The Best Tattoo Cover Up for Wedding to Consider Before You Walk Down the Aisle

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Planning a wedding requires extensive time and effort from a couple. The list of things that need to be decided upon is seemingly endless, including the venue, the guest list, the menu, and the bride and groom’s attire.

When it comes to a wedding, the bride and groom usually put in the most hours of preparation


There’s a lot to think about before the big day. At a wedding, all eyes will be on the bride and groom—not the perfect time to flaunt an unsightly tattoo or an inked tribute to an ex-lover.

Thankfully, you may find tattoo cover-up services to save you from shame

With the right tattoo artist from Pearl Lemon Tattoos, you can cover up that old black ink with something more meaningful and attractive at the same time. Just right in time before your big day.

Ready to get that cover up? Get in touch with us to have that tattoo concealed.

Brides & Grooms Covering Up Their Tattoos

If guests see you’ve covered up your tattoo for the wedding, they may assume you’re trying to hide it because you’re embarrassed by it. 

But we know that sometimes, that’s not the case. If you have a tattoo, it’s probably because the design or message is particularly meaningful to you. Since this is a priceless possession, it should be on full display during a significant moment in your life.

However, it’s probably a good idea to hide tattoos that might offend your wedding guests, such as an explicit symbol or offensive language. 

Moreover, although you may be proud of your tattoo, if you’re having your wedding at a more traditional venue, you may feel obligated to hide it.

There’s also the case of turning a new leaf or getting a new design over an old tattoo idea. Whatever the reason, our tattoo artists at Pearl Lemon Tattoos are here to help.

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Options for Hiding Your Tattoo on Your Big Day

If you’re a bride with a permanent tattoo you’d like to hide on your wedding day; there are various cover-up options you can go with.

Use Cosmetics

When we say cosmetics, you’re probably thinking of a concealer. Well, you’re right. 

Makeup companies generally know that there are occasions when you might rather not draw attention to your body art. If you want your tattoo cover-up makeup or concealer to last all day, set it using a setting powder or hairspray. 

Depending on size and location, you may require additional layers or products to conceal your tattoos effectively. If your wedding is going to be held outside, where you will be more exposed to the weather, it is highly recommended that you choose a full-coverage concealer and a waterproof makeup product. Just be careful not to stain your tux or wedding dress!

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Use Patches

Tattoo cover patches are available if you have minimal tattoos or only need to hide them temporarily. Stick-on patches are an alternative to traditional cosmetics for brides who wish to hide visible tattoos on their wedding day. 

Although tattoo cover patches are simple to apply, they are only suitable for a limited time because they can peel off. The patch may be too noticeable over a larger tattoo, so you should look at other concealing solutions instead. 

If you’re set with using this, you should consider your natural skin tone so that the patch won’t stand out too much on your big day.

Tattoo Cover-Up

You may want to show off your tattoos at your wedding ceremony or in wedding photos, but you aren’t happy with the one you currently have.

If that’s the case, cover-up tattoos allow you to show off a new elaborate inkwork on your wedding day.

We at Pearl Lemon Tattoos have your back if you decide on the tattoo cover-ups. The process for making reservations with us is easy.

Simply visit our website to get started.

Medusa Tattoo

Tattoo Cover-Up Designs for Future Partners

We provide a wide selection of tattoo cover-up designs perfect for a wedding, and any of them would be a perfect gesture to honour your commitment to one another on your big day.

shoulder blackgrey wings tattoo, Small Tattoo, bird sleeve tattoo for men

Bird Tattoo

Birds are a metaphor for unfettered expression, the stream of feelings, and the unravelling of a journey. These are the things that enrich human connection

Reminding yourselves that life is not to be taken too seriously, this pair of avian tattoos can constantly remind you that your adventurous spirits are venturing into new worlds.

Clover Tattoo

The clover’s three leaves symbolise the Holy Trinity and the virtues of faith, love, and hope, which are all associated with St. Patrick’s. When you add in a fourth leaf, it indicates luck.

Rare and hard to find, four-leafed clover plants result from a genetic mutation, not a natural occurrence. There are many different legends about why people consider them lucky, but it’s believed that they signify love, faith, hope, and luck.

Ankle Tattoo Cover Up
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Heart Name Tattoo

Tattooing someone’s name inside a heart is a sweet way to show your affection for them. Red and yellow frills add a sense of femininity to this tattoo. This piece will look great on your shoulder, back, or bicep.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo

The Native American culture has a tradition of hanging this talisman over the cribs and beds of infants to ward off bad dreams. As the legend goes, a dreamcatcher will prevent the dreamer from having any nightmares while welcoming any pleasant ones that may come along. 

The Ojibway or Chippewa Indians of the Plains are often credited with creating this narrative, while the Lakota and other tribes also have their versions of the dreamcatcher narrative.

Lip Tattoo, Back Tattoo
Woman with fern tattoo hugging trees and enjoying nature in the pine forest.

Tree of Life Tattoo

The tree of life, a symbol with deep meaning across many faiths and cultures, is often represented as having wide-reaching roots and branches. Growth, strength, rebirth, peace, and connectivity are only some of their meanings. 

A tree of life tattoo might symbolise the strength and perseverance you display in the face of adversity.

Burning Heart Tattoo

The tattoo says it all: this individual lit a fire in your heart. Consider this tattoo design of a black heart with flaming fire if there is someone who makes your heart race. You can have it done on your bicep, shoulder, back, or wrist.

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Horse Tattoo on arm

Seahorse Tattoo

Many people find the seahorse fascinating because of its unusual appearance (a horse-like head and a coiled tail). 

They are monogamous, lifelong partners who regularly engage in a daily ritual of morning dances between the sexes. 

Seahorses are unique in that the males are responsible for nursing the baby. A seahorse tattoo can be a beautiful symbol of your love, dedication, and commitment to your relationship.

Jewel Heart Tattoo

A jewel heart tattoo is a great option for you if you like hyperrealistic tattoos. It shows how much you value that person in your life. This tattoo is a work of art because of the detailed design and vibrant colour palette used. You can get it done on your bicep, thigh, or shin.

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Angle Tattoo on arm

Mermaid Tattoo

Beautiful mermaids have inspired narratives and art for centuries. Astoundingly, they are rich with meaning and might serve as an excellent inspiration for a tattoo. 

These fantastical beings are often shown with long, wavy hair, gorgeous fish-tail bodies, and charming faces. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, was said to find mermaids attractive.

LGBT Love Tattoo

This rainbow heart with a pixel border is a meaningful symbol of acceptance and gender equality. It’s best done in your writs. This tattoo looks best on pale and beige skin tones.

Compass Tattoo

These tattoos are common among those who travel the world because they symbolise a sense of freedom and curiosity. While some depict the standard compass, others use more simplistic features, such as four directional arrows, to convey the same message

Your compass tattoo can also include a map to show where you live or where you’re going.

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Sun Tattoo

Sun And Moon Tattoo

The sun denotes strength, energy, and renewal, while the moon represents femininity and purity in the sun and moon pair tattoo. Together, they symbolise harmony and growth. This is a fantastic pairing that could lead to a harmonious partnership.

Skull And A Flower Tattoo

The contrast between a skull and a flower is meant to imply the cycle of life and death. The flower in these tattoos represents beauty and fertility, while the skull represents death and mortality for the couple. 

It’s a sobering reminder that every connection has its ups and downs. Knowing this will help you keep your composure on the days when you really cannot bear each other.

It would be such a great honour for us to take part in building your future with the one you love. Even though it would just be covering up a tattoo, your gesture is big enough to tell them how much you love them. 

So don’t worry about us not nailing your tattoo cover up– because we can, and we will ink you with perfection for your big day.

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Why Pearl Lemon Tattoos?

Pearl Lemon Tattoos is here to assist you in honouring your love on your wedding day. 

You can rely on our team to make you appear your best by covering up old ink that may be irrelevant or unwanted for you now.

We’ll see to it that you get tattooed just as you imagined. We will surely love to see you walk proudly down the aisle with a meaningful cover up tattoo done by our artists.

For tattoo appointments, contact us.