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Do you want to start supporting your culture and traditions but do not know where to start? Or maybe you want to be part of a prominent culture and show enthusiasm for it?

Well, there are various ways to do that, and one popular way is by getting a tattoo.

With Pearl Lemon Tattoos, you have the chance to get tattooed and be part of the 35% – 48% of people here in the United Kingdom that may possibly have tribal tattoos too.

But you might be asking, where is the best part of your body to put your tattoo where you can get that big, amazing tribal tattoo?

One place we highly recommend– is your back!

Back tattoos frequently represent the foundation of our lives. After all, it’s where the spine is located, and the spine holds the frame of our body. 

With a good tribal tattoo design of your choice, we can treat your back as a huge canvas where body art will be born and displayed. 

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Dream Catcher Tattoo
Tattoo Artist Preparing Tattoo Machine

Tribal tattoos have stemmed from different cultures all around the globe. The different tribal style of each tribe in a specific country paves the way for more meaning in each stroke that a tattoo artist makes.


If you’ve heard of tribal art, then you’ve already heard that tattooing or tribal tattooing is one art form they take on. It shows their pride, tribal culture, and accomplishments as a society of their own.


Most of the famous tribal tattoo styles are Polynesian tattoos, Maori tattoos, and Celtic Tattoos. The tribal design of each is intricate and commonly used in many tribal tattoos of today.

However, there are also other cultures where your tattoo idea may come from. Here is a list of them below:


  • Polynesian Tribal Tattoos
  • Celtic Tribal Tattoos
  • Filipino Tribal Tattoos
  • Native American Tribal Tattoos
  • African Tribal Tattoos
  • Maori Tribal Tattoos
  • Indian Tribal Tattoos

Perfect Back Tribal Design For You

We know that it might be unknown to you how we work and what we offer. So, we prepared some designs and recommendations for you so that you can see and choose what you want.

You’ll also be able to see the tribal tattoo meaning of each style below!

Filipino Tribal Tattoos

For over 500 years, tattoos have been a part of Filipino culture. This type of tattoo is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it has traditionally been thought to protect you from attackers.

Tribal and geometric patterns with strong symbolism are common in traditional Filipino tattoos. Many of these heritage get these tattoo designs to keep their culture alive and stay connected to their roots.

This tribal tattoo pattern is far more approachable and distinct than other tribal tattoos, with simple motifs complementing the body and linear strokes flowing around the designated area.

It’s a perfect back tattoo for people who have strong relations to Filipino roots or perhaps just want to try out a design that is aesthetic and compelling.

Close up of the tattoo machine. Tattooing.
Client and tattoo artist choosing drawing for tattoo, foot tattoo cover up

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

Hawaiian tribal tattoos are often considered a gentler approach to the tribal tattoo game. The Hawaiian Islands’ traditional tattoo art is known as kakau. This traditional style symbolises protection, war hula, and God’s honour. 

The tattoo also represents your family’s ancestors and honours their traditions and values.

Given the importance of water in their culture, it’s only natural that their tattoos reflect this. With recurring motifs of water creatures, this tattoo style for the back is ideal for those who enjoy being near water and outside.

Polynesian Tribal Tattoos

Polynesia is made up of over 1000 islands. As a result, many of their tribal tattoos allow you to be creative with what back tattoo you might want to get.

Because there was no writing system in Polynesian culture historically, the Polynesians used tattoo art with distinctive signs to express their identity and personality. Tattoos would indicate social status, sexual maturity, ancestry, and social rank in a hierarchical society.

This tattoo is visually appealing because it is traditionally heavy on black ink with various negative spaces. So if you’re into that hardcore tribal tattoo design, this one is for you.

Professional tattoo artist
Tattoo Artist Tattooing Man’s Arm in Studio

Native American Tribal Tattoos

Tattoo art has different spiritual rituals across Native American societies. Their variations highly depend on the culture of the tribe. Some of these sacred rituals were used to protect, guard, heal, and convey status and accomplishments.

You’ll notice that there are a lot of animals in a Native American tribal pattern. Wolves and totem poles are two great symbols of virtue frequently appearing in this tattoo idea.

Animals are undeniably crucial in their culture. Eagles, ravens, buffalo, coyotes, and turtles are five sacred animals revered by many indigenous groups in Native America. They are considered brothers and sisters among our avian, four-legged, and swimming relatives.

Dream catchers are a popular subject in Native American culture as well. Dream catchers and totem poles are majestic and symbolise protection and warding off evil spirits.

So if you’re planning on getting that Native American feel on your back tattoo, you should go with the tribal tattoo designs from this culture.

African Tribal Tattoos

Because Africa is known as the home of storytelling, there is more to their tribal art than meets the eye.

These pieces, with hidden meanings of bravery and courage, represent the wearer’s strength. They also represent a global art heritage shared by many cultures.

Tribes have used tattooing to mark the right of passage, commemorate major achievements, establish status, and induce protection in Africa. Having that said, getting a tribal tattoo is an inherently meaningful act.

Although many of these tattoos tell a story, history shows that many tribes had them for purely aesthetic reasons. African tribal style is more heavily shaded and more of a statement piece than others. 

The heavy black ink in this style is similar to Polynesian tattoos. Consequently, this is a good idea for individuals eyeing their black ink tattoo as something bolder and fiercer than the usual tattoo.

Tattoo artist tattooing
Back neck tattoo of a woman

Samoan Tribal Tattoos

Although Samoa is classified as Polynesian, it has its own distinct tattoo design. Samoan tribal body art can have a variety of sentimental meanings, depending on the individual receiving the piece.

Each symbol can have multiple meanings, ensuring your tattoo is unique. These tattoos are frequently a collection of basic strokes combined to create one seriously cool piece of artwork. Think of it as your own diary which depicts circumstances in your life.

This is a good tattoo idea for your back since you can have more elaborate space to show how unique you are from others.

Mexican Tribal Tattoos

Mexico is known for its fantastic art scene and quirky approach to life, which extends to its tattoos. When it comes to Mexican tribal tattoos, you can pick and choose from Aztec tattoo styles to Sugar Skulls.

Aside from those styles, you can also take inspiration from their impressive architecture that can really stand out.

A back tattoo dedicated to the Mexican culture is quite the tattoo design you’ll want if you’re into that spice of life and happiness. 

Also, since this culture encourages creativity, the style is far less intimidating than other tribal tattoos. So you can put them anywhere, even in areas beyond the back.

Did you find a design that fits your personality? Or perhaps you already have an ideal tattoo design waiting to be inked?

Either way, feel free to call us to get it inked on you.

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