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“Scar is not an injury. A scar is healing. After an injury, a scar is what makes you whole.” says a certain Mieville in their inspirational book.

And while that is true, sometimes all you want to do with an injury is put it under a meaningful cover-up, put it on a scar camouflage and forget that it once affected you somehow. 

We understand your sentiments and discomfort. As experts on tattooing over scars, Pearl Lemon Tattoos will help you with your newly tatted aesthetic. 

Set an appointment today to get started. 

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Why Do Others Get A Tattoo Scar Cover Design

Tattooing over a scar is practised by many. It’s usually done to serve as permanent makeup, a cleverly way to cover an injury or scarred skin. Some common injuries that talented tattoo experts hide are as follows:

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The Next Step Is Consultation

It is always good to first have a consultation with your doctor– a dermatologist or your previous surgeon– to discuss whether there won’t be health issues arising from your plan.


You’ll most probably be advised to wait until the scar gets fully healed to avoid making things more severe. Sometimes, scars include past trauma or irregular micro pigmentation and other things to consider and take more care of if you don’t want to reopen a past wound with a tattoo needle.


You can also ask our tattoo experts here at Pearl Lemon Tattoos before you proceed, as we won’t do the work unless your scars are safe to get inked on.

Let Our Artists Remove That Blemish

Finding a good tattoo designer with experience covering blemishes and injuries is the first step in getting tatted to hide a scar. 

Tattoos that cover scars have the same risks as other tattoos, like getting an infection or a blowout. A blowout is called a blowout when the ink goes too deep into the skin and blurs the tattoo.

When the studio you go to has a clean workplace, experienced tattoo artists, and new equipment every time they take in a customer, the less likely you will get problems with your new ink.

With Pearl Lemon Tattoos, we ensure a sanitary tattoo shop, an expert tattoo designer, and high-end digital equipment for our clients.

Let our artists cover up the blemish you want to hide; give us a call.

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