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Tattoos really dominate the world of body fashion nowadays. 

No matter the size, design and meaning, tattoos are perfect for those who want to express themselves. And we take it that you want it too, given that you’ve visited this page. We now know you’re looking for a small tattoo fit for you. 

Don’t be shy about it because it’s alright. In fact, 13% of women have a tattoo now, which is a crazy amount of people given that there are 3.9 billion women worldwide! If we were to guess, the influence of social media pressure and trends really played a significant role in the dominance of tattoos in this era.

If you’re considering having a tattoo but are reluctant, you can try to have small tattoos. 


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This tattoo’s advantages are its aesthetics, cheapness, and easy concealment. It may also look beautiful and expressive but are subjective to those who know its meaning and acknowledge its design. You can get as many interpretations for it as you want.

Here at Pearl Lemon Tattoos, you can get the best deals with our small tattoo designs just for you! 

Whether you want a small hand tattoo, small ankle tattoo, small wrist tattoo, chest tattoo, small finger, or any type you want, you can be assured that with our service, you get the best ink procedure possible.

Whatever design you want, we can provide it for you!

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Aesthetic & Cute Small Tattoo Ideas For You

If you still do not have any tiny tattoo ideas, scroll down to see which great small tattoos for women are available for you.

After that, tell our experts which one you want so they can ink it on you!

Cute Small Tattoos

One of the advantages of having a tiny tattoo is that many of the designs are adorable. Tiny things, as they say, come in small packages; you may have a tattoo that is young, playful, nostalgic, and joyful. Animals are popular, especially adorable creatures such as puppies, newborn elephants, frogs, and pandas. You can also choose characters from childhood movies, series, or cartoons. Hearts and other shapes are equally charming.

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Small Meaningful Tattoos

A little tattoo may be quite impactful at times. The tattoo’s meaning is subjective and intended to convey everything from life philosophies to names to inspiring words. A little meaningful tattoo is frequently stylish, personal, and sweet, whether you wish to get your children’s birth dates etched or artwork paying honour to relatives.

Geometric Tattoo

Geometric patterns typically represent order, harmony, and stability, especially when simple geometric shapes are used. They can also hold their own connotations, which range from global to highly personal.

Minimalist Tattoo

The minimalist tattoo has grown popular and fashionable. Small minimalist tattoo designs can be black and grey or multicoloured, with innovative lines, dots, or angles joining in to signify something significant and beautiful. Simple concepts work best in small tattoos that women may place wherever on their body-turned-canvas because of their basic simplicity.

Small Cross Finger Tattoo

Faith-based tattoos are a meaningful way to acknowledge a higher power; in Christianity, a cross is an appropriate tattoo symbol – its holy significance and historical history are compelling reasons to pick this tattoo design. A little cross tattoo provides you with many creative options in addition to a powerful message. It may be subtle or strong, simple or vibrant, and work well in any setting.

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Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are among the most popular female tattoos. This is due to the butterfly’s associations with change, nature, and freedom. They also have a lovely and feminine appearance. Butterflies are a flexible tattoo design that looks great in both colour and black ink. Furthermore, these flying insects stand out even as a little piece of artwork.

In their purest form, these tattoos represent femininity and beauty. The butterfly’s life, like that of other insects, is brief. These tattoos might represent a lost loved one. Butterflies, and certain people in a metaphorical sense, go through a metamorphosis during their existence. We can put this as one of the best tattoos for women available.

Anchor Tattoo

Women seeking a piece of body art with meaning can consider getting an anchor tattoo. Anchors, in addition to providing a nice and tidy look, are also an excellent reminder to stay grounded since they were designed to keep ships securely at bay during their sailing days. They can be simple, charming, and tiny enough to fit around an ankle, foot, wrist, or finger.

Heart Tattoo

For decades, heart tattoos have been widespread, particularly among women. This is because they are simple, feminine, and reflect the most powerful emotion: love. Heart tattoos may represent many types of love, from romance to family and even loss. A little heart tattoo is a simple reminder of what matters most in life and displays your passionate and affectionate side.

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Owl Tattoo

Owls signify wisdom and intelligence, making them an excellent tattoo design for graduating students or those who enjoy studying. Owls also have a spiritual side since many cultures identify them with the afterlife due to their nocturnal habit. Choose a design that accentuates the owl’s wings or has a distinct art style to make the most of a little owl tattoo.

Small Snake Tattoo

Snake tattoos are popular among women because of their spiral forms, which allow them to be placed wherever on the body. While snake inkings look great in any size, a little serpent is ideal for positions such as the underboob. Snakes symbolise fresh beginnings since they lose their skin. They can also represent temptation (as in the Biblical account of Adam and Eve), sexuality, fertility, and protection. The nice thing about a snake tattoo is that you can personalise the message.

Lion Tattoo

Lions and women have many distinguishing features, including fierceness, courage, and the ability to lead; women who are either proud of or seeking these attributes might benefit from a lion tattoo. In addition, like a lion, the ink does not have to be enormous to create an impression – a little tattoo may be just as fierce.

Cat Tattoo

Cat tattoos are ideal for anyone who wants to channel their feline spirit. A little kitten cat is a blend of charming and striking, both in real life and on the skin, symbolising perseverance, beauty, elegance, and fury. Cat tattoo designs may be done in several styles. Cartoonish, realistic, based on a past pet, a caricature, or symbolic art can be created.

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Mountain Tattoo

Mountains in nature are vast and imposing, yet they may be made into a modest piece of art that symbolises the scale with exquisite linework and underlying significance.

Quote Tattoo

If you are emotionally committed to a word, phrase, or lyric, a little quotation tattoo is an excellent way to keep it with you forever. The words from a song, book, poetry, or phrase make for an artistically beautiful tattoo. Popular places include the wrist, inner forearm, or ribs, and there are an infinite number of font variations.

Lion Tattoo

Lions and women have many distinguishing features, including fierceness, courage, and the ability to lead; women who are either proud of or seeking these attributes might benefit from a lion tattoo. In addition, like a lion, the ink does not have to be enormous to create an impression – a little tattoo may be just as fierce.

Cat Tattoo

Cat tattoos are ideal for anyone who wants to channel their feline spirit. A little kitten cat is a blend of charming and striking, both in real life and on the skin, symbolising perseverance, beauty, elegance, and fury. Cat tattoo designs may be done in several styles. Cartoonish, realistic, based on a past pet, a caricature, or symbolic art can be created.

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Tree Tattoo

Nature or minimalist enthusiasts could unite over a stylish and aesthetic tiny tree tattoo. Trees’ movement and roots contain symbolism, wisdom, and knowledge. These are commonly worn on the arm, back, and shoulder.

Compass Tattoo

The compass tattoo, which has numerous meanings, is popular among men and women. Some people like the trip implications, while others see it as a guide for keeping loyal to yourself and your life path. It may be as basic or as elaborate as you wish, making it a great small-sized tattoo.

Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoo meanings are as varied as they are multi-layered; in ancient societies, flowers were a direct emblem of god’s satisfaction. Flowers are frequently used to symbolise the love between two individuals nowadays.

The lotus is an excellent example of a floral tattoo.

The lotus is a Hindu emblem of heavenly beauty and purity. Its open petals symbolise the intellect and spirit growing. As a result, many ladies, particularly those with a spiritual side, have chosen it as a tattoo design. The lotus makes an excellent little tattoo since it is delicate and elegant. Choose a placement that corresponds with your chakras to enhance the spiritual component of a lotus blossom tattoo.

If you prefer, you can also try other flowers like tulips, roses, sunflowers, and even daisies.

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Dragonfly Face Tattoo

The dragonfly, both in person and as a tattoo, is a magical and wonderful symbol. The insect has many cultural implications, ranging from rebirth to transformation; they are sometimes viewed as free spirits for not following a straight flight route. The dragonfly is beautiful and spiritual, even as a little tattoo.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Dreamcatchers, inspired by Native American traditions, are recognised for their protective abilities against evil spirits, nightmares, and negative feelings when placed above beds at night. This origin narrative is ideal for ladies who want to pay homage to their Native American heritage, or it may be incorporated into the design of another tattoo.

Small Skull Tattoo

The iconic skull and crossbones symbol has been rediscovered by women who seek a little defiance in a tiny skull tattoo. Skulls provide a lot to work with since, aside from expressing death and rebirth, they can also be merely aesthetic, whether basic and clean or packed with colour and flowery flourishes.

Small Tribal Tattoo

A little tribal tattoo is one way to commemorate tribal history without committing to a complete armpiece. The sun, trees, animals, colour-block shading, symbols, and forms are all natural-inspired elements to add or take inspiration from. This smaller piece is ideal for the back, shoulders, arms, ankles, and wrists.

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Wolf Tattoo

The wolf concept is as strong as the creatures themselves, which is why wolves are such a popular tattoo design. Wolves are recognised for their intense devotion and prowess as pack-oriented creatures. Wolf tattoos are popular among couples, particularly husbands and wives who wish to show their love and devotion via ink. These tattoos, whether large or small, convey a profound statement.

Phoenix Tattoo

The Phoenix has the ability to rebirth from ashes; this is the profound meaning behind phoenix tattoos, which are a visual representation of this fabled and magical bird. The Phoenix is noted for its flaming images and change and rebirth. Women who want this tattoo can add feminine accents with shading or watercolour embellishments or have the bird sketched flying to assist the design fit in tight spaces.

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If you’ve already chosen your design and the place in your body where your small tattoo resides, you can expect that the session of embedding it will take an average of one hour. However, the exact time still depends on the complexity of the design of your chosen small tattoo. 

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