Commemorate Your Trio Friendship With Our Minimalist Tattoo for Trio

Best friends are not like any other. You’ve been there for each other, celebrating the good times and going through the bad. 

Whether you became friends on the first day of kindergarten, in school, or as adults, your friendship is strong and can’t be broken. 

People usually get commemorative matching tattoos for these types of ride-or-die relationships. Studies say that people get these matching tattoos as a symbol of their union, as a token of how important the said relationship is for them.

And while this sounds so sappy and romantic, we think it’s actually more suited for friendship tattoos since friends typically–admit it or not–last longer than most romantic relationships. 

So, why not use matching tattoos to show the world how much you love each other? After all, tattoos last a lifetime – just like best friends.

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The Beauty of Minimalist Tattoos

A tattoo doesn’t have to be complex to be meaningful. 

minimalist tattoo is excellent if you and your closest friend seek a body art design that is as chill as your friendship.

A popular trend is for besties to get each other’s initials or design some lines, dots, and other elementary geometric figures.

An ink that subtly expresses a common religious conviction is also an excellent way for friends of the same faith to show they care about each other.

Simple tattoos are often placed on the wrist or fingers because they are always in plain sight but also look stylish and chic, given their minimalist designs. 

Popular Choice for Tattoo Placement

Finger Tattoos

It’s no surprise that finger tattoos have recently skyrocketed in popularity. These tattoos may be smaller than the norm, but that doesn’t mean they lack significance or versatility. There is a finger tattoo for every taste, from large and ostentatious to tiny and subtle.

Ring Finger Tattoos

Getting a tattoo on your ring finger is a lovely expression of your love for your other half, or in your case, halves. These tattoos are an excellent replacement for a real ring because they cannot be misplaced or stolen.

According to ancient Romans, the vein of love ran through the ring finger and all the way to the heart, making a tattoo on that finger a very symbolic and loving choice.

Minimalist Tattoo on wrist

Wrist Tattoos

Because of its visibility, the wrist is one of the best places to get a tattoo. This is where you will see your tattoo every day, so choosing something that means a lot to you is essential.

There are so many choices, like getting a name tattoo to honour your friends or a semicolon to show that you are strong and stand together against mental health problems.

A heart tattoo can help you remember what’s important, and an anchor tattoo can help you stay calm in a storm.

Popular Choice for Tattoo Placement

The matching friendship tattoo culture has been pretty alive these days. 

We have made a list to give you an idea of what other trios usually get! 

Check these out:

Harry Potter Minimalist Trio Tattoo

Fans of the Harry Potter series sometimes referred to the series’ three protagonists–Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley–as The Golden Trio.” The movie series was elevated by the emotional connections between these closest friends.

So, our fellow Potterheads, you might want to get something to commemorate our HRH friends. Whatever you think will best unite your trio to the Golden Trio, be it initials, their distinctive emblems (a crown for Ron, lightning bolt for Harry, and light bulb for Hermione), or anything else, you can get that inked!

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Rose Flower Tattoo

This is one of the most meaningful tattoos you can get on your arm to remember your best friends. People say, “I love you” can be said with a bouquet of three roses,” so a tattoo with three roses could be seen as a sign of love and care. The three roses stand for light, life, and love.

For another example of a tattoo design idea, three roses can be arranged in a triangle for large, flat body parts. 

Sun, Star, and Moon Tattoos

The most common meanings of a sun tattoo are light and new life, but the meanings vary from culture to culture.

Sun and moon tattoos are popular for romantic couples but also great for best friends whose personalities are complete opposites but complementary to each other.

Usually, a tattoo like this shows a delicate balance between two forces at odds with each other, like good and evil, light and dark, death and life, masculinity and femininity, and so on.

Adding a star to commemorate your trio is also a good idea. There are many ways to get matching tattoos like this. A minimalist or simple tattoo looks great on the wrist or ankle. For larger body art, you can go for the forearm, the back, or the thigh.

Sun Tattoo
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Powerpuff Girls Siblings Tattoos

Best friend tattoos have become more popular recently, but sister tattoos aren’t too far behind.

Sister tattoos might have a little more meaning than other tattoos because it shows that your friendship is now at a family level.

This also means that people looking for sister tattoo ideas want to find the best design and meaning for their sisters’ tattoos so they can be proud of them for the rest of their lives. 

You can channel your inner Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup with Powerpuff Girls tattoos! You can even get it based on who’s more of a Blossom (girly and it girl vibes), Bubbles (the cute baby of the group), and the Buttercup (more boyish and fierce) in your group.

These beautiful tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among young 

people because they show a special bond.

Roman Numeral

Want to get a minimalist tattoo that looks cool and holds a deep and significant meaning simultaneously?

Consider getting a roman numeral tattoo with your besties!

Dates written in Roman numerals look stylish and regal. Get a tattoo of a special date that you and your best friends share. It could be a solid and helpful reminder.

These kinds of tattoos are often put on the wrist, angle, and fingers.

 They’re perfect for sentimental trios that don’t want a very profound design for their tattoos.

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Butterfly Tattoos

Because of their metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly, butterflies have come to represent change. They are also connected to nature and personal independence.

So, best friends who feel a connection to these concepts may want to think about having matching butterfly tattoos. Butterfly symbolism in Christianity centres on the idea of rebirth and renewal.

Getting this symbol tattooed on your skin alongside your best friends could be a meaningful gesture if the three of you have helped each other through difficult times.

Wolf Tattoos

The wolf is a symbol of protection, family, and devotion. This is why wolf tattoos have become so popular: they perfectly embody these ideals.

Wolf tattoos, like other animal tattoos, have come to represent bravery and power. Small tattoo ideas, wolves in the wild, a furious wolf, a snarling wolf, a howling wolf, or even a wolf mandala are good tattoo designs.

However, the most notable symbol of wolf tattoos, especially matching ones with your best friends, is a wolf pack.

Wolves of a wolf pack are known to be extremely loyal to each other. If you and your BFFs are fans of these furbabies, you might want to consider getting this one.

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Infinity Symbol Tattoos

There is no greater way to represent a friendship that will last forever than with an infinity symbol tattoo. If you and your best friend have been together for a long time, this is an excellent option because your friendship will last no matter what.

You can choose to have the sign made with no additional symbols or add your own elements to make it more personalised. Converting the infinity symbol into an arrow is a common option.

If you and your best friends get an arrow tattoo, your friendship will last no matter where you go. The infinity arrow symbol is significant for close friends who are parting ways, such as when one of you migrates to a different country or state. 

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We love seeing people commemorate their relationships in permanent ink. The looks of admiration once the tattoos are done are worth every moment. Most of these matching tattoos feature related stories and deeper meanings that show their tattoos’ significance.

We live for these moments.

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