Honour Your Special Bond as Besties With Some Matching Friendship Tattoo & Check Out Our Matching Best Friend Tattoos Ideas

A best friend is like nothing else. You’ve been there for each other through the good and bad times. Sometimes, you even consider them like a sibling you never had (in case they come from another mother). If you’re looking for a special way to commemorate this unique bond, you might consider getting a small tattoo for friendship.

Just by being there, your best friend makes life better, and a best friend will always be there. 

Whether you became friends on the first day of kindergarten, in school, or as adults, your friendship is strong and can’t be broken.

So, why not use matching ink to show the world how much you love each other? Get some tiny tattoos to show that you guys are best friends forever. 

And Pearl Lemon Tattoos knows what you’re thinking. Tattoos are kind of taboo! Well, no need to worry because as of 2023, tatts are actually starting to get normalised. 

Studies even show an increasing number of the population getting themselves inked. 

With that being said, what’s stopping you now? Get inked with us today!

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This small tattoo for friendship’s advantages are its aesthetics, cheapness, and easy concealment. It may also look exquisite and expressive, but those interpretations are subjective to individuals who understand its meaning and appreciate its design. You can derive as many explanations for it as you wish.

Here at Pearl Lemon Tattoos, you can get the best deals with our small tattoo designs just for you! 

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Cute Best Friend Matching Tattoo Designs For BFFs

Take your friendship to the next level with some matching tattoos with your best friend. Here are some friendship tattoo designs that might give you inspiration for yours:

Small Tattoos for Besties

Even tiny tattoos can have significant meanings. A little inking is a great option for individuals getting their inaugural tattoo, as it tends to be less painful and more economical. Moreover, it proves to be an excellent choice for those desiring a design that’s uncomplicated and swiftly rendered. Opting for a simple black ink design allows you to maximise your diminutive tattoo. Consider ideas like your initials, a fortuitous number, or a nod to a beloved movie, book, or TV show. If you’re looking for a small tattoo for friendship, these principles hold true, making it a thoughtful choice to commemorate your bond.

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Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and moon tattoos aren’t just for people who are in love. The design is also great for best friends with different personalities but goes well together. People often think of outgoing and friendly individuals when they see the sun, while the moon is usually a sign of quieter, more shy individuals. But the Earth needs both night and day, so when you put these two potent symbols together, they show that everything is in perfect harmony. So, getting small tattoos of the sun and moon is a wonderful choice for friendship, symbolizing the perfect blend of contrasts.

Infinity Tattoos

If you’re seeking a subtle way to commemorate the enduring nature of your friendship, consider getting a small tattoo with the words “Always and forever.”

This tattoo encapsulates the idea that regardless of geographical distances or life’s journeys, the essence of your friendship remains unaltered throughout time. This type of tattoo holds particular significance for individuals who maintain connections with friends who are physically distant.

Flower Tattoos

When you and your best friend are looking for the perfect small tattoo for friendship, think about how it looks and what it means. The rose flower represents a love that will last forever, while the lily of the valley is a sign of happiness and sweetness.

There is also a “birth flower” and a “birthstone” for each month of the year. You and your BFF could each get a small tattoo for friendship of the flower that was your birth month. Lastly, if you and your best friend have flower names like Poppy, Violet, Jasmine, or Daisy, you could get tattoos of those flowers as small tattoos for friendship to remind you of each other.

Heart Tattoos

The heart is one of the most popular tattoos of all time. It shows love and affection for everyone, not just couples. These small tattoos for friendship show how much you care about your best friend. It’s also a versatile design because you can change it to fit your style. Best friends who like femininity and love each other have grown over time and would like a floral heart.

Some people choose a small tattoo for friendship, such as a full-colour heart in a colour that fits their best friend. For instance, yellow is the colour of friendship, and green is the colour of trust. No matter what you decide, getting small heart tattoos shows how you feel about each other.

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Arrow Tattoos

Arrows are a fantastic choice for a small tattoo for friendship, especially for two people who have grown up together, as they beautifully symbolize life’s journey. Two crossed arrows hold a universal meaning of friendship, making them the perfect design for best friends to consider.

When it comes to small tattoos for friendship, matching arrows are also popular because they are harder to break when there is more than one. You can easily add other symbols to your arrow tattoos, like your initials, leaves, infinity arrows, and flowers, or you can keep your body art simple and striking.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies represent change because they change from a caterpillar into a beautiful insect with wings, so they can represent new friendships or the new people that you guys became when you became friends. They are also linked to the outdoors and being free. So, best friends who like these ideas could think about getting butterfly tattoos together.

In the Christian faith, butterflies are a sign of the afterlife. If you and your best friend have helped through tough times, this symbol could be a meaningful tattoo for you to get together.

Sibling Tattoos

Some fortunate individuals have a wonderful rapport with their siblings. If your sibling also happens to be your closest companion, you now possess double the reasons to acquire a sibling tattoo together! One particularly adorable idea is to opt for a small tattoo for friendship that forms a coherent design when the two tattoos are placed side by side.

It shows that you are two parts of the same whole and that your relationship is strong. You could also get matching tattoos, like the Celtic Knot, a pair of intertwined symbols.

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Yin and Yang Tattoos

The yin and yang sign comes from ancient Chinese philosophy. It also shows two different but complementary people. Yin is associated with calm, feminine energy, while yang is associated with intense, masculine energy. When you put them together, they show balance and harmony, just like two best friends.

When you get a yin and yang tattoo, you can add other things to the design to make it your own. The mandala is sometimes added to the yin-yang because it symbolises unity, wholeness, and perfect balance.

Royalty Tattoos

Friends who know how much they mean to each other are truly priceless. Everyone in that kind of friendship should get a tattoo of a queen or king. These could be the ideal tattoos for people who want to celebrate their “royalty” with their bestie. We think that these BFF tattoos are both simple and great.

Pinky Promise Tattoos

Commitment and promise should be the most important parts of every friendship. Friendships are built on promises made and kept. Getting this pinky promise tattoo is a great way to show that you and your bestie have made promises to each other.

With the black ink on the pinky finger, this tattoo shows two hands making a pink promise. You can both get it on your arm. This tattoo is a reminder that you and your friend have made promises to each other and that you should keep those promises until the day you die.

Sparrow Tattoos

As a classic tattoo design, you and your best friend can’t go wrong with birds. The swallow bird design was one of the first tattoos that sailors got. It means coming home after a long journey, which is perfect if you live far away from each other or are about to get back together.


Sparrows, on the other hand, are a symbol of loyalty, so it might be a good idea to show that you and your partner are very close and never let each other down. Birds are often associated with freedom because they can fly, so two friends who like to be free would look good with matching bird tattoos.

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To Infinity and Beyond Tattoos

Another popular choice is Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase, “to infinity and beyond!” which is one of the most famous lines in the history of movies. The first time this phrase was used was in the movie Toy Story, which is about friends.

If you and your best friend love the movie and what it says, and if they are the Buzz to your Woody, you should consider getting the line as a tattoo. The tattoo takes you back to when you were young. At the same time, it reminds you of all the things you can do and all the exciting things you and your best friend will do together in life.

Song Lyric Tattoos

Song lyrics and quotes have been popular tattoo ideas for a long time because they capture how we feel beautifully and help us remember them. Quotes are a great choice for body art. They can be a line from a play, movie, book, or lyric from a song. Best friends might choose to get the exact quote tattooed on each other or have the first half of a quote put on one person and the second half on the other. So, the quote will only make sense when the two of you are together, just like your friendship.

If you already chose your ink from the selection above or have your own customised design, talk to our experts to get started.

Ink That Matching Best Friend Tattoos

Tattoos don’t get removed in your life just as easily; most of the time, they’re here to stay– just like a best friend. So consider getting matching tiny best friend tattoos to celebrate your friendship with your other half.

Small tattoos are the trend nowadays where the design is so simple but are often used to symbolise something extraordinary between people. Be it a geometric shape, some special linework, or other examples of the most incredible best friend symbols.

Whatever it is, Pearl Lemon Tattoos want to make it happen. The beauty of friendship and love is something we want to commemorate in permanent ink.

Let’s ink that matching best friend tattoos. Set an appointment with us today!

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