Showcase Your Alluring Personality With Our Incredible Lower Back Tattoos For Women

Many women love lower back tattoos. It embodies a woman’s femininity and expresses her sense of style. Nowadays, women love to show off their bodies and are no longer constrained by the societal stigma associated with tattoos. 

A lower back tattoo emphasises the hips’ exquisite curves.

Generally, ladies love tattoo designs that are either fun and interesting or bold and captivating. However, some women love extreme or badass designs. It all depends on the kind of woman and her personality.

Females typically get tattoos on the part of their body that is frequently visible, such as their lower back or shoulder blade. It is important to remember that whichever tattoo you ultimately choose will remain on your skin for the rest of your life. 

Hence, you must be sure you pick something you won’t become tired of in a few years. It costs money to get a tattoo removed or covered up, so ensure to choose a permanent design that you will always adore for years. 

If you are uncertain about a tattoo, a good idea is to first get a temporary ink design before opting for a permanent option.

Our artists at Pearl Lemon Tattoos have numerous lower back tattoo design options from which to choose. 

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Pick From Our Lower Back Tattoos For Women

If you’re looking to get a lower back tat but aren’t sure about a design to go with, below are some of our clients’ favourites:

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Heart Tattoo

The classic Heart with wings is most people’s favourite, but it is more popular amongst younger folks. It stands for ascension, independence, spiritual essence, and love. This tattoo is frequently picked by people who have lost loved ones as a sign that angels have transported them to heaven. Women love this design because of its profound meaning.

Floral Tattoo

Floral tattoos come in various patterns and motifs, all expressive and meaningful. But most of the time, people wear them because they are beautiful. Flower tattoos are popular amongst ladies since they represent a picture of grace and beauty. Particularly on the lower back, they can be extended to their utmost extent due to the broader coverage area. They can be plain or designed in a burst of colours to stand out.

Lion Tattoo

For any young woman that loves daring and bravery, The King of the Jungle is an excellent tattoo design. The Lion is also linked to elegance and power. You might choose a Lioness if you would like your lion tattoo to have a more feminine vibe. It stands for strength, procreation, and motherhood. It might also be a way to honour your feminine energy or relationship with the other ladies.

Star Tattoo

Simple but symbolic star tattoos are trendy, and numerous interpretations exist. The star tattoo represents honour and protection; for others, it stands for freedom and the capacity to dream. It can also provide direction and guidance. 


You can add other photos to your item if you want it to be a little more intricate and detailed. An anchor or a swallow, for instance, can be added if you enjoy nautical themes. 

Another possibility is replicating the night sky or paying tribute to a dead colleague. You can create your item distinctively because there are so many options to choose from.

Peacock Feather Tattoo

Peacock feather tattoos are a popular body art style. They symbolise pride and arrogance in addition to being connected to royalty. While some may choose to have a peacock feather tattoo because of these qualities, others find them attractive and choose to get one for no reason. The peacock feather tattoo is attractive and is typically inked in blue and green tones.

Skull Tattoo

This one is the most popular among tribal tattoos on the lower back. Typically inked dark black with solid tones of grey, adding a vibrant touch, the Skull symbolises the loss of a loved one, while the fairies’ wings signify their carrying. Additionally, it represents a person’s ability to stand up to danger. It is one of the women’s best picks for lower back tattoos.

Pro tattoo artist creating a full sleeve and small child-themed tattoo for a woman
Female Tattoo Artist Prepares Tattoo Machine for Making a Tattoo on a Men’s Arm

Phoenix Tattoo

Few animals are as beautiful and symbolic as the phoenix. Thus it is not surprising that both men and women love to get phoenix tattoos. The bird symbolises eternal life, strength, rebirth, death, and rebirth. According to legend, the phoenix emerges from the ashes of its predecessor after bursting into flames. 


This represents a journey and makes a potent claim about conquering obstacles and growing more robust. The lower back is a great place to put details since you can put in whatever you want, like the bird emerging from the ashes or its colourful wings spreading out.

Quote Tattoo

Words are powerful! 


Maybe there is a line from your favourite movie you remember or a line from a poem that speaks to you. A quote tattoo idea is a wise choice if this is the case. These designs have the potential to be quite profound and open to several interpretations. 

They remind you that you are strong and resilient, or they can transport you back to happier or younger memories. The back also makes for the ideal location because it is big enough to accommodate a respectable-sized phrase and is simple to hide or display.

Traditional Lower Back Tattoo Ideas

The bold outline, vibrant yet restrained colour palette and almost comical imagery characterise this style. Using several themes-including nautical and animal designs-makes blending them into a narrative simple. 

The connotation linked with your choice of the image may vary slightly. 


There is no doubt, however, that these pieces are statement-making. Although they were previously solely inked by outcasts of society, the meaningful tattoo trend is now widely accepted and popular. By choosing this method, you respect the art.

The Angel Wing Tattoo Ideas

The back is excellent for your ink since it allows for enough complexity and rates low on the tattoo pain scale. There are many different alternatives for getting tattooed, for example, little cherubs or archangels. Angel tattoos are significant. 


Angels serve as God’s messengers and signify piety and devotion. They can also stand for goodness, optimism, purity, and direction. These are beautiful traits worth honouring. As a memorial piece for a loved one who has passed away, you could be drawn to an angel that bears their name.

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