Be A Different Kind of Badass with A Small Tattoo for Face

The face is the best way to tell who someone is and how to recognise them. Makeup is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of ways to decorate the face. However, face tattoos are one of the most beautiful ways to decorate the face.

From a visual point of view, these tattoo ideas are absolutely stunning.

But tattoos are yet to be accepted by society.

For tribes, they use facial tattoos to show who is part of their tribe. They wore them like medallions to show their lineage’s pride. Depending on the culture of the tribe, the message of the tattoo design may vary.

Aside from face tattoos, they were also into sleeve tattoo, body tattoo, and back tattoos. In most cases, they were respected because it was part of their tradition.

However, for personalities like Lil Wayne, Mike Tyson, Wiz Khalifa, and Post Malone, with intricate tattoo art all over their faces– society isn’t so accepting.

Female tattooist inking black back tattoo on a man, showing artistry and focus
Female Tattoo Artist Tattooing Male Client In Studio, Hand Tattoo Designs For Men, small tattoo

Even if they were celebrities, the general public had a divided view of their tattoos when they got them.

When they see face tattoos, most people think of criminals, gangsters, and prisoners. But researchers say that the negative stigma about tattoos in the workplace is slowly fading.

And really, they’re too cool and attractive to say no to, so what’s the harm?

But if you’re still sceptic about getting that intricate face tattoo art, you can always opt for a small tattoo on your face.

Think of it as small tattoos that Justin Bieber, Cardi B, and Kim Kardashian got (although Kim only had a temporary tattoo for the sake of Stormy).

Get a tattoo on your face today. Get it with Pearl Lemon Tattoos.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of small tattoo for face

There are pros and cons to getting a tattoo on your face. Want to know more about it? Take a look at them below.



Face Tattoo Design Ideas

When it comes to designs for tattoos on the face, there are a lot of options. But you can get whatever you want since our professional tattoo artist can make it happen. 


Here are some designs for face tattoos that you might want to think about:

Chin Tattoo Ideas

This idea for a tattoo design has been around for a long time. Tattoos on the chin were a big part of many cultures worldwide. People thought the Maori people were the best examples of this type of face.

Sacred Geometric Designs

If getting a tattoo on your face has something to do with your religion, you might want to think about this idea. In fact, many historians have confirmed that ancient people used tattoos on their faces to show how strongly they believed in their religion.

Tattoo Artist Tattooing Man’s Arm in Studio
Close up of the tattoo machine. Tattooing.

Dotwork Face Design

This tattoo idea is a well-planned design and can give you a beautiful tattoo. In other words, you can’t get it on your face and have it be messy. This is the main reason why dot work designs are so popular. But the tattoo artist needs a lot of skill to do this– luckily, our tattoo artists here at Pearl Lemon Tattoos can do it.

Crowded Tattooed Face

Many people worldwide go all out with this particular idea for a face tattoo. You’ll put tattoo art all over your face to the point where there’s almost nothing left to tattoo here. You might think it will be a lot of trouble, but it won’t be. It will now be up to your tattoo artist to get it right.

Tribal Tattoo Design

Culture and design will affect tribal tattoos’ meaning. Wearers often wear them to celebrate their heritage and achievements. They can also signify power, strength, and protection. This tattoo design is most prominent with tattoo lovers nowadays if you ask us.

Word Face Tattoo

Word tattoos on the face are among the most significant trends alongside tribal tattoo designs. Whether you choose a short quote or slogan, a word face tattoo makes a strong statement about who you are. For simplicity and maximum impact, many guys ask for a one-word description, like “lover,” “misunderstood,” or “alone.

Tattooist inks dragon design for arm, honoring lost loved ones.
Client and tattoo artist choosing drawing for tattoo, foot tattoo cover up

Heart Face Tattoo

Since the first sailor tattoos, hearts have been a popular design for people to get inked. They can be a quiet way to honour someone you care about, such as a friend or family member. Hearts can also stand for love, heartbreak, or even a love for life itself. Most heart tattoos on the face are small and simple because there isn’t much room to draw.

Cross Face Tattoo

A cross is a tattoo that many religious people get. Getting a cross tattoo on your face shows that you are a Christian and are serious about your faith. It will always remind you of God since you’ll see it every time you look in the mirror. Place a cross tattoo on the corner of your eye to show that God opened your eyes or on your temple to show that God guides your thoughts and decisions.

Skull Face Tattoo

A full-face skull tattoo looks cool and daring on guys who are very brave and different. The skull tattoo is not for the faint of heart. It was made famous by the artist Rick Genest, known as “Zombie Boy.” It’s a big decision and works best for people who are crazy about tattoos and like a Gothic look.

Diamond Face Tattoo

Since diamonds are the hardest natural substance on Earth, men often choose them to show that they are unbeatable, have integrity, and will survive. Diamonds are also known as a sign of power and wealth. A diamond face tattoo shows that you care about yourself and that you are strong.

Start talking to our professional tattoo artists about the tattoo design you like best. Get them inked on you today!

Tattoo artist tattooing
Portrait of pensive tattoo master with tattooing machine

The Pearl Lemon Ink

Pearl Lemon Tattoos wants to give you only the best face tattoos.

We get that you want a tattoo on your face that looks great doesn’t draw too much attention, and will probably still make you land a job. 

We hope our list of ideas for face tattoos has helped you develop the perfect design for your face.

Once you’ve decided on a design, you can talk to your tattoo artist about how you want it to be done and what details you want to include.

So, why don’t you just do it? Get Pearl Lemon Tattoos’ ink by setting up an appointment with us today.

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