Showcase The Your Beauty With Our Elegant Shoulder Back Tattoos For Women

The shoulders are one of women’s most beautiful and feminine body parts. It is a fantastic location for tattoos and lets you flash a little skin without showing too much. 


The beauty of this region is its adaptability; you can make a bold impression by displaying your ink here, or you can cover it up if you want to. It also lends itself to many diverse large and small shoulder tattoo ideas. 


A tiny angel on your upper back is just as attractive as a big abstract tattoo that spans your shoulder and extends down your arm. Honour your femininity with a tattoo on your shoulder, which is connected to strength.


We at Pearl Lemon Tattoos take great satisfaction in fostering a welcoming environment for everyone and work hard to maintain a high standard of creativity and customer service. 

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We also do laser tattoo removal for those who want to get rid of ink they don’t want.

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Beautiful Shoulder Tattoo Ideas You Can Copy

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design

Dragons have various cultural connotations, and in eastern traditions, they are associated with good fortune and monarchy. Only the emperor was permitted to wear garments with dragon designs in ancient China. So dragon tattoos can be an excellent option if you search for something imposing and mysterious.

Additionally, dragon shoulder tattoos are the ideal size and length to be placed on the shoulder cap, precisely as this striking design. The tattoo wraps around the sleeve and shoulder blade, its tail curling along the arm. With its body contours and whiskers, it maintains its grace and beauty.

Floral Design

Due to their attractiveness and adaptability, flower shoulder tattoos are among the most popular options. There are countless varieties of flowers, each with a special meaning. However, in general, floral ink is a symbol of life, love, and beauty. 


Depending on the flower you choose, the meaning may change slightly. For instance, the peony is linked to honour and good fortune, while the gladiolus flower represents family. The decision to have a flower shoulder tattoo is also a feminine choice that looks excellent with both large and little tattoos and black or coloured ink.

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Tiger Tattoo Design

A tiger tattoo is a fantastic choice if you want something that stands out while still full of symbolism. The strong predator is a metaphor for power and wisdom. Being at the top of the food chain in its natural habitat lends it a connection to independence and freedom


This enormous cat is an excellent choice for folks thinking about inking their shoulder area because it is a placement option that is big enough for something elaborate. You can have just your tiger tattooed or combine it with other symbols to make the design more meaningful.

Skull Tattoo Design

The skull is a well-known image that represents both life and death. While some people prefer to focus on a more pessimistic interpretation of the tattoo, others see it as a symbol of power and a testament to one’s ability to overcome adversity


Whatever the skull means to you, it creates fascinating and striking shoulder tattoo designs. You can either make a bold statement with no other photos or add more elements to your design, such as flowers or a butterfly.

Crane Bird Tattoo

Across cultures, cranes have a unique symbolism. The birds appear to maintain their equilibrium at all times while standing tall. And as they prepare to rule the skies, they expand their wings, which causes them to soar through the air like a glider.

It is frequently regarded as a representation of grace, serenity, and equilibrium. It can be an excellent idea to get a crane tattoo on your shoulder if the meaning of the ink resonates with you.

Hamsa Hand Tattoo

The Hamsa hand is a symbolic object with solid roots in Islamic and Egyptian culture. It is a hand with an eye in the palm’s middle. The thumbs on the Hamsa are symmetrical, unlike those on a genuine hand. 

Furthermore, it shields the wearer from evil, which the eye represents.

The Hamsa hand tattoo has become increasingly popular worldwide despite its religious roots. Because of its adaptability, it is ideal for several positions, including the shoulder.

Cover a Tattoo
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Clock Tattoo

The design of a clock can be interpreted in various ways. A watch is an excellent option for someone who frequently considers life and death because it serves as a symbol for both. 

Additionally, it serves as a fantastic reminder to enjoy every moment of life as it comes. Some ladies use a clock tattoo design to commemorate a loved one who passed on or mark a necessary period in their lives. The placement of the clock hands and how they end contribute to the overall meaning.

Compass Tattoo

The compass ink design is ideal because of its circular shape, and the area is also large enough to accommodate the delicate details that this navigational instrument frequently requires. The compass represents orientation and intent. 

You can scribble it as a reminder to stay true to yourself and your convictions or to pay attention to the significance of choosing the appropriate course of action. You can add a memorable remark, name, time, or date to your body art to make it even more distinctive.

Dream Catcher Tattoo

It will look fantastic if you have a dream catcher tattoo across your shoulder. It is a design that blends well with various images, so if you like, you may create a lengthy and intricate tattoo. The intricate design of the dreamcatcher is lovely, but so is its symbolic meaning. The talisman has Native American roots and is a symbol of protection used to ward off unpleasant dreams and unfavourable thoughts.

Eagle Tattoo

An eagle tattoo can be simple or intricate, and its wings can be enormous and menacing, covering your chest and arm. Because it has various meanings for each person, this bird is beautiful. Additionally, you can take some other approaches and interpretations. 

This design appeals to women who seek a representation of bravery, resiliency, and freedom. It can be a motivating reminder to live each day to the fullest and cherish it. Since the majestic bird’s excellent eyesight is sometimes associated with the all-seeing eye, it may also have spiritual connotations.

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Celebrity Tattoo

So many people choose to get simple shoulder tattoos of the people they like. That is also acceptable. There’s no limitation when it comes to tattoo art. Some of these designs are worth the pain.

Butterfly Tattoos

Although beauty is subjective, there aren’t many people who wouldn’t agree that butterflies are works of art. Butterfly tattoos, in their purest form, represent femininity and beauty.

A butterfly’s life is brief, just like that of other insects. Tattoos of butterflies could also represent the passing of a loved one.

In a metaphorical sense, just as butterflies change during their lifetimes, so do some people. Butterfly tattoos represent a significant transformation and growth in a person’s life.

In addition, butterflies are said to represent luck in many cultures.

Why Pearl Lemon Tattoos?

You can opt to cover or reveal shoulder tattoos, which is a benefit. Unlike typically visible finger tattoos, sleeves on clothing will cover any tattoos, no matter how large or small the shoulder. Also, a vest or tank top will work when you feel like showing them off.


Because of this, women, in particular, have a wide variety of options for shoulder tattoos. The shoulder is a blank canvas on which your imagination can run amok. It can be huge, little, coloured, black and grey, intricate, or minimalist.


The top shoulder, outside shoulder, front shoulder, and shoulder blade can all be tattooed, depending on the design. Your body will be complemented by a decent design and proper positioning.


We at Pearl Lemon Tattoos have developed a dependable group of professional artists committed and talented in various genres. We take great satisfaction in being a welcoming and approachable community of artists.


We have beautiful and original tattoo designs from small to large, from black ink to colourful, that will serve as an inspiration for your upcoming ink.

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