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Are you tired of the usual magic show fiasco for your parties? Or maybe you think it’s not enough to keep your guests happy?

Well, we present to you our tattoo artists for parties!

57.3% of our teens have said that their parties are an opportunity to have fun, and if they think that getting inked (whether permanent or temporary) is fun, then why not, right?

Pearl Lemon Tattoos has the professional party tattoo artist that can give you whatever you want. 

Do you want permanent tattoos? Temporary tattoos or a henna tattoo? Airbrush tattoos? Pretty glitter tattoos? Whatever it is, as long as it’s in the catalogue, we’ll get it done!

Book a call now, and we’ll guarantee you a different level of entertainment for every guest! 

What Parties Can You Host With a Tattoo Artist

Of course, not every party can be hosted with a free tattoo on the side. Say a burial service; you can’t really set up a tattoo studio there, right? 

So for a general guide on which parties usually exist with a tattoo artist, check out our list below!

Birthday Party

We hear you! Birthday parties, and every house party in general, are a lot of fun with a tattoo artist! 

If the celebrant is someone who values art, then a professional tattoo artist can help ink some beautiful body art for their guests. This can be for anyone from any age range! 

For children at a kids party, you can hire a henna artist or a glitter tattoo artist that will spark up some entertainment with their henna tattoos, glitter tattoos, and typically, face painting!

Tattoo artist carefully removing excess paint from the customer skin
Young woman tattooist doing tattoo on male arm

A No-Commitments Party

It’s a great way to get together with your single friends, friends who aren’t married, friends who won’t get married, and the formerly married people who promise never to walk down the aisle again. 

When you get this little club together, keep the “no commitments” theme going by not committing to any one thing. For example, you could make a music playlist that includes all kinds of music, from rock and jazz to folk songs and show tunes. 

If you want to keep the theme even on the tattoo side, you can set up a henna tattoo stand so your people can only get a temporary tattoo, not commit to anything permanent.

Corporate Event Party

Now, who says tattoo artists can only be for those informal parties? Corporate events can have them too! 

Pearl Lemon Tattoos can be a professional tattoo artist if you need us to be. You can arrange for the designs to be corporate-appropriate or for the tattoos to only be henna or temporary. 

Make sure to discuss this idea with your boss before putting it in place. 

Portrait of man with tattoo

A Tattoo Party

These tattoo parties are getting more popular with each passing day. You and several of your friends can all get tattoos at the same time at a tattoo party. 

Getting ready for an event like this takes a lot of planning and work, but it is definitely worth it if you are looking to host the most badass party out there!

How To Throw a Tattoo Party

Tattoo parties require quite an eccentric audience and party host. If you want to throw one, here’s a general step-by-step that might be helpful for you.

Find a Tattoo Artist

This one’s obvious, but it certainly isn’t easy. You’ll have to find someone willing to bring their stuff to your house and set up shop there. We’re sure you’ve searched online for “tattoo artist for party,” “hire tattoo artist for party,” or party tattoo artist” but not really everyone is a good fit for what you need. Luckily, you found us!


But general rule is, you should always learn as much as you can about your artist. Get some references, call them, and look at their work. Also, don’t go near the artist if they don’t have an autoclave. Pearl Lemon Tattoos prides itself on its many talented artists. We recommend giving us a call, and we’ll find you the best tattoo artist for your party. 

Process of makining new tattoo at tattooing salon
Stretching Cat Tattoo Design on arm

Get The Invites Out

Start making a list of people to invite now. Ask a lot of people. Get reading for people to back out. Take it like a champ, and remember, so many people like the idea of getting a tattoo, but when it comes down to it, paying someone to stick a needle in them seems crazy unless they already have one.

Pay Your Artist a Deposit

Your artist may need a deposit before they agree to come to your party. When you’re not in the shop, you’re losing money, so a deposit shows that you’re serious and gives you a safety net if a lot of people don’t show up. It’s up to you if you want to collect deposits from the guests or put up the money yourself.

Tattooing process
Client and tattoo artist choosing drawing for tattoo

Set The Schedule

We know that party and schedule don’t go together, but they must (even a little) when many people want to get tattoos at your house. Don’t have everyone come at the same time; if you can, let people know when it will be their turn to go under the needle. Make sure not to promise a specific time. Tattooing is an art; it doesn’t always happen at a specific time.

Set Up Your Tattoo Parlour

Make sure you can give tattooing its own room with a door, lots of light, and power outlets. Some people want to be alone, while others want people to watch, so make sure you have a few extra chairs. 

Be Prepared

Painkillers, ice, and ointment might be a good idea. Some juice and one or two barf bags might also not be bad. During the first few minutes of their tattoo, at least one person turned a little green and said they would pass out. It’s not a bad idea to be ready.

Two beautiful girls at tattoo studio
Women with tattoos enjoying the time

Hire The Best Party Tattoo Artist

Pearl Lemon Tattoos like the idea of partying with you!

We can work with many people as long as the designs are ready and our corner has been set up. 

We are definitely the companion you’ll need if you want to add a touch of something new and unconventional to your parties!

Just send out a party or a birthday invitation with a call, and we’ll discuss the per-hour payment, location, and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

A tattoo session usually takes between four and six hours on average. Many of these hours are used to choose the design and get ready. Large tattoos may take a lot longer or require more than one visit to finish.

The party host gathers all their friends who want new tattoos in one place and lets a tattoo artist give them a new one. Everyone at the party is there for the same reason, and while you wait for your turn with the tattoo artist, you talk to other people.

First and most simply, a tattoo is an excellent souvenir that people can take home and post on Instagram. By doing this, they will spread the word about the event and the artist on social media.

Then, there is a slightly more wholesome reason to think about. The purpose of party favours is to give you a physical reminder of the event you attended and enjoyed. The best party favours can make you feel closer to the other people there. So, a tattoo you and your friends got at a party is the most long-lasting and uniting party favour ever. Even better if that tattoo is done by a local artist who gets more exposure and, as a result, more clients from working the event.

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