Shrug Off Painful Memories With A Panther Tattoo Cover Up

More often than not, acquiring a tattoo is an event of great importance to someone, especially in Central London. These markings often tell stories integral to their wearer’s life. They represent something or someone that the wearer holds dear to their hearts and that they cherish.

But sometimes, our lives change.

As the tides ebb and flow, so do the people and things we cherish. We let people go; we let hobbies go; we let ideologies go. And as such, some tattoos we might have either lose their significance or remind us of a time or decision we would rather not remember. 

Maybe you were dared to be inked while drunk and decided to follow through, or maybe you got a wonky tattoo from your amateur tattoo artist friend. Whatever the reason, you know it is time to acquire a new tattoo; you know it is time to acquire a tattoo coverup.

A coverup tattoo is a new design tattooed over the top of an existing tattoo so that the old tattoo is no longer visible or is part of the new piece of art. You are essentially inking a tattoo over a tattoo in Central London.

This is where Pearl Lemon Tattoo can help. Our highly-skilled artists will take care of any tattoo that you need to be covered up. Book a call today.

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Tattoo Removal vs Cover Up Tattoo

Tattoo removal and tattoo coverup are two options you can explore when removing any traces of your tattoo. Which you choose will depend on a plethora of factors, particularly if you’re considering properties in Central London. It is important to understand what each option involves to make an informed decision.

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Removing a tattoo using lasers involves using the said laser to attack the ink within the layers of your skin. The laser fragments the layers of ink particles, which your white blood cells absorb.

The complete removal of a tattoo using lasers takes multiple continued sittings. Most people require an average of 10-12 fifteen-minute sessions to see the complete removal of the tattoo in Central London.

The laser tattoo removal procedure is tailored toward people who want to remove all traces of their tattoos.

Tattoo Cover Up

Tattoo coverups work by inking a new design over an unwanted tattoo. It utilises elements of the original design to ensure the new design is seamless.

This type of procedure works best for people who have a tattoo in the same spot but want to hide the original or want a new design. It is also a great choice for someone simply looking to avoid the long, multiple sittings that laser removal requires.

It is important to note that you can combine both methods. Going in for a few laser tattoo removal sessions to fade an original tattoo produces better results as it frees the tattoo artist up by creating a cleaner slate to work upon

Whether you want a tattoo removal, coverup, or both, Peal Lemon Tattoo can do it for you.

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The Tattoo Coverup Process

The process of concealing an unwanted tattoo is a process that involves multiple steps:

Pick A Design

The first step in removing your unwanted tattoo is to pick a design. You can look online for any inspiration. Make sure to keep size, colour, and design elements in mind.

Meet With A Specialist

Meeting up with a specialist can help you determine whether or not you need a laser tattoo removal procedure to fade your original tattoo.

Choose An Artist

If you have taken laser tattoo removal sessions, you must wait for your skin to heal. Only then will you be able to meet up with a tattoo artist specialising in the process to discuss your design ideas. If you have yet to decide on a design, your tattoo artist can guide you, and they might even give you a design of their own.


Conceal Up Your Tattoo

You can then proceed with the procedure and enjoy your new tattoo. Be sure to bring along some water and snacks to keep yourself hydrated and fed while your design is inked onto your body.

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What You Need To Know About A Panther Tattoo Cover Up

This well-known wild cat has often been a popular design used to conceal many tattoos. It is a part of the most iconic tattoo designs in history. Its popularity increased because of the civil rights movement group, the Black Panthers, and more recently, it gained further fame with the Black Panther franchise. As such, it has been used in many tattoo ideas.

This tattoo is instantly identifiable with its powerful imagery, expressive postures and rich sable saturation. It is a brilliant method of concealing old tattoos because of its dense inky shape.

Like most animal tattoos, their meaning is derived from the qualities of the animal that it represents. These wild cats are ferocious and powerful predators of the jungle. They are fiercely loyal and caring to their young. As such, these types of tattoos can symbolise power, guardianship, freedom and courage.

How Pearl Lemon Tattoo Can Help You With Your Tattoo Cover Up

Tattoo coverup is a process that Pearl Lemon Tattoo understands all too well. As such, to ensure that your new art is of the highest quality, we only provide you with tattoo artists that are highly skilled and trained to give you a world-class tattooing experience.

 Client is our top priority. It is important to us that you are happy with the quality of your procedure. Your well-being, safety, and comfort is our most important consideration. We ensure that your new tattoo is done in a safe and relaxing space in Central London.

If Pearl Lemon Tattoo sounds like the tattoo parlour for you, book an appointment now.