Want To Get A Tattoo For Men? Check Out These Best Back Tattoos For Men Ideas If You Need Simple Back Tattoos For Guys

Tattoos on the upper back are the ideal blend of flashy when necessary and concealable otherwise, unlike a full back tattoo. 

With a simple shirt, you can easily cover your tattoos just like the other 72% of all adults do. And if you are one of them, back tattoos are perfect for you if you can’t display ink at work.

An advantage for people who want a tattoo but don’t want to see it all the time is that an upper back tattoo isn’t visible to the person wearing it. 

Almost anything that holds significant meaning for you can be inked on your upper back. The upper back is the ideal location for more intricate designs. When you are in a circumstance where it can be displayed in public, it will get a lot of attention because it rests at eye level, and people can enjoy it without bringing it up to your notice.

You can also have a minimal, straightforward drawing as a back tattoo. With back tattoos, you have the option to design a large, complicated concept or a mosaic of artwork that covers the entire surface of your back. You can also use shirts and t-shirts to conceal back tattoos easily. 

Popular designs for back tattoo ideas include dragons, lions, the traditional phoenix, eagles, crosses, skulls, and names of loved ones. Before going to the nearest tattoo parlour, you should look over all the great back tattoo designs. An excellent back tattoo speaks originality while being inspirational and bringing forth your uniqueness.

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Our Customers' Favourite Simple Back Tattoos For Guys

These are some of the designs our clients love getting more than anything. Take a look, and you might find yours too.

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Religious Tattoo Design

Religious body art demonstrates one’s adherence to the faith. There are excellent options for men’s back tattoos since the wearer can choose between an upper back tattoo and a pattern encompassing the entire back. They can also vary in size and style. The designs can express a personal tale by using a symbol, a sign reflecting one’s religion, a religious text, a religious figure, or a mix. For some, this might also be a lucky tattoo. Some commonly preferred design ideas are a cross back tattoo or an angel back tattoo.

Tribal Patterns Design

Tribal tattoo ideas come in a variety and may differ from culture to culture. A tribal back tattoo typically depict a person’s history and accomplishments.


Nowadays, when people talk about a tribal tattoo design for men, they typically imply small tattoo abstract patterns and striking designs with black lines, albeit sometimes they have spiritual and cultural significance.


Therefore, if you are considering getting a tribal tattoo for reasons related to tradition and bloodline, do more research to discover one that conveys your emotions and sense of connection to the community or legacy. And if the primary motivation for choosing this pattern is aesthetic, go with something more abstract because it won’t offend anyone and can still be attractive as a back tattoo design.

Phoenix Tattoo Design

Due to its frequent associations with strength and rebirth, the phoenix is a legendary creature many men may identify with. In myths, the phoenix rises from the ashes and comes back stronger than before. 


Therefore, a phoenix back tattoo style is perfect if you’ve faced challenges in your life or have lately found a solution to one. After all, the mythological bird has significance in addition to looking fabulous in huge inking. Therefore, it’s the ideal garment for your back. Alternatively, another common mythical creature commonly preferred is a Dragon. A dragon back tattoo can symbolise bravery and strength. A dragon tattoo can hence be another badass tattoo.

Quote Tattoo Ideas

Quote tattoos on the back are an excellent way to display your character or deeply held beliefs. They can also serve as a reminder of the things that are most significant to you. Decide on a quote that will motivate you every day. 


Make sure the quote perfectly captures how you feel about life, whether from a book, movie, or song. It is also important to note that you should think about experimenting with the tattoo’s placement because your back has plenty of room. 

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Lion Tattoo Idea

Men frequently get tattoos of lions. That is because the animal represents qualities that appeal to many men, like courage and strength. A back lion tattoo typically symbolises the wearer’s bravery, representing them overcoming a battle or adversity. 


It can also be a pattern that displays the wearer’s zodiac sign, Leo the lion. No matter where they are, lion tattoos always look good. However, a back lion tattoo gives the artist more excellent room to add finer details and create a more lifelike design.

Skull Tattoo

Skulls have always been a famous emblem among men. They are among the coolest-looking and most profound symbols, which explains why. Given that human skulls are typically associated with death, a tattoo with a Gothic design would be fantastic. 


Some men who want to give their tattoos additional meaning add flowers to their back skulls. This combination honours all of life and symbolises the fleeting nature of existence. Other designs include animal skulls or Mexican sugar skulls with a Day of the Dead theme.

Geometric Back Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are the best choice for a contemporary spin on back art. These tattoos emphasise abstract patterns to produce a distinctive and best tattoo design that fits nicely on the back. Their adaptability has been gaining popularity among men in recent years. You can create any design you want using geometric back tattoos.

Owl Back Tattoo

A tattoo of an owl stands for mysticism, magic, knowledge, insight, and sound judgement. An owl is renowned for its keen vision and keen sense of perception. This design is for you if you possess comparable abilities or can identify with its traits.

Patterns And Components

If none of these categories appeals to you, don’t panic; you can think about getting a back tattoo that motivates you. 


For a lower back tattoo, you can select a subject that is dear to your heart, such as cars, fitness, your job, or anything else that piques your interest. You can also ask the artist to modify a design to reflect your preferences and interests.

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