Ink Your Inspiration With Our Small Tattoo Ideas for Men’s Hand

The art of tattooing is increasingly popular nowadays. Its ability to express anything you want with just an ink embedding process is top-tier.

As of 2020, 15% of men have tattoos that they love keeping on their bodies. Expressing themselves with these tattoos is a must for them as it promotes masculinity. 

With all kinds of tattoos, hand tattoos for guys are growing more popular. 

However, remember that obtaining a hand tattoo requires significant consideration. This is because some professions don’t allow visible tattoos on the body. Unless you wear gloves, your hands will be seen even if you wear a long-sleeved shirt.

But if everything is fine, then get inked on your hand pronto! 

Hand tattoos are used to express personal feelings and motivational or inspirational symbols. They also go beyond power and masculinity.

Here at Pearl Lemon Tattoo, design your hands with your style or our recommended ones. Allow our experts to do it for you. 

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Small Tattoo Ideas For Men

If you need some recommendations on what tattoo ideas you see fit for your personality, we got it for you! Check it out below.

Anchor Tattoos

Small double anchor tattoos are popular homages to North American Classic tattoos, harkening back to a time when sailors, like outlaw motorcycle riders, wanted to express their otherness via body art.

They do not only provide a neat and clean appearance but are also a good reminder to chill and find time to relax on stressful days. You can put it as a finger tattoo or a palm tattoo!

Axe Tattoo

The axe depicts the natural world as a man once cut it out, and it is a sign of more than human effort. The axe has emotional overtones of chopping wood, caring for fires, and constructing his kingdom from the forest bottom up.

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Dog’s Paw Tattoo

Dogs are frequently adopted to defend the home from intruders or wild animals in the case of an animal farm. However, a dog paw tattoo may also indicate the desire for direction and protection since dogs will guard your property against attackers. Dog paws can also symbolise loyalty.

Compass Tattoo

The compass tattoo, which has many interpretations, is popular among men and women. However, compass tattoos generally represent direction, safety, and stability.

The compass emblem has been inked by collectors seeking direction, protection, and guidance throughout the growth of tattoo art.

Simple Crossed Arrow Tattoo

The simple crossed arrow tattoo was a symbol of both battle and peace. It represents an alliance in Native American tribes, whereas an arrow split in two represents peace.

Cat Tattoo

For th cat lovers, this one is for you. This tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants to channel their feline spirit. A little kitten cat is a blend of charming and striking, both in real life and on the skin, symbolising perseverance, beauty, elegance, and furyCat tattoo ideas may be done in several styles. Cartoonish, realistic, based on a past pet, a caricature, or symbolic art can be created.

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Mountain Tattoo

Mountains in nature are vast and imposing, yet they may be made into a modest piece of art that symbolises the scale with exquisite linework and underlying significance.

Quote Tattoo

A quote tattoo is a fantastic method to keep a word, phrase, or lyric with you forever if you are emotionally attached to it. The words from a song, book, poem, or phrase make for a stunning tattoo. 

Bird Tattoo

Birds symbolise our longing to live a spiritually free and joyful existence. In certain civilisations, birds were even revered as a symbol of perpetual life, as in the connection between heaven and earth.

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos vary in culture and style. Many get this inked because of their connection with their homeland or ancestors and their accomplishments. They also represent protection, power, and strength. You can also see this type of tattoo among people who have a great collection of tattoos on their bodies. Probably because a tribal tattoo is also one of the most common tattoos of today.

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Small Skull Tattoo

Skulls can represent conquering great trials, even death. They can represent strength and power and provide protection to the wearer. They might represent the end of an old existence, a defeated past, and a positive transformation in one’s life.

Small Chicano Tattoo

The Chicano tattoo style evolved in the 1950s from criminal Latin American gangs that used body tattoos to announce their membership in a particular organisation forcefully. Some have attempted to paint Chicano with meaning – about the futility of existence and the pursuit of great justice.

Deer Tattoo

The animal deer, when used as a tattoo, symbolises many forms of spirituality in different civilisations. In the Christian faith, for example, the deer represents piety, devotion, and sainthood. In Celtic tradition, the deer, on the other hand, represents femininity, elegance, and tenderness.

Music Tattoo

In every human culture on Earth, music is more than simply a tune or melody. A beloved song’s beat represents the heartbeat of every living being on earth, at its most basic level. 

Hence, music can be seen as a metaphor for life, and is a popular tattoo theme for music lovers. 

Musical notation and instruments are two ways to symbolise music. Musicians most often depict these images as expressions of devotion to their music, or other dedications to the production and creation of music.

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Ship Tattoo

Some meanings associated with the ship tattoo are new journeys/beginnings, home, good luck, a way of life, direction, bravery, honour or even a troubled past.

Semicolon Tattoo

Trigger warning!

A semicolon tattoo is a tattoo of the punctuation symbol (;) that is used to express support and solidarity in the face of suicide, despair, addiction, and other mental health challenges.

Dragon Tattoo

While all dragons appear strong, magnificent, and mysterious, they may be seen as both good and evil, masculine and feminine, and associated with fire and water. A dragon tattoo can represent courage, fury, passion, or wisdom.

Tree Tattoo

Tree tattoo designs traditionally represent knowledge, development, wisdom, strength, spirituality, sustenance, immortality, fertility, and independence.

Trees are revered as the most significant emblem of magnificent beauty and eternal power, yet they offer the most fundamental element of human life, oxygen.

Trees evoke an affection for nature since they have been widely employed as a symbol of life and healing in historical writings, folklore, and literature.

Many tree tattoos, particularly in Norse and Celtic tattoo culture, feature the Tree of Life, commonly represented as circular tree artwork with interlaced branches and roots.

If you have chosen your design for your hand tattoo or want to suggest your design for inking, consult with our tattoo artists today!

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