally acceptable in a broader spectrum.

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Cover up Tattoo

Neck Tattoos Can Be Quite Painful

Neck tattoos are more sensitive than other tattoo kinds for various reasons.

  • The skin around the neck is more delicate.
  • The skin is close to the bones and soft.
  • The neck region has a lot of nerves.

NOTE: If you’re considering getting a neck tattoo, remember that the skin on your neck, like other body parts, may start to sag as you age. So your tattoo will change too.

Aftercare Is Crucial

Essentially, a tattoo is a wound on the body. For it to heal properly and reveal a healthy body art, you must look after it properly with utmost care. After you get the tribal neck ink of your choice, your tattoo artist will give you personal aftercare instructions.

Basic aftercare includes:

  • Leaving the bandage on for up to 4 hours after tattooing
  • Let the tattoo air dry after washing it with water
  • Moisturising the tattoo daily
  • Visiting a doctor in case of an infection
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Tribal Neck Tattoo, Shoulder Sleeve Tattoo For Women

Tribal Neck Tattoo Meanings

First off, depending on the region of origin, there are several tribal tattoos. There are tribal tattoos inspired by African, Hawaiian, Indian, Polynesian, Viking, and Samoan cultures.

For many people, tribal tattoos are just a collection of lines and symbols arranged artistically. While this is true, tribal designs were created by various indigenous tribes worldwide.

Tattoos in those tribes have social and religious connotations. Tribal tattoo patterns may represent social standing and aid in identifying leaders. Tribal ink is also used in religious ceremonies at times.

But more often than not, tattoos signify the conclusion of a rite of passage, which is the interpretation that frequently goes along with contemporary tribal tattoos. These rites of passage were typically connected to manhood, a youngster’s development into a man or warrior.

Tribal Neck Tattoo Designs For Men

Men’s necks are becoming more popular as tattoo canvases. The era of the “simple dude” wearing a tribal wrist or armband is long gone. While the bicep is a common location, the neck offers more complex surfaces and more daring design alternatives.

Tribal art is typically created using just black ink and demands meticulous attention to detail. Each line, curve, and point carries the weight of your unique expression.

Tribal tattoos include a myriad of design alternatives. Let’s examine a few of the men’s top choices.

Back Of Neck tattoo

Tribal bird tattoo

Even when it comes to tattoo designs, certain males usually like to stand out from the crowd, and this design is a perfect choice for those individuals. Small bird tattoos are ideal if you’re carefree and enjoy exploring new places.

Tribal butterfly neck tattoo

The history and cultural traditions of different cultures are represented by tribal butterfly tattoos, which also preserve the ongoing cycle of rebirth, new life, and new tales.

Beauty and existence, in general, are based on perpetual change.

Tribal butterfly tattoos represent the transformation that occurs as life progresses.

A tribal butterfly tattoo can reflect a significant event in your life.

Tribal dragon neck tattoo

Given the intricate and rich symbolism of this creature, understanding the significance of a dragon tattoo is no easy task. Nevertheless, we’ll do our best.

Since there are many different types of dragon tattoos, we will only provide the general definition.

The dragon has always had a powerful symbolic meaning in most nations and cultures. Some of its traits are universal even though it is represented differently. In general, dragons (and dragon tattoos) are linked to masculinity, strength, knowledge, wealth, and good fortune.

Small rose neck tattoo
Multi ethnic happy family of two parents and daughter

Heart tribal neck tattoo

Heart tattoos are a symbol of adoration, passion, and love. People develop heart designs due to their belief in romance, dreams, and an infinite variety of relationships. Heart tattoos can take many forms, such as hearts incorporated into adorable flower and star tattoos, music notes by hearts, or sacred hearts. It is one of the most well-liked neck tattoo ideas for females.

Necklace Tattoo Designs

There are various techniques for necklace tattoos. By stretching the image, it is possible to do it behind the neck, in front, or possibly by the side of the neck. Another one of the most unique ideas for a neck tattoo, this one is drawn around the neck like a royal necklace. This design is daring and combines elements of Egyptian and tribal art. Both men and women with large chests will look good in this. The entire warlike neckpiece is stunning.

Popular Tribal Neck Tattoo Picks For Women

Men have historically been more likely to have tribal tattoos. But nowadays, ladies sport tribal ink as a sign of stamina and pain tolerance.

Today, ladies with tribal tattoos do it for fashion and to express their emotions.

Some women combine parts of different tattoo designs with a basic tribal pattern or have the tattoo lines drawn thinner to appear more feminine while keeping the tribal tattoo design’s principle in mind.

Female tribal tattoos include heart shapes, stars, butterflies, cute animals or birds, and other feminine elements for a more feminine look, whereas male tribal tattoos are more abstract. In addition, the designs of female tribal tattoos tend to be more floral and graceful, while those of men tend to be more crusty.

Let’s examine the best choices for women:

Woman with fern tattoo hugging trees and enjoying nature in the pine forest.

Tribal Flower Tattoos

Tribal tattoos with floral designs are attractive and symbolize the purity and beauty of women. Flowers with tribal designs are fashionable and eye-catching. Mainly in black or maroon, a flowery wave tattoo with detailed tribal motifs creates a lovely feminine design on a woman’s neck.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

Tribal tattoos with butterflies give the wearer a warrior’s appearance. As it stands, butterflies’ colours contribute to lovely tattoos, but they appear even more alluring when incorporated into a tribal pattern.

Hawaiian Tribal Art

Hawaiian tribal tattoos are distinctive and attractive because they represent the vibrant Hawaiian culture. Women adore wearing them because they give their necks beauty and a feminine touch.

Tribal Star Neck Tattoos

For women, a tribal tattoo design that incorporates a star tattoo and tribal embroidery and designs are beautiful. Additionally, they can be tattooed anywhere on the body.

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tattoo design artist for hire

Tribal Leaf Tattoo Designs

A tribal leaf tattoo design is attractive and modern. It is portable due to its size and can be adorned with little floral, wave, or bird designs.

The personalized phoenix is one of the amazing tribal bird tattoo designs. They can be used to create a feminine little tattoo that is beautiful.

Angel Neck Tattoo Designs

This aesthetic represents the grace of ladies. Here, a fairy or angel-whatever you want to name her-is, kissing away a blessing while the stars follow her in a lovely pattern. Its heavenly design demonstrates how much girls like prettiness and objects that personify beauty in all its forms.

Let Pearl Lemon Tattoos Draw The Tribal Design For You

There are practically no restrictions on the number and styles of tribal tattoos that women and men can get. Simply select a tribal design with which you identify strongly and apply a personalized twist to it to create a tattoo that will make others drool.

And if you need help and professional artists, our tattoo specialists at Pearl Lemon Tattoos, are here to help you.

We will do everything to ensure you walk out of our parlour happily and satisfied.

Ready to start on your tribal neck journey?

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