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For some people, getting inked may imply different things. Some people consider it fashionable, while others view it as a way of life. 


However, there is some risk involved in removing a tattoo if you change your mind later on.


Although removing a tattoo is a big decision, once it has been made, most people are eager to remove the ink from their skin as quickly as possible. 


The experts at Pearl Lemon Tattoos strongly advise avoiding looking up how to quickly remove a tattoo at home on the internet (if it doesn’t involve natural ingredients), despite how tempting it may be to do so.


An at-home tattoo removal procedure is neither quick nor easy. It can frequently be excruciating, and you might regret it more than you did on your original tattoo.


It is essential to get your tattoo removed safely. So, if you plan to carry out the process at home by yourself, we recommend you first consult our experts or, if possible, hire our at-home tattoo removal services.


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Ditch The Laser And Choose Simple And Natural Home Remedies For At Home Tattoo Removal

Even if there are various surgical ways to get rid of a tattoo, you might try removing it yourself at home using natural materials. Here are a few suggestions to aid you with the procedure.

Aloe vera slices on dark background and spoon with aloe gel. Hea

The Aloe Vera Gel, Yoghurt, And Salt With Honey Mix

This is one of the many natural remedies that work wonders in removing an unsightly tattoo. It is one of the best natural methods, even though it could take time and multiple applications to remove the tattoo altogether. 


Additionally, applying honey, aloe vera, and yoghurt to your skin works wonderfully for it and doesn’t leave a scar, unlike some other tattoo removal techniques.


To give a thick paste, you must mix the aloe vera pulp, honey, salt, and yoghurt.


After cleaning the application area, apply the mixture and massage the region with it. The tattoo will fade with time after repeated applications.

Lemon Juice And Salt

This is another excellent method to remove an unwanted tattoo.


Lemon juice has bleaching powers, and salt contains a lot of sodium and chlorine. The vitamin C in lemon dehydrates the skin, while when you apply table salt onto the tattooed area, it penetrates deeply into the skin and aids ink’s fading.

Using lemon is an excellent approach to getting rid of a permanent tattoo. Mix equal amounts of salt and lemon to try this tattoo removal method. 


Apply the solution to the tattooed region using a cotton ball, and then rub it for 30 to 60 minutes.

Be aware that all the rubbing will cause you to develop a sore.

Scrub With Table Salt

Using salt is a common method to completely remove your tattoo ink at home. 


Using a wet gauze sponge and table salt, you should sand down the area of your skin where the tattoo is designed. Keep doing this for at least 30 minutes.


The outer layer of skin ought to come off after about a week.

Once it has healed, repeat this procedure every six to eight weeks until you have removed enough skin layers to get rid of the tattoo pigments.

Salted Apricot Scrub

Mix some apricot scrub and salt and rub it onto the tattoo. The apricot scrub is an abrasive and effective method that will sand down your skin and distort the ink while the salt erodes the skin’s epidermis. You can partially remove the tattoo with this approach.

Bowl of oil and salt mixed with herbs, ingredients for home-made body scrub, overhead view
The texture of a shining scrub close-up.

Salted Apricot Scrub

Mix some apricot scrub and salt and rub it onto the tattoo. The apricot scrub is an abrasive and effective method that will sand down your skin and distort the ink while the salt erodes the skin’s epidermis. You can partially remove the tattoo with this approach.

Make A Tattoo Removal Cream By Yourself

It would be finest if you stayed away from tattoo removal lotions that are the simplest to find on the market. Make one at home instead with natural and seasonal ingredients.


You should combine fresh aloe vera pulp with one tablespoon of Paederia tomentosa juice, commonly known as Skunk Vine (fresh leaf juice is preferred), and two vitamin E tablets.


Massage the mixture well after applying it to the tattoo. After that, rinse it with warm water.


This method is gentle and dispels skin damage like rashes and blisters.

Prepare A Balm For Tattoo Removal

The tattoo shredding balm is a fantastic, painless method for removing tattoos at home


It would help if you gently rubbed it over the tattoo. This will require patience because it could take a while and several bottles before it disappears. 


In addition to removing the tattoo, the balm also hydrates the skin. The product is quite pricey, but it is well worth the money.

Cover Your Tattoo With Makeup

Covering your tattoos with a tattoo concealer may be the ideal option for people who are undecided about opting for surgical tattoo removal or natural removal treatments due to concerns that it will be either costly or uncomfortable. 


These concealers are not like regular concealers. Instead, they are made with tattoo concealment in mind when applied to the tattooed area.

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Natural Tattoo Removal Tips To Help You Remove Tattoos At Home

It’s crucial to remember that swiftly removing a tattoo at home is not a realistic expectation.

A professional visit is necessary for the most practical, secure, and efficient solution.

Methods for removing tattoos at home are typically too dangerous and ultimately useless to be taken seriously as a quick fix. It doesn’t hurt to do more study on safe, natural therapies if you have the time and money, but keep your expectations in check.

You will most likely need skilled laser tattoo removal to swiftly and safely remove your tattoo.

Please conduct further research and take precautions to reduce the risk of burning and scarring, regardless of the method you decide to choose.

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Get Professional Tattoo Removal Laser Surgery For Effective Tattoo Removal

Laser removal is the most common way to get professional surgical removal for a tattoo. Many even say it is the best method to remove a tattoo because of ease and immediate results, unlike natural tattoo removal methods that aren’t always your best bet.


This is because many home tattoo removal methods can harshly target the top layer of your skin and damage skin cells, leading to infections like skin rashes and aftercare. Using an ointment may not help much.


The best thing to do is to consider your options and settle on the safest method convenient to you and your expectations. Or better yet, see a professional even when DIY techniques and natural cures appear like fantastic ways to remove tattoos at home successfully.


The primary worry when attempting tattoo removal at home is the lack of assistance or access to a qualified medical practitioner if something goes wrong.


We are proud to have a staff of skilled and licensed laser tattoo removal specialists at Pearl Lemon Tattoos


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