Get Yourself Some Small Tattoo Design With Our Small Hand Tattoo Ideas

What could be better than getting ink that shows who they are without being complicated or painful? Small-sized tattoos! 


Small tattoos are prevalent among young people, especially celebrities, who often get them on parts of their bodies that are easy to see.


There are a lot of different designs for small tattoos, from parts of nature to the initials of people you care about. Then you finally get to choose, you can finally get a tattoo, and you can join the 36% of adults who have at least one tattoo.


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Small Hand Tattoos for Men and Women Ideas

These days, people are getting iffy with large designs, especially when getting a hand tattoo. Their choices tend to be small, visible tattoos that don’t “shout out” their presence. Here we have compiled a list of tattoos for women and men!

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Anchor Tattoo

Anchor tattoos mean that you have hope and are safe or that you have strength and stability as a person. They are also famous for tattoos that two people get together. Because anchors are such a simple, meaningful, and easy-to-recognize symbol, you don’t need to add too many details to them. Many guys get an anchor tattooed on their wrist or ankle so they can always see it and keep their feet on the ground.

Crown Tattoo

If you get a crown tattoo, you’ll feel like royalty! Even though many men get elaborate designs of these or combine them with others, like a lion, a simple outline or silhouette will look just as good. Crowns are also a great and easy way for couples to get matching tattoos.

Elephant Tattoo

Elephants are a sign of wealth, luck, and knowledge. People with “old souls” are often drawn to elephant tattoos because the animals live for a long time and remember a lot. Elephants are unique and popular animals, so they work well with a more simple tattoo style. And since they are grey, there is no need to add colour to the inking.

Tribal Tattoo

A tribal design is an excellent choice for a simple tattoo because the smooth line drawing and black ink make it stand out. The organic shape of a tribal tattoo makes it look pretty on the shoulder because it curves around your upper arm muscles and bone. This means that it won’t look like it’s stuck in one place but will move with your body.

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Tree Tattoo

A tree tattoo would look great on someone who loves the outdoors. Not only do they show how connected a person is to nature, but they also stand for long life, growth, and protection. Palm tree tattoos can also mean that you take life easy and look on the bright side, which is an excellent design for our easygoing peeps.

Arrow Tattoo

Arrow tattoos are easy to do and look good. An arrow tattoo looks on many parts of the body, but the arms and legs are where they are most often used. Arrows symbolise where you want to go in life, sticking to your path, and getting what you want. They can also be a great way to remind yourself to stay true to yourself and stay away from distractions.

Moon Tattoo

People can say different things about moon tattoos, those who like the night more than the day may choose them because of this. But they can also stand for something more substantial.


Since the moon grows and shrinks over time, it is often a symbol of change. If you want to show how you’ve changed, a simple crescent moon tattoo is a great choice. It’s also a classic choice for a couple’s tattoo when paired with a sun-themed design.

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Cross Tattoo

A cross is one of the simplest tattoos that still means a lot. For religious guys, this tattoo has a lot of power. It reminds you of your faith, your promise to live a Christian life, and the fact that God is always with you. A cross tattoo doesn’t need extras for men who like to take things easy. This simple inking says it all.

Compass Tattoo

The compass symbolises being able to find your way in life or love for travelling. It can also be a way to honour the most important thing in your life, such as a person or idea that helps you make decisions. There are many simple compass tattoo designs, but one of the best ones for laid-back guys is a simple two-line tattoo with letters for north, south, east, and west.

Initial Tattoo

Why not go for your initials if you want a personalised but pretty minimalist tattoo? An excellent way to spell out initials, abbreviations, or a short word on your hand without it being too obvious is to put a letter on the side of each finger.

Lotus Tattoo

Roses are typical for women and girls, but small images and designs of lotus flowers are becoming more popular. You can get one tattooed on your wrist and show it off. This is an excellent choice for a small tattoo for girls, and it’s easy to do. This is one of the beautiful small pattern tattoos available for girls.

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Shhh Tattoo

A very clever and cool hand tattoo idea is to get “Shhh…” on the pointer finger. If you want peace and quiet, this is an excellent tattoo to show that you want it (quite literally). Even singer Rihanna has one just like this.

Sunflower Tattoo

We love how this bright sunflower is put on the hand. The stem goes along the finger, and the flower head is made with the bigger part of the hand. Both the colours and the lines are beautiful. The sunflower tattoo is commonly a symbol of vibrance, light, and lovely things.


You can choose from the selection of designs mentioned above or give us a design of your own; just talk to our tattoo experts to get it inked.

Let's Ink You Some Small Hand Tattoo

Small tattoo ideas, especially those common symbols like a roman numeral, star tattoos, a small heart, a small flower, or butterfly tattoos, have been popular small tattoos these days.


These inkings may come in white ink or with some shadings, or maybe look a little dainty; the bottom line is, they will seem very simple yet still look cool.

Getting a tattoo, especially those micro tattoos that are small and simple, has been quite a trend, especially this year. And most of these minimalist tattoos have been placed on the hand, like a simple finger tattoo, a knuckle tattoo, or even a ring tattoo which can also be put on the middle finger or the pinky.

Getting hand tattoos has become something everyone should experience. So we suggest picking a unique design you won’t mind etched on your body, and then we’ll get you that hand ink.

Let’s ink you some minimalist finger tattoo! Set an appointment now to get started!

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