Shower With Tattoo

All You Need To Know About Showering With A New Tattoo

All You Need To Know About Showering With A New Tattoo

Shower With Tattoo

You have endured the pain and got yourself a new piece of art for your body. The next hours are going to be very crucial for your healing process, and they will determine how your body looks at the end of the process.

Naturally, you might be quick to get into the shower and have yourself cleaned, but you need a green light from your artist first to ensure that you’re doing everything as per the recommendations.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can go about showering after you have had a bath. But first,

The Initial 48 Hours After Are Critical

Good tattoo care during the first 48 hours after getting inked greatly aids the healing process. When you get a tattoo, the tattoo artist will wrap the ink to protect it from the elements that might cause infections. You may need to wear such protection for a while depending on the type of bandage used.

In general, medical-grade bandages such as Saniderm and Tegiderm are used for at least 24 hours. Any other bandage should come off in a few hours. Make sure your artist’s recommendation is still valid.

The Only Thing You Should Use Is A Loofah Or Washcloth

To wash your tattoo, simply touch the ink with your hands. An abrasive loofah or washcloth might harbour bacteria. While cleanliness is important, you shouldn’t wipe away beneficial bacteria or the skin’s ability to heal.

It is recommended to wash it once or twice a day, and don’t apply moisturizer until the skin is flaky and itchy.

Resist From Picking Your Flakes Off

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Your tattoo will start to dry out about 48 hours after it is finished if you don’t use medical-grade bandages, which stop scabbing and peeling. But resist the urge to remove the upcoming flakes. This could result in scarring, outlines becoming fuzzier, and your ink becoming discoloured. Handle your tattoo like you would a cut, and allow your body to recover.

Swimming, Sweating, And Sunbathing Are Not Advisable

Always keep in mind that the sun is a tattoo’s worst enemy. When exposed to the sun while still healing, your tattoo must be covered. Even when you are fully healed, protecting your tattoo with a high SPF sunscreen is essential. You shouldn’t spend any time in the sun for the first two weeks while it’s still healing.

Moreover, swimming should be avoided for at least three weeks. In terms of physical activity, he suggests avoiding the gym for at least a week to prevent infection. Exercising outside is better.

Sunscreen Is Your Friend

Sunscreen should be applied every day, but protecting your tattoo is very important. To keep your tattoo healthy, apply sunscreen regularly. For long-term tattoo care, apply sunscreen regularly to prevent fading. Sunscreen with at least 30 SPF provides the best protection.

Advice For Showering After Having A New Tattoo

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As tattoos are essentially open wounds, you should leave the bandage alone for at least three hours after getting a new tattoo. Some even advise waiting for more than 24 hours.

Tattoos are bandaged almost immediately after the tattoo artist finishes their work to prevent infections and scars. In the end, your artist knows best, so ask for their advice since it may differ depending on your project.

Here are some tips you can put into consideration after getting a new tattoo:

#1 Your Tattoo Is Practically A New Wound, Treat It Like One

Please treat your tattoo in the same way that you would treat any open wound. Since the skin is damaged during the healing process, it must be kept clean and sanitary during the tattooing process.

#2 Water That Is Lukewarm Or Cool Is Best.

Adjust the water temperature and power to a moderate trickle of lukewarm or cool water. The skin on your body is extremely sensitive, so if it isn’t taken care of, it can swell even more.

#3 The area should be cleaned with your hands or a cup.

It is never a good idea to use the water directly from the shower head. The area should be gently cleansed instead of with a cup or your hand.

#4 Use Gentle, Scent-Free Soaps

For sensitive skin, use mild, unscented soap while showering. Ideally, the best soaps for this should not contain any harsh chemicals, but still, be able to remove bacteria and pollutants gently.

#5 Never Immerse Your Tattoo In Water.

Whenever possible, keep your tattoo out of the water. Water should be avoided as much as possible since it may affect the colour of the tattoo.

#6 Just Take Brief Showers

Short showers are recommended. A new tattoo might take longer to heal if it is exposed to steam and heat.

#7 Use Paper Towels

Dry your tattoo with a paper towel or let it air dry. It is best to avoid using towels since cross-contamination can lead to bacteria buildup and illness.

#8 After It Has Fully Dried, Use A Moisturizer.

Once the area has dried, moisturize it. A number of gentle moisturizers are available that are chemical- and odorless-free. There are also items designed specifically for tattoo care that speed up the healing process.

Final Word

Maintaining your tattoo may seem challenging due to the numerous precautions and procedures that must be followed before you can fully appreciate the creativity behind it. Don’t let this stop you from getting your tattoo done, though.

The procedure is a minimal cost for everlasting artwork and creative expression on your body. Taking good care of your tattoo will ensure that it heals properly and maintains its colour for as long as possible.


Is it safe for me to shower after getting a tattoo?

Absolutely, you are welcome to take a quick shower in cold or lukewarm water. Be careful not to soak the tattooed area, and keep it out of the direct stream of water. Use your hand to lightly rinse the tattoo.

Is it painful to shower after getting a tattoo?

No, taking a shower after a tattoo does not hurt if you use cool or lukewarm water and avoid direct stream from the shower head. However, do not take a hot shower after getting a tattoo because it hurts. Hot water opens your skin’s pores, allowing more ink to leak out, causing fading and blurring. Avoid letting the main stream of water rest on the inked area after getting a tattoo by gently rinsing it with your fingertip instead. This will make the shower less painful.

How long does a tattoo take to heal?

Normally, the outer layer of skin (the visible layer) will heal within 2 to 3 weeks after getting a tattoo. The skin beneath a tattoo might take up to 6 months to heal, even if it appears and feels healed.