Four Reasons Why You Need A Mobile Tattoo Artist
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Tattoos often hold significant meaning to the people who wear them. In addition to serving as a symbolic representation of a loved one, tattoos have been used as symbols of healing and a way to express one’s faith or to commemorate a loved one.

Even if it isn’t used to highlight something significant, tattoos are beautiful means of self-expression that can be used to decorate one’s body. 

Whatever reason you have, Pearl Lemon Tattoos can help you bring your tattoo dreams to life. Our highly-skilled tattoo artists take great pride in the work they do. 

They aim to give you a safe, pleasant and memorable tattoo-getting experience. Allowing you to get a tattoo in the comfort and safety of your home is one way in which we strive to achieve that goal. 

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What Are Tattoos?

A tattoo can be defined as a mark, figure, design or word intentionally fixed or placed on the skin


Throughout history, all over the world, multiple cultures, societies and peoples have used tattoos for various purposes. 


Tattoos were used for religious purposes, for protection or as a source of power. Tattoos also often acted as status symbols and an indication of being a member of a certain group. Traditionally, tattoos were used as a form of artistic expression.


In addition to their purpose, tattoos are also defined by their cultural, emotional, or aesthetic significance.

The Earliest Case of Tattoos

Different cultures and religions have used tattoos to decorate the human body for thousands of years.


The earliest known examples of an ancient civilisation using tattoos would be the Egyptians; tattoos were present on several female mummies dated to 2000 B.C. 


This date has been pushed back even further with the discovery of the Iceman from the area of the Italian-Austain border. He was carbon-dated at around 5,200 years old.


The Iceman proves that one of the uses tattoos saw was to be used for healing; small tattooed dots and crosses were found on his lower spine, right knee and ankle joints. All areas of strain-induced degeneration. They may have been applied to alleviate joint pain.

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How We Get Your Tattoos Inked

The first step in getting inked is finding the right tattoo parlour. You must ensure that the tattoo artist and the chosen tattoo shop have proper licensing. The parlour’s licensing should be displayed on its website.

After having chosen your tattoo artist, you will reach out to discuss rates and set up a consultation. During the consultation, your tattoo artist will talk about your design.

After agreeing upon the final design, you will be ready to have it inked on your skin.

Your artist will take you to their station, where they will start the tattooing process. This starts by disinfecting the area that the tattoo will be inked upon and using a disposable razor to remove any hair. 


The artist will then place the tattoo stencil of your chosen design onto your skin. This can be moved around as much as you like until you are satisfied with the placement.


Once the placement is perfect, the artist will tattoo the outline of your design before filling in any colours or gradients.


When the inking process has been completed, the artist will clean the area, wrap it up and tell you how to take of it.

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Why You Need A Mobile Tattoo Artist In London

Mobile tattoo artists allow you to get inked without going to a tattoo parlour. Whether you want to get a tattoo in the comfort of your home or you want your party to be special by having a tattoo artist on hand, you can be sure that our artists are ready to work wherever you need them to be.

Using a mobile tattoo artist is perfect for those getting a tattoo for the first time. Being in a familiar environment can make the experience less nerve-wracking. The tattoo artists at Pearl Lemon Tattoos will guide you in preparing your home for a tattooing session.

You can have a mobile tattoo booth set up by one of our professional tattoo artists.

Having a mobile tattoo artist visit allows you to be more prepared than visiting a tattoo parlour. You can have painkillers, ice and ointment on hand. If you think you will get nauseous, you should have a barf bag by your side. Being in the comfort of their home eases many first-time tattoo-getters’ anxiety.

Book Your Mobile Tattoo Artist With Pearl Lemon Tattoos Today

Due to recent world events, many prefer things to be done at home. It is safer and more convenient. Mobile tattoo artists allow the tattooing process to be flexible. They allow you to get a high-quality tattoo in the safety and comfort of your own home. This reduces the stress and anxiety of getting a tattoo for the first time.  


Our mobile tattoo artists are highly-skilled and trained to give you a world-class tattooing experience in the comfort of your own home. Getting your first tattoo should be as stress-free as possible. The client is always our primary concern; your well-being, safety and comfort take top priority. 

Get a tattoo in the safety of your home by booking a mobile tattoo artist today.

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