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Koi Fish Tattoos are an art form that expresses every tradition on the planet.

The Japanese culture and Chinese culture are two great examples of why tattoo art thrives today.

Because of the influence of these two cultures, the koi fish is a well-known tattoo art that continues to dominate the industry. The koi fish, a mythical being revered by the Japanese and Chinese, has a long history in Japanese and Chinese civilisations.

The fish is frequently brightly coloured and embellished with exquisite designs that have proven popular among tattoo enthusiasts. The koi fish is one of the most incredible designs with deep significance. 

Whoever wears it shows that they commemorate something important in their lives or their bouts of courage, bravery, and other meaningful things that their koi fish represents.

13% of women have tattoos, and one of the most prominent ones is a koi fish tattoo for women. 

So, why not you get yourself one?

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The Best Koi Tattoo Design That Will Make You Want More

Finding the best koi fish tattoo idea you will ink into your skin? Read more below on Pearl Lemon Tattoos’ recommendations for you! Scan the fish tattoos below.

Traditional Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo

Japanese people believe that the Koi Fish will bring them prosperity and good fortune. These fish are seen as symbols of determination and perseverance. A traditional Japanese koi fish is an aesthetic and impactful choice for men who value these qualities. Japanese tattoos, or Irezumi, feature vibrant colours and bold lines that make them stand out from other tattoo styles. Traditional tattoo styles often depict dragons, temples, sakura blooms, and tigers, as well as koi fish. 

Koi Fish and Lotus Flower Tattoo

Combining a koi fish and a lotus flower results in a powerful tattoo. The koi symbolises, among other things, prosperity, good fortune, and power, while the plant grows in muddy conditions and represents spirituality and strength. Hope and growth are represented by the combination of these two elements. An individual who has struggled in their past and become stronger because of it would resonate with a piece like this.

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Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo

In Japan, koi fish are highly valued, and those with the right colouring and patterns can be very pricey. Considering this, it is unsurprising that the animal is associated with good fortune and luck. However, if you combine koi fish and the yin yang symbol in your tattoo, their almost similar symbolism is thought to represent abundance and perseverance. The two images are frequently combined, and they can represent balance and harmony.

Small Koi Fish Tattoo

A small tattoo is ideal if you want something that you can cover up whenever you want or if you prefer a more understated approach to body art. Because of its versatility, tiny ink has become a popular choice for both men and women. Almost anywhere can be fitted with a design, such as behind the ear or on the wrist. There are no restrictions in terms of placement. A little piece is also attractive because it is understated and stylish at the same time.

Bold Dragon Koi Fish Tattoo

While it may appear scary at first glance, this tattoo design has a much deeper meaning. According to legend, the Koi fish can transform into a dragon later in life. This design depicts elements of the dragon (particularly the eyes). It represents the transformation of the Koi into the dragon koi, which to a person is obviously symbolic of a positive change in their own life.

Black and Grey Koi Fish Tattoo

Being creative with your design is one of the most appealing aspects of getting a tattoo. When it comes to koi fish body art, there are numerous variations in style and colour, allowing you to customise your ink to your liking. A black and grey carp piece with many details and shading draws attention to the subject.

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Black Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi fish are some of the most colourful creatures on the planet, and their markings distinguish them. They’ve been bred to have distinct colours, and each shade represents a different meaning. The black koi’s tattoo meaning is adversity and strength. It appeals to someone who has overcome adversity in the past, such as depression or a complex relationship. Consider how rich the symbolism is when deciding to get inked with this design. The wearer will likely choose a prominent location to be reminded of its meaning.

Two Koi Fish Tattoo

If you believe that everything in life is a push and pull and that we require certain things to create balance, you will appreciate the two koi fish tattoo. The idea behind this design is to represent duality by depicting two fish swimming in opposite directions. They are opposing forces that cannot coexist. Making one fish black and the other white is a popular colour scheme for this piece. The tattoo itself can be as simple or as complex as you like, as the symbolism associated with it is more important than the design.

Koi Fish Full Back Tattoo

Bigger is sometimes better! If you want a large, detailed design, you’ll need a large enough spot to do it justice, which is why men love back tattoos so much. Another appealing aspect of the location is that it is more intimate; you can flaunt it whenever you want, but you can also keep your shirt on and keep it to yourself. However, given the sheer size of the piece and the time required to complete it, you may feel some discomfort in this area. It is also important to note that the closer you ink to the bone, the more painful it will be.

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